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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entitlements and Gender Roles; Alternate Title How To Upset Every Reader In A Single Post

This morning I was able to watch the news while doing some cardio which is something I enjoy now and then. The topic of entitlements was big this morning on the news. It has become abundantly clear to me that, even in this typically open and rational venue entitlements are a topic on which a rational conversation cannot be had.

We are at or past the point where it is becoming abundantly clear to any rational person that the numbers do not work. Unfortunately we are long past the point where there are easy, gradual and relatively painless options to make them work. The window in which there are viable options with only moderately painful and economically damaging outcomes is probably closing fast. I fear that by the time we are willing to make genuine moves to deal with this problem things will be at the point where there are few, if any (likely just choosing who gets the shortest end) choices left. You would be well advised to think about how this could play out and prepare for what you see coming.

Patrice over at Rural Revolution has been talking about gender roles for awhile. It is my observation that pretty much everyone wants to pick and choose among different traits to get some sort of a hybrid that suits their desires. The normal life part of this is just finding a mate that suits us and figuring out a division of labor that suits both parties. However sometimes the hypocrisy is so problematic or blatant that it is worth talking about. It pretty much goes without saying that feminists think they should be able to do whatever they want but men should act in certain ceremonal ways. For example I would wager a hundred dollars that if I was in a car driving down the highway with four feminists on a cold stormy night and a tire blew out it's this guy that would change it. Furthermore if my feminist buddies and I got to our destination, went to sleep and woke up at 3am to a wierd loud noise in the living room I bet it would be me going to investigate. Now it is time to take a crack at us guys.

Many men want to have our cake and eat it too. We live a lifestyle (wives do of course have a role in this too) that requires most women to work full time outside of the home but still expect them to be homemakers. Somehow they are supposed to keep the house clean and tidy as well as cooking dinner and numerous other tasks. We wonder why the house is a bit messy, dinner is some pre packaged junk and kids are poorly behaved. The answer is that instead of taking care of that stuff, cooking a good meal and raising kids they are at work and kids are in daycare 50 hours a week.

If there is anybody I haven't upset just know your state smells bad and the local sports team is a bunch of whimps.

Have a good day

Friday, November 28, 2008

Staying Up Drinking

Thanks Giving went off without a hitch. Wifey cooked everything and it was awesome. The turkey was outstanding, moist and juicy. All the sides were great and the whole thing was quite fun. Having my brother in law drive in from SC was cool. The two fellows from work (who didn't have a place to go) were a welcome addition to the group. The whole thing was traditional enough to be a good holiday but with some fun times like watching Chapel Show.

Today was sort of weird. I really had nothing to do, the house was empty and I did not have anything to do the next day. Wifey started work today and I had nothing to do. It was a total role reversal for us. From the time we have been married I have worked and she has stayed at home. That left me mainly worrying about work and her taking care of things at home, basically 1950's style without the gallons of liquor (that generation could drink!). Now Wifey is working and I am figuring out how things are going to work at home with both of us working. She will be working 91 hours every two weeks and I do not even want to add up what I work in that period (120 would be nice but it is more then that). As it seems now I am going to have to take care of all of my own stuff and a throw some into the overall pot of household chores. I do not mind this particularly but it will take some getting used to. Mostly it is just weird to be in the apartment without Wifey. Aside from her running to the store or something like I am used to her being here. Being alone is strange.

Oh the bright side Wifey will not continue going stir crazy. We are living OK on my salary so adding another will be awesome. We are just going to throw it into the bank and continue to live like she wasn't working. After the savings account is squared away (2-3 months wages) we will start saving for a down payment on a house.

Today was close hand pushups. Tommarow is going to be interval work and abs. I've got to get serious about PT time now. The 40 minute 5 mile run for Ranger School is creeping up on me pretty fast (6 months) and I need to be very ready for it come that time. Aside from the PT stuff tommarow I need to go run a couple erands and might check out a coin shop. If I could at least pick up silver locally without the ordering hastle or S&H costs it would be great. If they have fractional gold coins that would be amazing. Sunday I will be working in the morning and then have the afternoon and evening to chill before work very early Monday.

I had wanted to do some reading during this long weekend but that does not seem to be coming to be happening, oh well. On a complete side note Cat #2 loves playing with a golf ball. It is his favorite toy by far. He gives it a whack and it rolls around on the fake wood floor then bounces off something ready for him to chase it. I like it because giving it a kick when walking by keeps him amused for awhile.
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