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Monday, August 31, 2015

Uncertain Tomorrow: Pilot

Hat tip to WSRA and Weapons Man for the find. I wouldn't say every technique was perfect and Weapons Mans criticisms are valid. As to the guy backing up into the alley with his family behind him I agree that is less than ideal but in fairness there was a clear threat in that direction. Maybe the ideal answer would be the primary shooter faces that threat and the alternate (Mrs or whatever) faces the other way ready to engage in that direction. Of course that implies there is a second armed, somewhat trained shooter.

I will give the guy credit for the homeless guy look with the beat up hoodie, field jacket and blanket. Homeless folks rarely merit a second glance in the urban jungle. Also it covered up a rifle and chest rig which was significant. That is something I will keep in mind.

I am eager for episode 2.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Range 15 The Movie Indie Go Go

I've pretty much sworn off promoting these for people. Some how or another every time they fail to live up to the deal. However these guys didn't ask me to do this. Honestly they don't know I exist. Matt Best makes hilarious youtube videos that I enjoy. He and some other guys are trying to get the cash together to make a war movie. A was movie where the uniforms are right and tactics are good would be great. Granted Acts of Valor nailed that but it was pretty one dimensional otherwise.

Honestly a movie that shows us having the full range of human emotions, goofing around and then getting serious to do bad things to bad people would be great. Give if you can and share as widely as possible.

Letting Matt and Nick speak
Hollywood wants our movie. They want to take it, castrate the script, cast a boy band to play us, and then spend two miserable hours hashing out how war is hell. Fuck that. Let’s do this our way, blow some shit up, and make the best military movie ever. We’ve personally pushed all in on this. We aren’t wealthy people, but we’ve sunk every dime we can sink into this movie, and this is by far the biggest project any of us have ever taken on. We can’t finish this, and give Hollywood the middle finger, without you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heat Shoot Out Recreated by NRA Media Labs

A pretty cool clip to watch on a coffee break or whatever. The fundamentals of individual and buddy movement do not change just because you are in an urban environment. Contact Drills like Max Velocity teaches are still the order of the day for surviving, let alone winning this sort of gun fight.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Red Dawn 2012 and Random Thoughts Theiron

I saw the new Red Dawn this weekend and had some random thoughts that didn't quite fit into the review format. In no particular order:

1) However unlikely a Chinese North Korean invasion might be getting out of town before travel was restricted would be a matter of a minutes not hours. Grabbing your family (if they are home), some bug out bags, weapons and go boxes then getting on the road would be about the best case you could hope for. There is no way you could load up a dozen guns, 20 ammo cans full of 9mm, .38 special , .223, .308, a years supply of food, boxes of camping gear and clothes even if that stuff was organized and ready to go, let alone if it is strewn all over the place. This is a compelling reason for people worried about the Chinese North Koreans invading or who for whatever other reason have a concern that is best suited to bugging out (lets not argue this point here) should probably have a large percentage of their stuff already at that location.

2) For me personally it was a harsh reminder to always wear functional clothes outside of the home. Footwear more specifically wearing sturdy serviceable shoes instead of beach wear on my feet when away from home is the right answer. I just plain need to suck it up and do better.

3) This was a reminder to think about the stuff I carry around every day. In general I am pretty happy with my current plan. I always have a knife and a lighter and have a pistol, reload and light whenever possible. The light could be addressed as my LED Lenser just sucks batteries without even really being used. They are going dead after 5-7 days and if the light is used for more than 10 minutes over that time it would surprise me. I think there has to be some sort of a draw keeping the juice flowing. Probably going to replace it with a Streamlight or Surefire whenever my crazy (my 'crazy fund' not talking about our overall finances) fund builds back up a bit. My EDC bag also has a bunch of goodies and it is either on my back, sitting next to me or in the car.

4) Going along with #1 having a plan with family and close friends is important. If I think we are meeting at the cabin and they think we are going to deer camp there could be a problem.

Well those are my thoughts on that.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Movie Review: Red Dawn 2012

Even though it came out when I was a toddler when it came out the original Red Dawn was a big part of my formative years as a teen and early 20 something gun toting redneck soon to be survivalist. I cannot count nights revolved around a case of beer, some booze and watching Red Dawn with my buddies. Watching it, talking about what we would do and even making a few preparations because of it. So naturally I had to see the new Red Dawn.

The Remake of Red Dawn has faced some adversity. It was sucked into a black hole due to financial issues at MGM. After filming the invading nation was changed from China to North Korea. It isn't too hard to mentally insert China every time they say North Korea anyway. So it finally came out and I went to see it.

I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum but if you are dead set about seeing this movie without any sort of a notion of what happens then it would be smart to read this after you see the movie, not before. 

Red Dawn 2012 has naturally been brought into the modern era. The loose scenario that starts things out is based around current situations and some plausible continuations of them. Kind of the same start as the original with today's threats really. The location was changed to Spokane, Washington which is (for the inland American West) a pretty big city instead of the small town of Calumet, Colorado. I always thought in the original it was Montana but cannot recall why. Another notable difference is that the older brother is a Marine with combat experience.  More on this later.

There were a variety of other fairly small changes. Broadly speaking the 2012 version was true to the original. It was not a carbon copy but the broad strokes were similar with enough changes to make it contemporary and interesting. Also there was a scene (may have been more that I missed) where they poked a bit of well intended fun at the original. Well played.

To the usual format.

The Good: Making the older brother a Marine with combat experience made the whole plot a lot more realistic. The odds of one person with real experience being able to field a team of fighters that could do some damage and stay alive is much higher than a whole crew of amateurs doing the same. A departure from the original for sure but not a bad one. There are a whole lot of veterans of viable fighting age around these days so it is pretty realistic anyway.

Naturally coming along with a person with combat experience the group conducted some training before beginning to go all Wolverines on those evil Chinese North Koreans. There was even a pretty cool montage about it. Some basic training combined with somewhat competent leadership makes the groups success seem more plausible than it might have in the original.

 Also the way the group operated, was supplied and sheltered was more plausible than in the original. It meshed with a variety of historical patterns of various guerrilla groups. Not that the original was weak here as it didn't really focus on tactics anyway it is just that this one was just a bit stronger here.

The characters seemed a bit more 3 dimensional in the 2012 version. There were some sidelines of various human interactions that made the characters seem a lot more human.

The Bad: Without getting into details I think the Wolverines ability to freely enter and exit Spokane was a bit convenient. The totalitarian folks in China North Korea know a few things about population and resource control. They would probably issue some sort of passport or ID card very quickly and use them to restrict (and if the system is electronic track) freedom of movement.

The Ugly: To keep up with today's hyper action movies the level of up close and personal violence as well as close calls was pretty high. At one point a Chinese Korean soldier was blazing away with a frickin Ma Deuce AKA .50 caliber machine gun from CQB range at one of the Wolverines but somehow did not kill him. I wouldn't say these few incidents detracted from the overall movie but they certainly annoyed me.

Overall Assessment: I liked this movie and think you will also. If you are into slightly cheesy patriotic action movies you will enjoy Red Dawn 2012.

I have some general thoughts but will probably let them mull for a day or so. Folks who made it out to the movies for Red Dawn please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Black Friday and Red Dawn Review Coming Up

Did some virtual black Friday shopping. Picked up that bottle and cooking kit combo as well as a wool blanket and (treating myself) a Trade Knife from the Pathfinder Store. They are running a 10% sale until Monday the 26th.

I was pleased to see that Brownells is running a sale. You can probably guess what was ordered.

Tonight is Red Dawn night for Ryan. There may be a review tonight and if not almost surely tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yo Homie Is That My Briefcase and Debate Round Up

This post over at Combat Studies Group was good. The briefcase scene in Collateral was pretty much awesome. Say what you want about Tom Cruise but he really prepared for that role and did a great job. The action was fast, vicious and realistic.

The debate was interesting. Pretty close to a tie though since the general assumption is that our VP was generally considered to be at a disadvantage it might work in their favor. The workout went well. Did lots of pushups and the burpies sucked. Sorta weak on core the way things worked out.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Quote of the Day

"It's mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality."
- The Bride Kill Bill

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quote of the Day

"When in doubt, shoot them all"-Wifey

We are watching the movie Face Off where the good guy looks like the bad guy who looks like the good guy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Quotes of the Day The Fall of Sam Ax

“That’s going be your detonator, tape it on top of the valve” Sam
“Real quick the warning label says keep away” Doctor
“Yeah but we are building a bomb so you do the opposite….” Sam

 “Just to clarify commander, you decided to join the group you were sent to Columbia to investigate?” Investigator
“Join is a strong word” Sam

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

“Why would you risk your life for a #*$*&bag like Meryl Dixon?”-Steve to Rick
“You best choose your words more carefully”- Daryl (Merly’s brother) to Steve
“Oh no I did, #*$*&bag is what I meant”- Steve
Wifey got me season one of The Walking Dead on DVD for Christmas.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stay At Home

The other day I ended up watching 20 minutes of a movie. According to the cover it was Needfull Things by Stephen King. A bunch of folks were going nuts or something and running around reaking havock on what by Stephen King's predictable pattern was almost surely a remote small town in Maine that the main character just recently moved to.
In any case something occured to me. The right answer is almost always to stay home. If you look at likely and realistic situations far more often than not the right answer is to stay home. Implied tasks of this is to A) getting home and B) having the capability to sustain yourself, C) being able to protect yourself comes up but nowhere near as often as the mall ninja's in various internet forum's would have you think.
Unless you live in a major urban center the odds of any kind of significant unrest are minimal. If there is a natural disaster it is prudent to leave but the majority of the time the right answer (which coencides with the boring answer) is to stay home, much on some preps and hang out.
You WILL need fcash, food, water, the means to cook, lighting, some sort of heating plans and a plan for sanitation. You probably won't need but would be well advised to have and be compitent with a couple of useful firearms as well as other security plans. A shotgun is aweful comforting during a black out.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie Review: Machete

First Danny Trejo is a really scary looking dude. Second I think this movie is going to be cheesy and entertaining. It is suprising how many big name actors and actresses are in this movie. Some of the action is downright ridiculous. Like completely over the top. There is a real pro illegal alien criminal position in this movie that is made quite clear by the storyline. That would have bothered me more except the whole thing was so rediculous that it didn't.

It was an entertaining movie. At times it was somewhat serious and had good dialog with interesting plot twists. At other times it was cheesy and rediculous and funny. I really enjoyed it. Assuming you take the movie for what it is, a cheesy B movie with a bunch of A list actors you will enjoy it. A good thoughtless movie that is best served with a couple beers, buddies are nice but not required.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Guest Post Book/ Movie Review of The Road

A Review of  The Road By Cormac McCarthy or as I Like to Call it: How Not to Survive After A Disaster.

I read the novel The Road, by Cormac McCarthy and then after a few days of letting the story marinate, I watched the movie. Frankly, the book is better (it always is) but the director did a fabulous job with the movie. Obviously, large parts of the book were left out of the movie in the interests of time and flow, but the movie didn’t suffer for the editing. I am not going to lie, I cried like a little girl in some places. In other parts I wanted to jump right into the book and shake some sense into the main character, the man. In a survivalist situation, when you are doing everything you can to avoid being eaten by roving gangs of cannibals, who in their right mind makes nightly fires? Why not just stuff a moldy apple in the kid’s mouth, set him up on a platter and ring the dinner bell?

The book and movie should certainly not be taken as a manual on how to survive in the aftermath of a global cataclysmic event. As a piece of literature that explores issues of humanity, father and son relationships and questions our morals and ethics in the face of tragedy, it is a good read and may even get you thinking. It will certainly put you off light colored meat for awhile and have you hoarding all the fruit salad and ammo that you can.

From a preparedness point of view, this novel is incredibly disappointing. Through flashbacks, the reader is given multiple glances into the lead up to the disaster, as well as the time immediately following it. The man is knowledgeable enough to know that he needs to fill the tub with drinkable water before it is shut off, but doesn’t seem to do much disaster planning. The boy is born just after the disaster and the story begins when he is about nine or ten. One of the flashbacks shows the family still at their home and the child is about seven years old. We aren’t told what they have been doing in the interim, except that they have used all but two of the bullets in their one gun. They have a home with food and clothing and creature comforts that they leave for an unknown reason, yet they haven’t banded together with any of their neighbors or friends?

They even stumble upon an emergency shelter loaded with clean food, water and shelter and leave it to continue on his quest for the coast. In the presence of such a hoard of food, I find it incredibly difficult to imagine that a starving man and child would be able to walk away from it. As a literary device it works well to show how humanity can snap back in place when essentials aren’t in scarce supply, however, common sense dictates that he would make camp in the area and continue to forage food and supplies to ensure that he and the boy built up their immune systems and energy reserves. The shelter is stocked with bullets that do not work with his gun, so he leaves them there, rather than cart them along as items to barter and trade or use in an improvised fashion for self defense. 

Rather than continue to rag on the book for what it didn’t do, I would rather focus on three things it did do that put me into quasi panic mode and made me reevaluate my plans.

1.    Made me conscious of how little I have prepared myself for life without verifiable maps and the ability to navigate without a GPS. The Man and the boy follow the highways and open road on their quest to find the coast. This is incredibly dangerous as it leaves them open to attack from all of the threats present in the book. They do not seem to have a choice as their shopping cart could not make it through the brush of the forests. I had to question how I would have handled it differently. Would a simple plank frame sledge dragged through the forest be any better? It would leave tracks and be easy to follow and difficult to handle. Would a compass still be a viable guide?

2.    Kill or be killed? Is holding on to their morals really the most appropriate way to survive? When they meet up with other people on the road, they often give the strangers the benefit of the doubt, leaving themselves open to attack. Why didn’t they form an alliance with at least one other adult for protection? That way they wouldn’t be sleeping unguarded at night, the boy wouldn’t have had to remain alone unguarded while the man foraged for wood and food and they would have had far more options for self defense.

3.    In an apocalyptic situation, is survival really the only consideration? What about rebuilding a civilization? The book mentions communes and cannibalistic tribes as well as nomadic gangs of men and permanent homesteaders farming people. But are there no groups of like-minded people with knowledge and skills available to create a safer community of refugees? By merely surviving are they in fact ensuring their extinction? In living a day to day hard scrabble existence, they cannot plan for the future. How is the man such a dead shot when he has been carrying around two shots in his gun for over three years without shooting it? Practice is essential for any type of specialized skill. Gardening and animal husbandry are impossible thanks to the bleak conditions and the need to continually move along. How has this scenario changed my preparations for potential disasters and emergencies? Hugely; I am rethinking most of my plans and reassessing my viable skills.

All in all, both the movie and the book got me thinking long and hard about the steps I have taken so far to prepare and the things I still need to do. The biggest item I am lacking is knowledge. Educating myself more about homesteading practices, basic outdoorsman-ship and personal health care and protection would be far more useful than a majority of the gadgets that I have stockpiled. I may end up somewhere far from my stash, but I will always have the training in how to create a natural water filter or know which potential vegetation is edible and which is akin to hazardous waste. The book and the movie are certainly not for the faint of heart and will not help you sleep better at night, but they will get your brain working and inspire you to do a better job of prepping for the potential future.

Lucas Gregson is a Personal Security Plan specialist with a keen interest in prepping and home security. He advocates for sensible self defense training and the enjoyment of a good book but not at the same time.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Crazies – A Movie Review from Survivalist Perspective

This is a guest post by Ranger Man of SHTF blog.
I’m not a big fan of television or movies, but when 2 different people that know me and my SHTF tendencies said, “you need to watch The Crazies” I paid attention and ordered it up. If you’re looking for a movie that will give you lots of TEOTWAWKI knowledge, The Crazies isn’t it. Approach the movie as SHTF entertainment and you probably won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Generally speaking, I’d put this movie on par with 28 Days and 28 Days Later both in plot and genre. Without giving away movie secrets, generally what happens is a military plane carrying some bio-chemical agent crashes in a town’s drinking water supply. The agent flows down stream and adds a new meaning to “there must be something in the water.” The unnamed agent essentially makes people … crazy – zombie-like crazy, where your only purpose in life is to kill others.

The friends that recommended the movie both told me “you watch it and think – that’s exactly how the military would respond.” They were right; you are left with that impression. The military cuts communication to/from the town, seals all roads out, and swoops down on the town, rounding up people and separating those with high temperatures to determine who might be infected, and tagging/segregating the rest. What starts as a systematic approach to containing the situation goes to hell when a few hillbillies ram the fence and start firing at military personnel, either because they’re infected or because they want to release loved ones. The crowd then bum rushes the fence and everything goes downhill. Let me say this, though – if this chemical agent was real, how the military responded to this incident is exactly how I’d want them to – take no shit, because otherwise the world would certainly end.

Movies like this are not typically something that rank high on my “must watch” list, because I don’t like the suspense/thriller/horror movie-induced heart racing feeling when you know something bad is about to happen, but you’re still going to jump anyway. I handled it better than my wife, though. When the movie ended she promptly proclaimed, “I get to pick the next movie, and it’s going to be a romantic comedy.”
There ARE a few SHTF bits of knowledge you can walk away with, though …. well, two:
1.      Police tire spike strips ( are pretty freaking cool when you need to get a vehicle stopped. Unlike in the movie, I doubt they send a high-speed vehicle flying in the air, however. If you had to secure the driveway to your home, a tire spike strip might help.
2.      Don’t walk the highway when killers are looking for people. Why do people do this in the movies all the time? I know why, because they’re easy to follow and provide a direct, fast path from point A to point B. The downside is everyone watches them.
Since watching the movie I’ve discussed it with a number of non-preparedness minded people and I often hear “that could really happen.” I wouldn’t go that far, but to the extent The Crazies might scare someone enough to take a few rational preparedness steps toward self-reliance, perhaps that’s the best way to use it from a SHTF perspective – convincing spouses to gear up!
-    Ranger Man the author of SHTF blog

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Movie Review: Book of Eli

Today we were at the store for something else and I got Book of Eli. I missed it in the theater and never ended up renting it. This evening we sat down and watched it. To the usual format.

The good: I was really entertained by this movie. Denzel Washington is a great actor and the movie was quite enjoyable. It kept a good pace and had plenty of action. His use of a big (military looking) rechargeable battery to power an Ipod was pretty resourceful. Also Mila Kunis is pretty darn easy on the eyes even in simulated post apocalypse get up.

At one point a goblin noticed the main character had a gun. He said "I bet it is empty, they are all empty these days" or something to that effect.  This is just a good reminder that without ammunition guns are useless. Ammo isn't cheap but it is pretty darn important. Stash at least couple hundred rounds per gun. A case or maybe even two is probably better.

I appreciated that it dealt with the whole Apocalypse thing in a realistic manner. People will do bad things to each other and thinking otherwise is at best idealistic and at worst dangerous.  It was not idealized or sanitized or anything like that. However it dealt with the issue in a way that wasn't vulgar or unnecessarily extreme. A tough balancing act for sure and they executed it well.

The bad: I found the whole situation with water in the book as really unrealistic. Simply put human beings need a certain amount of water every day to live. The exact amount varies based upon conditions but you can not condition yourself to live on less. If memory serves me correctly the US Army tried water rationing and progressively decreasing water consumption in North Africa during WWII with disastrous results. The levels characters seemed to be consuming in the movie were seemingly below the levels needed to sustain life.

The ugly: There wasn't really any ugly.

This movie was pretty much a strait forward action movie with a religious and apocalyptic twist. I am glad it is now part of our collection and look forward to watching it again in the future. You will almost surely enjoy it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

quote of the day

"Your country needs you Logan"-Striker
"I am Canadian"- Logan

I enjoy those easy going beer loving folks up north.  If they had better gun laws I would seriously consider moving up there. Yeah they have socialized medical care but we are headed that way at a dead sprint anyway. To their credit the Canadians managed to avoid the whole sovereign debt issue because their banks stayed out of the derivative and bail out madness.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kevin Costner fighting the Oil Spill?

Seriously? The article seems quite legit but definitely goes in the truth is stranger than fiction category. I genuinely don't even know what to say about this.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Mans Got To Know His Limitations

I guess a woman does too but that title doesn't flow so well. The thing is that you really have to know yourself and make choices based upon your strengths and weaknesses. Mostly your weaknesses. If you consistently handle liquor very poorly then it is probably a bad idea to keep whole bunch in the house. If you make poor choices with credit cards then don't have a credit card.

There are two significant limitations Wifey and I have. First of all we are degenerate movie renters. We rent a movie and it sits in our house for days or even a couple weeks just racking up late fees. It is a really simple and ridiculously easy thing we just can't seem to get right. In Alabama we lived within (assuming the line of sight was clear) an easy rifle shot of the darn movie store and still we returned them late more than 50% of the time. Late fees don't really hurt us but do add up. In any case the issue is mostly conceptual. So we gave up. We got tired of payout out the ears in late fees. We got Netflix and get movies from the library sometimes. Secondly we do not keep snack/ junk food in any quantity in the house. I tend to keep a good stock of just about everything but not junk food. We don't keep it around because we would eat it at a glutinous pace much to the detriment of our health.

The limitations I just talked about really have nothing to do with preparedness except that we will not have lots of chips and cookies if things go all to heck. The applicable lesson is probably that for stuff which you believe is important you need to look at and figure out a way to mitigate those limitations. For example We keep some cash in the house because well that is something smart people do. We can keep cash in the house and not spend it (we borrow $40 for dinner occasionally but always put it back). If we had an issue with that maybe we would put our cash in a little box, cut open the wall to make a cache and then plaster/ paint it in. That would make it a real annoyance to get to. Break wall in case of emergency if you will.
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