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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Erin Go Braugh!!

Celebrate your heritage or just plain celebrate. Eat, drink and be merry!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve, I'm Smoked and Random Observations

Yesterday and today have been a definite success. We got together yesterday with some family friends for an annual holiday thing. That was a ton of fun and the White Elephant was a definite success. Today was Christmas with my family. Between multiple families, a couple divorces and other stuff it cracks out that we end up doing the steriotypical Christmas thing twice when we are home. We did presents with my folks then everyone came over. Did the whole drinks, snacks and cookies thing followed by a big prime rib dinner. It was nice to be able to catch up with some folks I don't see a lot, catch up and just talk about life. It was one of those times we get rare combinations of people which is always entertaining.

This has all been a ton of fun but I am just about worn out. A real good friend who I don't see a lot had texted me about getting together this evening. At 2pm I was pretty receptive but at 7pm when people had cleared out and things were cleaned up it was a different story. On the bright side things are starting to settle down, the kids have gotten over the days sensory overload and I don't have much to do. Really just plan to finish up this post, call a friend to wish him a Merry Christmas then try to get a decent nights sleep.

Last night at happy hour a close family friend said a few things about money, finances and spending which could have easily came out of my mouth on this blog. It was like a breath of fresh air for me. Wifey and I realized over this trip is that we really enjoy being around people who are cheap/ frugal and proud of it. It is really great for me to hear other people use and talk about the same sort of common sense thinking we do. Not needing to worry about offending anyone or making it awkward with someone when you mention the concept of saving or living below your means. While I know lots of these people in the blogosphere the ones in my real actual life are especially prized.

I thought about common denominators with these folks. Stuff other than the obvious that they are in our life and are cheap/ frugal. Most of them have decent to above average incomes. Most of them own a nice relatively large TV. Most of them forgo any sort of debt/ financing except maybe some student loans or a modest mortgage. They are without exception not people you would see walking down the street and think, man that guy is really cheap. Most of them have a few nice things/ toys/ whatever you wanna call it. One has a motorcycle and another enjoys ATV's. Some put a bit of their extra money into vehicles and others travel a lot.

The additional common denominators are that while they all have a thing or two they splurge on they do it in a reasonable manner (saving a few bucks every paycheck to get a nice TV in a few months vs putting the biggest best TV the store has on the Visa and making minimum payments forever.) and probably more importantly they pick and choose there they put extra money. They do this because they simply cannot splurge on every single thing and have reasonable finances. They also at the end of the day live a lifestyle that is solidly reasonable with their spending and debt load when compared to their income.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their family and loved ones. Unfortunately there are a lot of accidents this time of year. Remember not to drink and drive. Also be extra careful with firearms. Stay safe and I look forward to finishing out another year here with you folks.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! A very happy whateverelseitisyoucelebrate to readers who do not celebrate Christmas too. However since I am not going to say some junk like happy holidays, I always misspell the Jewish holiday (it's really nothing personal guys:) and Kwanza is as real as Dolly Partons boobs it is just going to be Merry Christmas. Sort of how Army manuals say in one sentence "Unless otherwise noted all male pronounse are gender neutral" just consider it Merry Christmasandorwhateverelseitisyoucelebrate unless otherwise noted.

I will post tomorrow if it is convenient and the mood strikes me. Otherwise I will resume regular posting on the 26th.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Working Our Way Through Some Food Storage

One of the interesting things about my job is that sometimes your situation changes or you need to move and food storage is either eaten, donated or tossed. We are approaching one of those times. So we have gotten to eating. I have a few observations.

1. Buying just dairy, meat and fresh vegitables instead of everything you eat makes for a small grocery bill.
2. You can do a lot with basic staples like rice, flour, sugar and a modest stash of condiments and such. With some cooking skills there are all sorts of possible combinations and dishes.
3. Thinking to eating just our stored stuff the ratio of starches to staple type meat, vegetables and condiments is too high. We need to store more shelf stable meats and canned/ dehydrated vegetables.
4.  It is good to keep plenty of food in the house.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oregon Trail series #4 Hunting

Oregon Trail teaches two significant lessons about hunting. First you might, for whatever reason, not be able to do it very often so planning on it as a primary food source is foolish. Second and probably more significantly there is no point in shooting it unless you can eat it. We've all shot 10 buffalo's, an elk and 5 deer and been able to carry a half a deer back to the wagon. In real life there is no point in shooting a deer if all you can use (before it spoils) is a rabbit or a chicken.

If you plan to shoot big game then plan to preserve it without a freezer. In the far north maybe shooting an animal just after the first freeze and eating it over the winter will work. Everywhere and every other time you will need salt and or a dehydrator or the ability to can the meat. Might be that you have big game desires and small game capabilities.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Bit of Life

We were real busy today. Definitely the busiest non traveling weekend day in awhile. We got a whole bunch of super cheap used baby stuff. Everything is major brand (same stuff we would have gotten anyway) and in very good condition. We seem to be paying between 10 and 15 cents on the dollar. Of course we could buy the stuff new without it being an issue. That is because unlike so many young people these days we waited till a decent financial place to have a kid. However (except for safety stuff) I see no reason to shun perfectly good used stuff. As soon as Walked Texas Ranger slobbers, pees and barfs on a given item it is used so why not save the devaluation. Reality is that quite often people who can afford to not worry so much about the cost of stuff (because they make choices to earn a good living and spend below it) do worry about it and make intentional plans to put themselves in the best position possible.

We also got a great deal on a chest freezer. It might be a sign of adulthood but I am so excited about more freezer space. Now we can store more meat and other low frequency stuff (popsicles, breakfast sausage, hamburger and hot dog buns, etc) which will be super nice. Also instead of picking up 1 extra when there is a good deal we can now pick up 5. This will let us save even more money and keep more food around.

Wifey decreed that we are moving things around in our residence. It falls inside her area of responsibility so my only real function will be physically moving stuff to its new locations. On the plus side she decided that we need more shelving, like big industrial type metal shelves for the kitchen. First we can just use more space for food storage in the kitchen and second we need to improve the ability to organize and easily access food. It is generally easy to find the canned stuff you use often and thus keep around in quantity. Spaghetti sauce, rotel tomatoes, baked beans, tomato soup and such are easy to find. Laying your hands on that one can of a thing you hardly ever use but really want to make a recipe at 8 in the evening is a bit harder if it is buried in a cabinet. I've been thinking when we get more shelves having a dedicated random area will be good.

Tonight we got Chinese food which was very tasty.

The Euro tanking is nice. Well it is nice for me anyway as I'm paid in dollars. It is fair to say that the shift is more a realization of the Euro's weakness than the dollars strength reemerging. I don't know what will happen with Greece or Spain or the Euro Zone at large but it sure makes for interesting reading.

I haven't been on the world band in awhile. Will probably fire it up tomorrow night. That is all for now.

Take care of each other.
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