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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Low Carb Week 2, Home Renovation and New Holster

During Low Carb week 2 I lost 2 pounds. Didn't bother to weigh myself last week (week 3) for reasons I can't recall. Overall this is going pretty well. The cravings and hunger type feelings are long past. Some folks say they feel a ton more energy. I have not experienced that but do feel a lot more even throughout the day. No carb crashes messing with me which is nice.

I have been killing it in the gym which is cool. Well I've been doing awesome on press and deadlift anyway; bench is iffy and squats are not so great. For whatever reason those lifts dropped off more during the move. I have refocused to deep, a** to the grass squats. Taking off a bit more weight was humbling but it feels good. John Mosby said something about stretching out muscles and tendons. Instead of hurting (knees, not muscles) the day after squats I feel just fine. Only 3 work out's into that but am liking it.

The only down sides of this diet are limited breakfast options, especially on the go, and cost. Our food budget has more than doubled which sucks. In that regard, as well as the limited options we probably will not do this over the long term. When the initial planned period is done I plan to reintroduce fruit and some carbs (oatmeal, wheat bread, a bit of brown rice, beans occasionally) if just for financial and food rotation reasons. Moving on.

The floor is in place and looks really good. We'd been ignoring the room because the carpet in it looked like a crime scene but now that room live up to it's high potential. Just got to do trim then it will be good to go. We'll paint the infamous door and the immediate needs/ strong wants will be done.

Got a new holster today. A Safariland 200 for the Smith and Wesson K Frame. It's definitely used and I need to order/ get a screw (2/3 mounting screws are in place so it's still solid but I am OCD like that) and give it a bit of TLC but for $15 it was a great deal.

On an unrelated note Archer Garret is donating all book proceeds (his cut not purchase price) to Orange Jeep Dad. Buy a book to help out or donate strait to Orange Jeep Dad.

Hope you all have a great Saturday. I'm going to watch last weeks episode of The Walking Dead (it's on after my bed time) then hit the rack.

Take care of each other.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Low Carb Diet Week 1

The Friday before last Wifey proclaimed we were going on a strict diet of meat, eggs, veggies, etc, basically super low carb.......for 12 weeks. In fairness to Wifey the proclamation was that SHE was going on said diet. However given that she buys and cooks the food plus I try to support her goals and can stand to lose a few pounds I came along for the ride.

We sort of tried doing something earlier but it slipped off in all the transitions and minus a week or so just turned into a 3 month long eating out junk binge. It was something we couldn't afford to sustain financially or physically. Anyway we may have enjoyed a few luxuries that weekend but got going strong on Monday. Given that it was a spur of the moment thing with almost no planning I'm glad we pulled it together.

Last week I lost 6 pounds which was pretty good because 2 days were a loss due to lack of self control a busy work schedule. Wifey lost considerably more by percentage. We're generally starting to figure out meals that work and low carb snacks to keep us from going crazy. So far so good I guess.

We will be taking of Thanksgiving and some time for Christmas but otherwise plan to stick it out. One week down 11 more to go. After this I'm not sure what the plan is. Probably to keep a high protien, high veggie diet but intermingle some good carbs and fruit. We've got awhile to figure it out so that helps.

[Note I say family but mean Wifey and I. Walker is eating normally and Princess is eating what she should based on age. I would not recommend any sort of diet, aside from just eating reasonably, for children under any conditions without first consulting a doctor.]

Friday, September 6, 2013

Low Carb Week 1

It was a bit of a short week but I like doing Friday weigh in's so there we are. Lost 5.2 pounds this week. My diet was basically eggs, meat, fruit, veggies and some dairy. Strictly speaking fruit and some veggies have carbs so maybe low starch is a better way to put it but lets keep things simple. The dairy was generally minimal, a bit of cheese on some dishes and a glass of milk before bed. Had some various sauces with meat, largely as part of coming up with meals that worked for me and the family.

Going to have a fatty meal tomorrow for dinner (realized that eating well Sunday-Friday at noon then junk for 30 some odd hours doesn't work) then do the same thing again next week. After this I don't know. Probably a fairly similar diet for awhile but may work in some oatmeal or decent cereal in the morning.

Aside from being happy about ditching a few pounds this is my way of reminding you that it's simply not practical to outrun the fork. The math doesn't work. A hard workout can easily be outdone with a couple of cookies. Baring insane volume (like ultra marathon type stuff) you simply have to address diet to get weight loss results.

 I did get back to some decent exercise this week but nothing crazy. More of a transitional week back into it than anything. Just might have a rough idea of a decent routine for my needs as well as wants. Next week I'll hit it a bit harder to see.

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