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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rust/ Blueing Question

It looks like I'm going to have a little bit of a project this weekend. Heard the thing to do for rust is to get the finest steel wool you can find, use lots of oil and gently rub the surface in question.Would appreciate any input on the matter.

For background there are two finishes that need some love. One is Project 870 (a plane Jane 870 Express) and the other is blued steel. Probably going to touch up the 870 with some spray paint once it's taken care of. If the blued steel comes out OK I would like to leave it as is and keep the surface well lubed.

Thoughts and advice would be great. Thanks

Sunday, December 9, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Think I missed this one last week but oh well. Been tweeking my EDG/ GHB. Added a bit more food.

This week a lot happened. We got the Sentry Safe Home Defender which is pretty sweet. Along those lines I put together some "bump in the night' pants with 2x rifle and pistol mags, a holster and an IFAK. They sit next to some soft body armor by the safe.

Also built the lower receiver for Project AR Upgrade so it doesn't have to mooch half of my other rifle anymore. Pretty psyched about that.

Also put some key electronics into a Faraday Cage which came, along with another ECWS sleep system, from Old Grouchs Military Surplus. I don't worry too much about the specific effects of various Black Swan type events but having a few key items protected from a variety of things including an EMP for a nominal cost seems smart.

Today we went and did the big shopping trip to finish stocking the pantry. Some extra cereal, spices, lots of dry pasta and sauce, extra PB and J and such. Since we move fairly often it doesn't makes sense to go too deep in this stuff but some sure seems smart.

Also filled up a 5 gallon gas can. Got to order some more of those tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.

Of course there was plenty of lifting weights, running and general fitness awesomeness.

Anyway that is what happened here this week. Hope you have been up to some good stuff too.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keeping Home Defense Guns Ready And Secure: The Sentry Safe Home Defense Center

How to keep defensive weapons ready but secure from small dangerous children is something we have put a bit of thought into. The answer that guns need to be in the physical control of an adult or secured is pretty obvious. Normal cabinets and safes are good for security (to keep guns  away from small kids anyway) but leave a lot to be desired in terms of access. If you honestly think that getting into a combo safe and rummaging through it's contents to find a gun is something you can do quickly in the dark I wish you the best. Key safes have their own issues that you either need to keep a key in the room, kind of a security no no, have it on your neck which is a hassle or on your key ring that will inevitably be forgotten in the living room just that one time.

There are a lot of good options for securing a handgun or two in a quickly accessible way with numerous many key pad and finger print type safes out. These are a fine option if you are only concerned about accessing a pistol. However if you want ready access to a secure long gun options haven't been great.

Enter the Sentry Safe Home Defense Center.  These things are designed to hold a shotgun or rifle and a pistol in a secure but readily accessible way. They are to the best of my knowledge a pretty unique safe if not the only such safe on the market today. The safe is opened by a 4 button punch code which is nothing novel. It really just takes existing technology used in pistol safes and brings it to a safe that can hold a long gun. Aside from being the only (to the best of my knowledge) such product on the market there are some cool features. The corner door is a really novel idea. It gives wide open access without having a big door that requires a lot of space to open. There is a recessed shelf with a grippy foam insert that would be perfect to hold a few key defensive items or some EDC stuff. The long gun is held in place by a couple foam covered rollers so it is secure but can be pulled out easily. The pistol shelf has a nice angled tray that holds a pistol at the ready. There is room for another handgun in there on the opposite side of the tray, not quite as fast as the first one but the space is there. Now that we have the basic stats it is time for some discussion.

These things are definitely a niche item. They are very useful for folks who are concerned about preventing unwanted firearms access but none the less want their weapons readily accessible. Typically this is folks with young children. Also since these things cost $400 and only hold 2-3 guns you have to be willing to spend a few bucks. I'm not saying they are for everybody but for the right folks these seem like a great option.

Inside are my EDC Glock 19 and Wifey's .38 on the pistol tray and my BCM 14.5in Middy AKA Project AR Upgrade for the long gun. Some folks would debate the need for a long gun for home defense. Personally the inherent accuracy (much longer sight radius and multiple points of contact) of long guns combined with their capacity and lethality makes the long gun a logical choice for home defense. Some folks would say a short barreled shotgun with OO Buck is the way to go. While they are a fine weapon personally I think in terms of defense anything a shotgun can do a capable semi automatic magazine fed rifle can do better. A modern semi automatic rifle like an AR or AK (or I suppose a Mini 14) holds 30ish rounds and is effective out to a a few hundred yards or further while a shotgun holds 5-8 rounds and is effective to 25-40ish yards. Also common affordable (which means pump) shotguns require manipulation between shots while rifles do not. Not saying a pump shotgun isn't a fine home defense weapon, just that if legal and financial considerations are not entered into the equation a semi auto mag fed rifle dominated any semi realistic scenario I can think of.

[For anybody dumb enough to question the effectiveness of 5.56/.223 as an anti personnel round I offer two things. 1) Small arms (let's say anything under .50 cal/ 14.5mm) are iffy stoppers with less than perfect shot placement. Imagine a dinner plate centered on the sternum and a saucer centered between the eyes. Hit these and somebody will be out of the fight in a hurry. Miss them and results will vary. Believe it or not everybody shot in Korea and WWII as well as prior when pretty much everybody carried .30 cal "battle rifles" in rounds like 7.62x54R did not die immediately. Lots of people got shot in the arm, leg or less essential parts of the torso and did not die. Heck a lot of them kept right on fighting. 2) As a civilian I can use hollow point ammunition. If you are so stupid as to argue that 5.56 JHP is not an effective man stopper then I have little interest in talking with you.]

So far I am pretty psyched about this product. It has seriously improved our defensive readiness. Certainly not cheap but for us I think worth the money. Will do more of a formal review once I have some more experience with it.

Are your defensive weapons readily accessible at a moments notice? To anybody or just you? Something to think about.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spreading My Eggs Out

The owner of the Warehouse had mentioned that while it was fine for the TOR Armory to stay there it would probably be smart to spread it out. After consideration it made sense. The TOR Armory is pretty decent in size and resale value. It would also suck a whole lot if it was lost in one fell swoop to theft, fire or a tornado. Anyway I found an alternative location. During my time at home I moved some guns to an alternate location to be known as the cave. Sort of like on Lost I enjoy having names for places. (Also saying my stuff is at Cousin Timbos and that he gets drunk and leaves the back door unlocked on Saturday and lives at 9247 Johnson street, Hicksville, ID would be an OPSEC fail.)

I moved basically everything except what I plan to use and shoot while at home. I also kept a revolver, a shotgun and a .22 in the warehouse because you never know. When we move back to the states our residence will become the primary location for weapons storage. That will make the warehouse our alternate and the cave our contingency. I plan on keeping some weapons in home territory for the foreseeable future. We will likely live outside of convenient commuting range of home forever and keeping a few guns there makes sense. Thataway I can fly home empty handed or drive home with just a carry piece knowing their are weapons prepositioned. If I had a long term secure piece of land available such as a piece of land owned by a very close friend or relative with no plan to move I would set up a cache as my emergency portion of the firearm security PACE plan. I have some potential ideas on that one but not quite good enough. Before I go to all the hassle of properly burying guns I want to be sure they can rest undisturbed for the foreseeable future. Once we set down some roots the E location will figure itself out. Anyway I feel a lot better about the security of my eggs now.  If you have much more than a basic 4 (pistol, rifle, shotgun, .22) or especially if you have duplicates then it is probably worth looking to store a few off site. Remember Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Ammo Cans? By Brian

Since you're reading TSLR, you're likely like me in that you're worried about the direction our country is headed and you'd like to protect yourself in the event that things go south - quickly.  Ammo cans are absolutely the best storage option for this sort of thing.  Simply put, you want one of these cans holding your valuables in a time of crisis.  Think of them like a portable safety deposit box.  The ones made after WWII are built to be air-tight and water-tight.  That means you can store just about anything you'd like in them for long periods of time, whether that's ammo, food, shotshells, a gun, a radio, or  medical supplies. Just drop in a pack of silica gel to absorb excess moisture and you'll be ahead of 99% of the populace when it comes to storing emergency supplies.

-Brian is with, a sponsor of TSLR.  Currently, has a special price of $9 being offered on ammo cans, specifically their highly-rated 50 caliber surplus ammo cans from Lake City:  If you buy 10 cans or more, the price is only $7 per can through October 7th.

TOR here: First of all I want to thank Brian and Lucky Gunner for supporting us. Believe me when I say our advertisers really do make this place a lot more active and interesting then it otherwise would be. Anyway onto ammo cans. 

Ammo cans are definitely one of those things you can't have too many of. Just writing this makes me want to order some more ammo cans. They are so darn useful. Personally I use them primarily for their intended purpose to store ammunition. Buy yourself some ammo, put it into an ammo can, toss some silica gel in and you can forget about it. One word of advice though. Inventory and label the  cans before putting them away. Otherwise when you come back in 6 months or a year to grab a box of JHP's for your pistol or target loads for the shotgun you will have to search through a bunch of cans. Not saying I've done that, just that I imagine it could happen. You could easily use a label maker or write with a marker on a piece of tape so one look on the outside could show what the contents are. If you are want to be more discrete or the contents are complicated (versus say 1,500 9mm FMJ) then label them with a number and keep an inventory elsewhere. 

The more I think about it the more uses for ammo cans there are. They are tough, cheap and waterproof. If you want to use them to store fragile stuff then just get some foam or whatever. I know a fellow who keeps his silver in ammo cans. They would also be a good place for all those mags you bought for redundancy or as tangible investments.

I'm sure the ammo cans from Lucky Gunner are totally fine. However as general advice if you buy ammo cans elsewhere just make sure the lid fits properly and that the seals on the top of the lid is intact and soft. Sometimes you will come across ammo cans that are a little bit rusty. That isn't a big deal. Just get some sand paper, or use a metal bristly attachment for a hand grinder and remove said rust. Get a can of spray paint and touch up the spots with exposed metal. I've gotten some real good deals on ammo cans at surplus stores that just needed a half hour of effort to be serviceable.

At a minimum I suggest having enough cans to store all your ammo.

Got ammo cans?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Night Roundup

Not a whole lot happened this weekend. We pretty much just hung out. Did go to the gun shop and pick up some boxes to send the long guns home in. Today we went to the mall. Walked through the book store but didn't get anything. On a side note you can tell the Mrs is completely awesome when at the mall and you say its fine if she can gets some clothes or whatever and she doesn't spend a dime. I am going to order the last in Mathew Brackens trilogy pretty quick here.

We had a pretty Americana dinner of hot dogs, beans and chips. I threw in a couple beers. Has been a pretty decent day.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bury A Gun And Ammo For 15 Years And Have It Be OK

Big hat tip to survivalblog for spotting this article about a fellow who buried a Mini 14 and a few cases of ammo for 15 years. I don't plan on burying any guns but this is worth reading and taking some notes. You just never know what could happen.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just Cleaning My Guns

Last night we went out and saw a bunch of people from my home town. It was one of those things that started with a couple guys meeting at the local watering hole and pretty soon it was #$N$%) HS 00-04 reunion. Saw a bunch of folks who have completely dropped from the radar which was great. Several Holy Schneikies is that you moments were had.

Todays planned shooting trip got postponed due to a late start and a pounding headache. I instead inspected and oiled the guns stored in the Bunker. A couple spots of rust were taken care of and some carbon loosened up by CLP was wiped off. I now feel better about leaving those unattended for a prolonged period of time. I meant to get this done before the road trip but things got real busy real fast.

Normaly I am a fan of letting silicom cloths do my protecting but for prolonged periods of time oil is good. For extended periods of time you just can't beat grease.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Gas prices

Does anyone else find it amusing that oil prices are down by half and gas prices are down by maybe 1/3rd? Methinks we be getting screwed. The moving out of the RV phase is complete. It is siting in a consignment lot and the stuff that didn't get shipped is sitting in our cars.

I am glad that gas prices are down some for the long drive though.

Tommarow I am going to clean the guns that have been shot recently and lube everything up to put it away. I'm not that worried about the storage because it is easy enough to walk out to the bunker and see how they are when at moms place.

Will write as often as possible over the next week. If our motel/ hotel/ holiday inn has internet there will be a post. If not then probably not so much postage.
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