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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Glock Magazine Sleeves, Economics and Other Things

Something that came up in class was that the G19 grip is a bit short, not too short to shoot, just a little short to get my hand on fast on the draw. I used another guys G17 for a bit and I got a faster, more positive, grip on the gun. Since I'm using it with a light in a drop holster bulk isn't an issue. Still I do not want to lose the versatility of the G19. I am thinking about using a G17 mag and getting one of those magazine sleeve things. Have any of you used one? If so what do you think of them?

Bayou Renaissance Man talks economics. All news is bad. We are living in a false economy.

Turns out that first run of Magpul Gl9 mags wasn't quite ready for prime time. However being a good company Magpul is making good on them with a strait swap out. I'll still wait a couple months before picking up some.

I need to get a shot timer. The CED 7000 came highly recommended. Thoughts?

I had wanted to get a case of 5.56 ammo but my short to mid term goals have changed some. I want to set my glock up right with a grip force adapter, get a shot timer, upgrade my appendix CCW holster and a couple other little things. Some parts of my system have been proven worthy but others are left wanting. Additionally I want to save up for another class in the fall. Using this resource (CSAT) to the fullest while I am relatively local just makes sense. I would have a hard time paying to fly in, getting a rental car and going to a course.

The honest truth is I am far more likely to get in a fight with a pistol than a rifle, period. Also I am infinitely more likely to get in a pistol fight than run through my dozen or so loaded rifle mags, let alone need case of ammo X.

Listening to the beginning of 299 days again I got a good reminder to focus on what I can control. I can't stop a hurricane but I can have a Honda EU2000 with 25 gallons of treated gas (aside from other stores), plenty of food and a chain saw. I can't fix our economy but I can put back food and buy a little silver and gold from the metals pimp. I can't stop illegal immigrant criminals or meth heads or Daesh/ ISIS inspired terrorists from doing their thing but I can regularly carry a concealed handgun and work hard to be capable with it.

What I am getting at is that you need to quit worrying too much about things you can not control and focus more on how you can control the effects of things coming down the pike.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

2016 Gun Buying Plans

I talked about getting ready for the upcoming (pretty well scheduled) 2016 Election Hysteria awhile back. Figured it is time for an update.

Since writing that post I did order a stripped lower.

Would like to get 2 more, maybe this weekend. I look at these as a stock option. For $40-60ish they give me the option of buying an AR down the road at a pretty normal price, despite whatever AWB type stuff could get passed. $200 in stripped lowers in the safe would let me buying that 20" M16 A4 style tack driver I kind of want, build a pink AR for Wifey and one for each kid.

I got a 3rd mag for the LCP. Probably good enough for now.

Also want to get some of those new Glock magpul mags to try out. A half dozen of them would go a long way to testing the (almost surely great) new product and getting ahead for when I eventually get another Glock.

Have not picked up any more .380 or .308. These are pretty low on the list as tiny pocket pistol ammo and deer hunting rounds aren't going anywhere any time soon. Still on general principle over the course of the year I want to get some of each, bare minimum 200 rounds each .380 ball and .308 150gr SP.

The proceeds from my spring cleaning sale are going to be turned into a case of 5.56. Honestly I fear some day we will be laughing about $350 a case the way folks are talking about SA 5.56 at $200 a case in the early 00's. I have habitually been short of my self identified goals for 5.56 so this year I want to get closer to, if not achieve, my desired goal of 3k (per fighting rifle).

Beyond that in no particular order I plan to pick up some HK G3 mags and if I get a windfall of some sort a full spare parts kit for a G3. Bet you can guess what my next years goal is?

I should note that hysteria aside I see the chances of anything meaningful happening at a national level to limit our 2A rights as a no go. I'm not saying to go out and charge everything you will ever want on the visa because this will be your last chance ever. What I am saying is that next years market might be wonky so it is prudent to front load some firearm and firearms related purchases and not plan on much happening next year. Honestly if I had the cash to buy all the stuff listed plus a PTR-91 today I would do it and just be done for 1.75 years  but well I don't so some stuff has to wait.


Friday, January 16, 2015

From Around The Web

Mike Pannone: Making an M4 run like a Gazelle

Hoss USMC went and set himself up an Operational Cache. Good stuff. I did this awhile back and it is a comforting thing to have done.Hoss also stashed the same chest rig I did. Like that thing a lot and might end up getting another one down the road.

Hoss stashed some pretty nice gear and was able to put away a Glock, which I couldn't at the time. Hopefully when I'm in my cache area next I'll be able to stash one there. Do not get discouraged and fail to cache because you do not have a surplus of cool new gear, put away the stuff you do have. Take a couple guns that are collecting dust and put em away. Get some ammo for them and ancillary stuff. Throw in some way to carry ammo and whatever spare field gear you've got and put it someplace outside of your home/ 'retreat'. Just do it.

In sad news for the gun community:
New ATF fiat declaration ruling on the Sig Arm Brace. Apparently that the second order effect of this 'brace' being a decent stock and many people using it as such has caught the eye of the ATF. Shoulder at your own risk.

In positive news for the gun community Magpul announced some new products:
AK accessories/ furniture
60rd AR drums that should be reasonably priced ($100ish) and actually work and best of all
Magpul Glock Mags!!! MSRP is just under $16 so street price SHOULD be in the $13ish range, which is what half of factory Glock mags cost. When they come out I'll definitely buy some.

From our friends at Lucky Gunner
250 rounds of Seller and Bellot #4 Buck for $119
Tula 9mm for $205/1k
Federal 5.56 XM193 $173/500

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Deals PT III: Yugo Surplus AK Mags With Bolt Hold Open for $11.99

Yugoslavian Surplus AK-47 Steel 7.62x39mm 30rd Magazine w/ Bolt Hold Open Follower for $11.99

Wanted to let you all in on this deal earlier but held off till I ordered because well, I like you but need to get squared away myself. Surplus AK mags have been getting more expensive for awhile and lately drying up entirely. Aftermarket mags vary widely in quality so until the Magpul AK mags come to market I'd recommend sticking with surplus AK mags. If you have an AK, or five, yet are a few mags short this would be a good opportunity to get squared away at a reasonable price.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crazy Days- Walther .380's, Benchmade Auto Knives, Shotgun Ammo and Trading

So I owned a Walther .380 for about a week. You might have guessed at that earlier. I had given up on finding the gun I was looking for and the classic small carry auto seemed like a good alternative. One came up and I snagged it. The .380 was a great gun. It was easy to carry and shot like a dream, certainly the most accurate gun of it's small thin size I have shot. Anyway the day after getting it a trade popped up out of nowhere for a slightly wider but otherwise similar sized gun that suited my logistical trail much better. The .380 was screwing up my logistics, had just became redundant and needed to go. Also I sort of spent money on it I probably shouldn't have (not like spending the rent, more like project AR money). Started floating it out there then ended up swapping the .380 off today.

In trade I got $200 cash, a Benchmade 5000 Auto Presidio with the black  partial serrated blade (like a used car with 500 miles it had a a few small scruffs/ scratches but otherwise like new), 100 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot, 100 12 gauge slugs, a Magpul CTR stock and 20 5.56 tracers. We also swapped my remaining .380 ammo for 35 rounds of 00B and 200 rounds of #7 shot.

The cash will let me pick up the rail I need to finally complete project AR. The knife is something I have wanted for a long time but have never been willing to pay for. Honestly I just haven't been able to justify it despite trying to do so and really wanting one. Nothing wrong with a Kershaw Blur or a Benchmade Griptillian. No real NEED to spend more on a knife than that which is why I didn't. Anyway a good deal popped up so I took it. Really it is what sealed the deal on this trade. As to shotgun ammo I was semi in the market for it, half because we can use more and half because it's the ammo that is currently available at prices that are reasonable for stocking up. The stock I didn't need, it might end up on my rifle but worst case a nice back up stock isn't a bad thing.

So anyway I spent a good chunk of the day figuring out the deal then after work went and made it happen. Between a cool new knife, a few bucks in my pocket and some more ammo I am pretty happy with the deal. Also the renewed simplicity of my logistical trail is nice.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Colors like FDE…..flat dark earth, or as I learned it before kindergarten, brown.:
 -Flight-ER-Doc in reply to Zero's Subaru of War post

My comment on the matter. "I’ve seen quite a few rattle can camo’ed vehicles down here in fairly rural Southern Arizona. I think varmit/ small game hunting rules here are pretty liberal so that might be the reason. Not entirely sure though. To me for a vehicle that’s going to be driven around regularly the OPSEC cost to custom camouflage painting your daily driver vastly outweigh the marginal benefits. Enough vehicles are available in green/ tan that fairly discrete options are out there which will not raise any eyebrows."

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Burris MTAC 1-4 and Various Gun Accessory Stuff

Decided to pull the trigger on a Burris MTAC 1-4 power scope. Found a good deal for a bit under $350 shipped which helped make the decision easier. Now I've got to get a mount for it. Will probably just pay the money and get a La Rue. They seem to fit with a magpul BUIS which I already have zeroed on the gun and since some cash was saved on the scope anyway it will not hit the budget too bad.

Also a bit ago I received a Safariland holster that fits a Glock 17 with a TLR-1 which is convenient as I have one of those. The good side is that it is a pretty nice holster and came at a great price considering it holds a gun with a light. However the downside is that it is huge. Really only suitable for open carry or tactical use. I will probably get a semi concealable rig down the road.

Right now I do like the idea of carrying a Glock with a light but it really makes the package a lot more cumbersome. Maybe a better rig will put it into reasonable concealment territory but $100 gun things I would like to have are always a long list. Going the other way I might start going carry gun and dedicated house gun.

In that same order I also picked up a Costa Leg rig.  I am liking it a lot so far. Not interested in running a big war belt but keeping a holster and a leg rig with 2 AR and 2 Glock mags gives me the abilities I want without a big foamy thing on my waist.

My next venture in gun junk will be an IR laser. Probably some DBAL or another, their models and the differences between them make little sense to me. If you know anything about that please let me know.

I have realized recently that I am just not going to carry 2 guns on a normal basis (do for longer trips or if I am moving a lot of cash or whatever). Packing 2 guns is a hassle and my life patterns simply do not merit it. However I have gotten back to carrying a 'get off me blade'. Just a medium sized knife at about 7 o'clock just in case I need to go all stabby on somebody. I think there are two considerations to have there; being accessible by the weak hand and  being on a side different than the gun so it could be reached if you are jammed against something or body and cannot reach the gun (whether to employ a pistol at point blank is another discussion though I can't see doing it unless somebody was about to Treyvon Martin me which is unlikely) you have another option.

Anyway that is what has been going on here in terms of gun stuff and gear. What have you been up to?

Friday, November 9, 2012

RE: John Mosby's Notes On Setting Up The Modern Fighting Rifle

John Mosby wrote a great post recently. It is jam packed with sound practical advice. Seriously read the whole post before continuing. What I say here will not make much sense otherwise. Needless to say I have some thoughts on the matter.

As to optics. John Mosby says there really isn't an excuse for not running an optic. I do not think that is exactly true. The one valid excuse I can see is economics. Somebody who scraped up enough cash to get a rifle that is smart and putting money into food, energy, medical, training and such instead of just gun junk might need to save for awhile to get an optic. I have some respect for a guy who is waiting to buy an optic instead of shorting important areas to get one right now.

If there is a serious viable fighting optic available for under $400 I have not seen it. A $140 Walmart red dot is cool for plinking with a .22 or whatever but you get what you pay for. Either these optics fail or they fail to hold a zero or generally just suck. I talked some about specific optics like the Eotech, Aimpoint and ACOG awhile back. Any of those models or some of the new low power variable scopes by folks like Trijicon or Leupold are also very good candidates. Personally I am running an ACOG. I got it because they are what I use at work and it is easy to shoot them well. The new 1x4ish power scopes are a really good option and in 10 years when the ACOG's half life is up I will likely replace it with a Leupold variable power 1x4ish scope.

Running iron's as a backup is IMO absolutely essential for a fighting gun. Modern optics and in particular the Aimpoint CCO/M68 and the ACOG are really rugged and rarely fail. However optics are complicated and relatively fragile all the same. If the scope on a hunting or target gun fails it is an inconvenience or might ruin the day's hunt. In a fight it could conceivably get you killed. I am running the Magpul BUIS simply because of cost.

I am sold on the concept of free floating a rail. Phase 2 of Project AR Upgrade will be a free floating Troy Rail. Assuming the world doesn't end I'll get one in a few months.

Tactical lights are the way to go. They make such a difference in being able to identify targets. Especially considering the realistic real world use for most of our rifles would be a home defense situation lights are very important. Sticking with serious manufacturers like Surefire or Streamlight is probably smart.

Incidentally I had a few bucks that I was trying to decide what to do with for the last week or so. I was sort of at a log jam with a bunch of gear that really needs to be purchased together. After reading John Mosby's excellent article I was reminded that the new M4 needs a light sooner instead of later and picked up a VTAC surefire light and mount combo.

On the topic of slings. The old 3 point sling really came into existence as a viable tactical way to sling an M16 rifle with the old school strap under the rifle musket style hardware. They were fine for what they are but since pretty much everybody is running an M4 or an M4 style butt stock these days it isn't needed. Also because of their excessive webbing and attachments these things can tangle you up like some sort of bondage setup.

I do not like one point slings. For me the rifle hangs too low and is really floppy. I like modern adjustable two point slings. The adjustable feature is important for transitioning to the weak shoulder if needed. Also in a much more practical everyday way it allows you to adjust for wearing a plate carrier or not, winter clothes or even different users.

The only time I run a vertical foregrip (a grip pod to be specific) is at work when I expect to be using my IR laser enough to justify the optional pressure switch. Really this is just to buy me some more real estate. Some folks like them, or an AFG like the Magpul but I am not part of that group.

I think there is way too much potential for fiddling with the AR platform. Rifle, optic, light, BUIS, sling and if you can afford it an IR laser. No real need for anything else all the time. If you are going to be in a support by fire position doing some varmit shooting then stick on a bipod but I wouldn't run one all the time.

As to custom type parts I am generally not a fan. Some parts are just a better version of the original and that is fine. People do the same thing with AR's that they do with 1911's in that they stick a bunch of random parts together, find it doesn't work and say the platform sucks. The issue is that they are not a gunsmith and are stacking tolerances like crazy. Also I do not like products that change the way a gun is operated. Products like the Magpul BAD change the way you run the gun. I am running a BCM gunfighter charging handle but it does not change the manual of arms. You should be able to shoot any rifle that ends up in your hands well not just one specific set up.

Well those are my thoughts on that.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Range Report: BCM Middy and ACOG Plus Battle Comp Discussion

Today the stars aligned and I was able to take Project AR Upgrade my mostly new rifle out to the range.

Getting zeroed was sort of interesting. The range was very well run but busy and thus not conducive to the fire 3 rounds, look, adjust, repeat method I am used to. The ACOG was not powerful enough to see holes in the plain targets I had brought and waiting 15-20 minutes to go check my shot group wasn't going to work. Several folks there had high powered bino's or spotting scopes. Thankfully there were some barely shot targets that are the ones which show yellow after being shot lying around. Those combined with my scope were a workable combo to make rough adjustments and get pretty close. Pretty quickly things got going. A crosswind did not help matters any. After the ACOG was as good as it was getting today my attention turned to the Magpul BUIS. Thankfully that was pretty easy and it is definitely good enough for a backup.

So today the rifle ended up with a redneck zero aka probably good enough at about 3 MOA. Realistically that fills any needs I have for the gun. Got to figure out the logistics but I will finish zeroing and reconfirm at 100 meters at a later date. I think the rifle is capable of at least 2 MOA.

The rifle was great to shoot. What people say about the mid length gas system being less harsh than the carbine length is in my totally unscientific opinion true. This thing was just great to shoot. Though the .223 cartridge is not known for recoil this rifle is particularly mild.

Commander Zero was curious about my thoughts on the Battle Comp. I've got to say this is sort of hard as I do not have a control sample. I've shot all sorts of AR's but do not have a 14.5 in BCM middy with a standard A2 flash hider to shoot alongside my gun. That being said I like it a lot. Zero muzzle rise, just the slight backwards movement of recoil. This made for the rifle very fast to get back onto target. The difference in sound seems negligible for the firer. It might be loud nearby but there were too many folks shooting rifles at once to really tell.

[It is important to remember what I am doing here. A totally functional 14.5in flat top AR-15 was already in the gun safe. I am building the nice, very durable rifle that I want. Money is a consideration but not the primary driving factor. This project was in unfunded limbo for a long time and some saving plus a couple recent gun sales (M1 Garand, 1911, Coach gun) made it possible. A significant consideration in building this rifle is that I do not want to be changing it in 2-3 years. Buy once, cry once if you will.]

I went with a Battle Comp for a couple reasons. First everybody who has one or has used one seemed to like it. Reading up on this stuff on the net I didn't hear a single bad thing about them which is almost unheard of. Second since it had to be permanently attached I wanted to do it right. Also there is the added bonus that they look cool. The battle comp wasn't cheap but was money well spent. I wouldn't spend the money to put one onto a budget gun but if I was building another nice AR it would get one.

As to the inevitable question of whether a Battle Comp is worth the money. It really depends on your budget and goals. Somebody on a tight budget who picked up a $650 Smith and Wesson M&P and worked extra shifts to put an Aimpoint Pro on top should just stick with the standard flash hider. That guy would be better off with a few more PMAGs and a quarter case of good .223 ammo. On the other hand for a person putting some money into a nicer rifle I would say the Battle Comp is a good choice. If you can stomach the price I doubt you will be upset about a Battle Comp living on the end of your rifle.

Anyway that is today's range report. Shooting is fun.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Project AR Upgrade: 14.5in BCM Middy Pic Post

 This package was definitely a good start to the afternoon. It was expected (package tracking sort of ruins surprises that way) but still exciting.
The contents of the box. A 14.5 in Bravo Company mid length upper with a pinned Battle Comp, a BCM M-16 BCG, a Gunfighter charging handle, magpul forend and BUIS.
 Various swag that came in the package. It seems that if you buy  a pretty average mortgage payment worth of  Bravo company products they don't pull any punches. The hat that will be great for the range, some stickers, a small bottle of some sort of weapons lube with a cool name, a couple DVD's and a poster.
Project AR Upgrade all put together in it's current configuration with an ACOG and a lower that was already in inventory.  The magpul furniture was a hassle to put on but eventually I figured it out. Dog had to give it a sniff. After sniffing Dog moves on to continue his not so busy day.
Far too early for a review yet but everything looks great. The middy has sort of a different feel to it but that's not a bad thing parse, just different. I am going to try and get the ACOG bore sighted in the next couple days and take the rifle to the range this weekend or worst case next week.  Once I get a lower specifically for Project AR Upgrade it is going to get painted.

Obviously once I get some trigger time Project AR Upgrade will be revisited. Anyway right now I'm a pretty happy Survivalist.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Aside from running, lifting and trying with moderate success to eat healthy most energy this week went to unpacking our place. I got the last of my crazy junk out the living room and into the right places this weekend which was good. Also dry fire practice continued.

We started stocking up on some emergency food in a small way with #10 of rice and beans, some peanut butter and a few of those small canisters of propane. We did some used stuff hunting where a wool blanket was found. A sweet new pistol mag pouch came home from the gun shop. 

Considering the amount of time that went into unpacking I am pretty happy with this week's progress.

A bit of tab clearing:
Massive Silver withdrawals from COMEX. Look folks, if you are purchasing gold or silver for inflation/ default protection it is essential that you take physical possession. The only circumstances I can see owning 'certificates' or 'metals stored in a vault' or 'precious metals ETF's' is if you are trading it as a commodity like copper or pork bellies or whatever. In that situation the costs associated with shipping, as well as buying and selling physical metals would really hurt your margins.

Overly Manly Man is a short coffee break's worth of entertainment.

Oleg Volk wrote a great post titled The Mid-Directed Fetish of Marksmanship.

Chris Costa of Magpul fame and lately Costa Ludis is putting out a zombie firearms training series called Operation Z. Got to like a guy who run's a gun like crazy, has a sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously.

Well it is time for me to make breakfast. Hope all of your Monday's are as good as they can be.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mo Molle, Mo Problems

They are airsoft guys which I don't get and is not my thing but the video is hilarious and makes a good point. Just because you can attach a pouch does not mean you should. Every piece of MOLLE webbing does not need to be filled with a pouch.

You need ammo, some basic survival stuff like a knife, fire starter and whatnot, water to last until you get back to camp/ your ruck and that is about it. Figure out what fits your situation and put it all together then use the thing. Shoot and move in the kit you plan to fight with. You may find out that it gets heavy fast which means you should cut out some unnecessary stuff and or do more PT.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the video.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Can Haz PMAGs

TACOM, a command which I am unsure what it actually does or why it exists, has backed down clarified its position on the use of PMAGs.   “Maintenance Information Messages [from TACOM] are permissive. They are not an order. They are not a directive. All content and direction in those messages are optional for the recipient.” Read the rest here.

For whatever my meandering life experience is worth to you I use and strongly recommend PMAGs. I  I am pretty cheap yet I buy PMAGS instead of using issued mags. That pretty much says where I stand on that. It is worth noting that the new tan (it looks orange to me) follower mags seem like a big improvement over the previous issued mags.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Magpul- Reality Check

Watch this video. If you do not have the time or interest to watch the whole thing please watch from about 9:10 to 11:00.  Develop and improve skill sets. Harden your body, mind and heart.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SHTF-Oriented Fitness and Martial Arts for a Middle-Aged Couch Potato

I saw this thread 1, 2 over at Survival Blog and have to talk about it.....

Things like this always kind of bother me. It is like folks are framing a question to get an answer they want. "What is the best gun if I do not want to spend a lot of money but want something super reliable and also really cool?" or "What is the best bolt action rifle that costs less than $120 has dirt cheap ammo and was manufactured between about 1898 and 1945 in a country that borders Poland and China?" Maybe even worse folks ask for seriously sub optimal and almost ridiculous advice like "So I won't exercise at all and will continue being a huge slob, also I am not willing to spend any money or time on preparedness, have no extra space in my home and am unwilling to change my current lifestyle in any way but how do I become completely prepared for the Zombie apocalypse in 30 days?"

For folks getting back into fitness the key is to start with something that is reasonably easy (in fancy words training OPTIMALLY not MAXIMALLY) and to slowly but CONSISTENTLY  and methodically progress in difficulty and length of effort based on some reasonably logical plan. Heck, those are the keys to fitness anyway but older folks with some extra pounds and maybe some injuries can't get away with what healthy 22 year olds can.
Tighten up on your diet is so important I just can't talk about it enough. Like a lot of things as you get older the slack goes away. At 20 or 25 most folks can eat just about anything and stay at a healthy weight but that goes away over time. I am not saying that you have to shift to a perfectly healthy diet tomorrrow but just about everybody can do better. Have a bit of discipline to not eat complete junk like fast food, chips and sweets all the time and pay some attention to your portions. A significant amount of the "bad knees/ hips/ backs" of 35-55 year olds would magically be cured by getting to a reasonable body weight.
Assuming a program makes some sense ie: is progressive or scalable, allows enough time to recover, has strength, muscular endurance and running/ rucking type components and generally passes the common sense test it should be just fine. Doing something is probably more important than following the perfect program.
As to specific points that came up in this series with my comments:

"To start with, use only a few primitive techniques (punches, kicks, blocks, movements) and combinations of them. A simple well-practiced technique is far better than several of those which you won’t be able to do in the critical situation. A simple and reliable technique is far more valuable than a complex one."

I agree with this but it kind of misses a simple and valuable point. The basics are what make you a good athlete or fighter. It is honestly a disservice to call them the basics in that it demeans them and implies that there are some more useful and advanced techniques out there. The difference between a total novice and a great fighter or shooter is that a great fighter or shooter can properly apply the basics very quickly at the right time with a high level of consistency while a novice fails at some or maybe even all of those.

For example anyone could learn in an afternoon the exact same skills that Chris Costa of Magpul fame or genuine Tier 1 Bad Mama Jamma Larry Vickers use to draw and fire a handgun. Does this mean that they would be able to put a round downrange from concealed carry in the same sort of time, let alone have the same accuracy? Does it mean that Mr. Couch Commando could defend himself as efficiently as either of those gentlemen could if he was attacked leaving the Bank after cashing a check? I seriously doubt it.
If you can’t do at least 50 push-ups in a single set, your punch will never be any good."

This is just stupid and is really what bothered me enought to write this whole thing in the first place. First of all let us look at where striking "power" comes from, namely proper technique and then sheer strength.

I have been hit by a lot of people in my life. Some of them were professional fighters. A professional welterweight outpunched a few 220+ pound big strong men because he really knew exactly what he was doing. Bringing us back to the first point for a second this is a great example of mastering the basics. Secondly if we factor it out technique by getting fighters of similar skill levels then sheer raw strength (and size but those two usually rhyme) is what matters in terms of striking power. A punch is a quick aggressive movement of near full force. If you are going to exercise to hit hard you lift big heavy things to get stronger, period. Local muscular endurance, which is what max rep pushups measure has absolutely nothing to do with this other than that it may be losely related to strength.A guy who is strong (we would have to define that but I don't feel like tossing out some random arbitrary numbers) can hit hard, a guy who is REALLY STRONG can hit REALLY HARD.  Jim Wendler or Matt Kroc could hypothetically have the fighting technique of an average elementary school kid and still hit REALLY HARD because they are just that strong.
Lastly to utterly refute this concept I bring up Butterbean. I rather doubt he could do 50 good pushups but he sure hits hard.

In a reply to this post a fellow recommends training in some Japanese swordfighting thing called Kendo to get into shape. This sounds like a great plan if you want to learn traditional Japanese swordfighting but is a poor allocation of precious time and money if you want to get into shape or learn an effective modern martial art to defend yourself with. It honestly seems sort of like apprenticing yourself to a buggy whip manufacturer.
Well, those are my thoughts on that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

 On the bright side I am finally starting to feel normal again. However between work and life nothing amazing happened this week. I did some cooking which was good. Wifey has been taking it easy so Miley and I have been cooking. Nothing too crazy but if you don't use those skills you start to lose them. I have also been reading a lot which is cool. Got all caught up on blogs plus also some select chapters of various field manuals. Learned some interesting stuff and was pretty entertained in the process.

Moved some money around and I should be getting a plate carrier and rifle plates this week. Also I have been looking at optics. Awhile back I was thinking EoTech but after a recent trip to the range I really like and shoot better using an optic that has some magnification. I LOVE the ACOG but alas, hangs head in shame, it is too expensive. I am looking at the IOR M2 scopes. Got to do some more research and run the numbers. Still might be awhile.

I also tore up our place and finally found my P Mags. Unfortunately I have a few less than I thought I did. Oh well that can be rectified later. Think I'm going to start using some at work to evaluate them.

I started working on next years Wish List which makes up at least part of the New Years Resolutions. Nothing new or huge there. Working on protective gear as well as some outdoor type stuff. Just kinda coming up with ideas now. Then I will weigh different categories and think about what I can realistically do in a year. More to follow in a month and a half or so. Come to think of it I need to look at where I am on this years New Years Resolutions. Don't have much time to finish things off.

My home brewed beer is better after waiting another week. They said it needed 3 weeks but 4 turns out to be more accurate. It is less cloudy and the carbonation seems to be more uniform. Also the bitter after taste has gone away. It is a relatively light, slightly sweet and refreshing ale.

For a slow week I guess it wasn't too bad. Next week is going to be pretty packed. Posting may be abnormal this coming week.

What did you do to prepare this week?
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