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Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Videos by Joe Fox of Viking Preparedness

I watched a bunch of these and learned some things. Also they were just plain entertaining. I particularly enjoy the "Survival Economics" video which is embeded below.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stuff From The Interwebz

How to live in your car

A very nice minimalist chest rig for an AK. I think they also make a 4 mag model. I will probably pick up one of these when I get around to filling out my whole AK setup.

A gal talks about how to carry a gun and a baby. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for women who carry handguns that are not a) subcompact/ cracker jack box sized or b) in a diminutive caliber like .32 or .380. She is not a big lady or wearing a "I have a gun vest" or a parka.

Highlight, quote and understatement of the day "if your child can get to the trigger that is bad." My .02 cents on that topic. First put on your gun then grab the kid. Kid doesn't go where the gun is because it wouldn't be comfortable for everybody involved. I carry appendix inside waist band slightly to the right. Kiddo either goes on the left hip if he is just riding or in my chest area if I am doing the comforting screaming baby thing. Since we are talking about kids and guns it is worth rehashing my core belief on this topic. Simply put guns are secured or under the physical control of an adult. In other words lock it up or carry it.

Today I have been intrigued by Iceland's reaction to the whole great recession/ economic collapse thing. 1, 2, 3.

Also I stumbled into a new blog Jerking the Trigger andreceived an email about the Open Garden project.

Hope that stuff gives you something to read and enjoy or at least think about. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What If?

CarTeachO asked the question "What if you could only have 5 guns?". I was going to answer it as my daily post but then he went and did a real nice post on it, so there went my nice stolen idea.

My first 3 were easy:
Defensive pistol; concealable- Glock 19
Rifle; military pattern, magazine fed- AK47- Could go either way on this one with an AR as the other option. Like both but right now I lean AK.
Shotgun- Remington 870

The next one was pretty fast also:
.22 Rifle- Ruger 10/22

The last one. Well I got pretty stuck on this. A .22 pistol would be nice but with a .22 rifle isn't really necessary. Also in theory I could have a converison kit for the Glock (and by that theory one for the AK, if they exist, and eliminate the 10/22) but to me that would be gaming the scenario. A tiny pistol (Keltech P3AT, Ruger LPC, Seecamp, etc) would be nice for really NPE carry. A scoped rifle for hunting and such would be nice too (one of the advantages of the AK is that it is legal to hunt and quite capable of harvesting deer sized game at reasonable ranges, a real benefit of a semi auto .308 would be that it could hunt at distance also.) I guess it is a toss up and I would likely go with a scoped bolt action rifle such as a Remington 700.

What are your 5?
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