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Friday, January 25, 2013

Diane Feinstein's AWB Version 2

The much dreaded Assault Weapons bill was presented. I urge you to write your representatives and tell them in a nice polite way that criminals by definition break the laws and this will only hurt law abiding gun owners. If you are lazy like me Ruger makes it super easy by having a nice form letter ready to go and looking up your reps automatically. Seriously if you care about anything I say take the time to let our representatives know that you are against this.

Also if you have not already JOIN THE NRA.  They are not perfect but are big enough and strong enough to actually do something. Join some other organization(s) if it makes you happy but send the NRA some love first.

If your personal 2A preparations are not where you want to be I would think about working on it. Do not spend the rent money or max the visa but if you want it and can afford it then think about buying. Yes AR's that cost $650 2 weeks ago are going for 1,400ish BUT THEY ARE AVAILABLE. Cannot say that will be the case in 2 months.

Some folks might want to think about caches. I have heard 6" PVC pipe and end caps as well as PVC glue can sell out in a hurry. Spare parts and manuals (a weak point of mine) are good things to have also. The cleaning stuff to put a greased up gun back into action would be smart also.

This weekends coming purchase binge will take care of most of my lingering accessory needs. Thankfully the stuff we need (vs want) is not targeted thought the overall everything with or around a trigger buying binge is affecting things all the same. Sure there is more stuff I want thankfully these are wants not needs. Some will be purchased when available like ammo and other stuff might be indefinitely postponed depending on how things go.

Honestly I am getting pretty bored of talking about this all the time. Think it is time to talk about other stuff and begin to resume normal operations.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

From Around The Web

Commander Zero tells a personal story about firearm registration. We need to fight any form of national gun registration or attempts to limit private party firearm purchases as vigorously as possible. If your state sucks and requires firearms to be registered I recommend voting with your feet.

Rural Mexicans form local security groups to protect their families and towns. The police and military either can not or will not protect them so these folks are doing it themselves. Note that lawful gun ownership in Mexico is seriously restricted. That combined with the abject poverty most rural Mexicans live in explains the single shot shotguns and other antiquated and less than ideal weapons.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pic Post-Emptying Out The Desk Top

Monkey with a gun. Not sure why this amuses me but it sure does.

We will close with my favorite of the bunch.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Commander Zero on ATFE Form 4473

I listen to Commander Zero in general because he, sort of like Spenser's friend and partner in crime Hawk only talks about things he knows, and since he is in the firearms industry.  Click to read his post.

The current system we have of NCIS checks and ATFE form 4473's has been described (can't remember where) as "de facto registration through record keeping" which I think is fairly accurate. I have also heard that it is fairly handy for figuring out who purchased (via an FFL and thus theoretically owns) the gun found in a puddle of blood at a crime scene. However it is not so easy to work the other way and figure out what guns Bob has purchased. Particularly if he has purchased guns in multiple locations over a long period of time (and this isn't talking private party purchases). Can it be done, yes. However if the ATF is willing to go to that effort you probably did something really bad and are likely hosed anyway.

I suppose theoretically a government agency could put in the time and effort to digitize said 4473's and then come knocking on doors to find them. However even setting 2A and III/ cold dead hands types aside there are so many different problems with the logistics of said idea that it doesn't worry me much.

Private party firearm purchases are certainly something to think about.  Depending on your situation and tastes it might be an easy option or not very practical. If you like relatively common guns like AR's, AK's, (not considering the current situation though these guns are available albeit at a steep price.) Remington or Mossberg pump shotguns, Glocks, wheel guns, Ruger 10/22's and such it should work fine. Especially if you are looking at getting multiples of said guns so you don't need a pistol this month and could buy a shotgun if that is the deal that comes up. Now if you are interested in really specific and uncommon firearms like say a limited edition two tone Sig .40 cal with special grips and factory night sights a PP purchase would be problematic. Depending on how worried you are or are not about our record keeping and potential confiscation this concern could be minimal or weigh heavily on you. Either way having some basic important guns that are 'free range' isn't a bad idea.

 Anyway those are my thoughts on that. What do you think?

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