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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Multiple Streams of Income

When talking with John Mosby during down time at class the group discussion hit on some other things. One of them was that our empire is deterioration. A sub set of that particular problem is the economy.

He mentioned to the group that we should be thinking about ways to diversify our incomes. One guy was high up in a big city fire department so his job was probably secure and I am in the military so my job (especially since President Trump was elected) isn't likely going anywhere. To the rest he said they should think about ways beside their normal job to earn some money.

I have been thinking about that myself.

A couple ideas come to mind.

First we have to consider when we are looking at this stream of income working. Do we want it to work now? Or are we angling for some sort of worst case scenario type thing?

Obviously a lot of stuff that could work now would not work in some worst case scenario, like say doing tax accounting part time or selling digital books on amazon. On the other hand lets say, as I am seriously considering doing, a guy takes up leather working. I could get really good at it and still not be able to meet the quality to price ratio of a lot of mass production shops like Bianchi or Galco. When a guy can get most imaginable items in 2-4 days on Amazon for a mass produced price how can I compete without being a legitimate master? I probably can't, especially when true professionals are a  phone call and a UPS package away. Now lets say our world got a lot smaller in a hurry. Like walking/ bicycle distance smaller. How many guys are going to be making custom holsters for whatever handgun people pull out of their closet in a 5 mile radius? Probably not many. Figure you do mag pouches and sheathes also and it could be a decent job.

The point I am getting at is to figure on when you are looking for the income then make a plan.

I pay a lot in child support but I also make good money. Not like my expectations or lifestyle are too fancy so stuff works out just fine for now. Still I don't like single points of failure.

So I want to have a couple other streams of income. Lets say 3. How much money do I want to make? Well I would like to make 500k a year. More realistically if I made somewhere between several hundred to a couple grand a month that would give me a lot of options. Even if my normal job fell apart somehow I would have something coming in. Maybe even enough to pay the no fail bills like power, fuel and food. On the high end of those figures I could even pay rent.

So how could I do this?

My first plan is to get the blog earning again. For a few reasons I plan to do it more on a commission basis than folks paying for advertising.

Writing. I have been writing fiction again. Hope to put a book out on Amazon in the first quarter of next year.

Also to ask you all a question. If I put together a nonfiction type work that is a mix of selected blog posts and some new stuff then charged say $5 for it would you all be interested? I'm definitely still framing this out in my head but it would give you my take on a lot of stuff in one place.

Both of those are in the works. If you have constructive ideas I would love to hear them. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Thoughts: Money, Life and Stuff

This weekend I got to catch up with some long time friends. One guy I grew up with just happened to be in town for the weekend to go to a wedding and we were able to catch up. That was great.

In particular it was great to see one friend with whom I have a lot in common. At the surface we are very different but a lot of core beliefs and attitudes are the same. Stuff like meeting a girl, getting to know her, getting hitched and then having a kid and how we deal with finances and such.

We talked a lot about all manner of things. He has done real well for himself. It was a reminder to me that I need to put some energy into developing additional streams of income or at least the skills and stuff to do so if needed. Also I need to get better at mechanical stuff. We talked about a few things and I was pleased he was on the right track and gave him some ideas to think about.

I was disappointed to hear that a couple we know was going through bankruptcy. I do believe that bankruptcy is a necessary legal mechanism. Things can happen that make it so people cannot meet their debts. Somebody could do all the right things and get hurt or disabled or whatever. This is not one of those cases. They seem to have just bought a bunch of toys on credit and generally lived a lifestyle they could not afford. My friend also mentioned that the guy thought his wife did not need to work as a contributing factor. He sort of implied this was an antiquated or impractical way of living.

I sort of dissented at this point. I said it is perfectly possible and relatively simple. Figure out what Dad (or really mom if you want to go that way) makes, chop out some to save and then live on it. Simple, though not necessarily easy. He makes enough money that it could work but they would have a pretty modest life. No big fancy trucks or boats or expensive hobbies. Apparently they wanted to have their cake and eat it too.

Anyway I have a hard time with this. I suppose they had good intentions to honor the debts they took on. However at some point before deciding to file for bankruptcy I wonder if they knew the jig was up. Maybe they decided to have some fun going down. I don't know. The idea that they are deciding it is too unpleasant to honor their debts and it is easier to default is difficult for me. It isn't that Chevy or Visa or Cabellas or whatever are going to be unduly hurt or are worth anything in particular. More that I have, maybe theoretically to my own detriment, a sense of honor about these things. [ Wifey once said there are two things to know about me. I don't do things I don't want to do  and I do what I say I will do.] Doesn't matter if the other party is worthy, like a friend or relative, or not. If I say I will do something then I do it, or at least give it my best. 

Went for a little run today. It is amazing how a half dozen long (150m ish) sprints totally change the character of a 2 mile run. Between that and the 3 miler I did late last week puts me at 20.5. Getting to 50 might be rough this month. However in the big picture considering I have never done any sort of exercise program on leave getting halfway would be something solid.

Today we had a family dinner. That was pretty good. A couple relatives drove a long way to make it which was totally surprising and great. One of them who is pretty like minded and I got to talking about life and our economy. The benefits of diversification came up. Having some silver and an extra gun or three you could sell or swap without shorting yourself is a good thing.

I saw the new show Revolution which was interesting. Will watch next week. Between it and Sons of Anarchy my TV lineup is getting going again. Big fun.

Sorry for a rather random post. I had planned on something else but the evening kind of got away from me. Anyway I hope all is well for everybody.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Small Business Thoughts

I caught up with a friend this weekend. As always he is busy with a side business. He is in the trades and does small jobs on the side that are losely in the same nitche. Between contacts from a family business, working and just sorta being his hustling self the guy drums up plenty of business. Enough so that he can pass the couple hundred dollar jobs onto another buddy.

Thoughts: Some jobs are a lot more condusive to side gigs than others. For a variety of reasons the trades are probably best here followed by professions like law or accounting. A manager at a grocery store or a supervisor at a box company or an executive are good jobs to have but it is kind of hard to get a little something going on the side. My gig in the Army and the skill sets I have developed unfortunately fall into the second category. For those at a place in life where they haven't chosen a path yet or need to find another one this is something to consider.

From the successes and failures I have seen it is essential to go into areas with negligible start up costs. Maybe you need to pick up a couple new tools, print some business cards and place an ad for a few hundred bucks, not a big deal. On the other hand renting and setting up a storefront, purchasing equipment, etc before a business has proven itself is risky and not smart. You can fail pretty often if it costs $300 but if it costs $3,000 let alone 30,000 or more that is not an option. Since small businesses fail at a crazy high rate this is worth considering.

Once a business gets going and you start making some cash then putting some money into it is reasonable. Buying a new piece of equipment that will let you do more jobs, going from a normal personal type BBQ to a big custom job on a trailer that will let you feed more people and thus do bigger events or whatever. My anecdotal observation is that the risk of failure in expanding a already profitable business is far lower than getting one started in the first place.

I would be really uncomfortable relying on a new venture to put a roof over out heads, food in the pantry and gas in the car. In other words keep doing whatever thing(s) you are doing now and add the new one. I realize this lack of adventuresome nature will probably mean I will never be wealthy but I will probably also never be broke trying to wrestle a living out of a business that won't get going. Once something takes off you can phase out a less optimal (fun, $ for effort or whatever) thing that you have been doing.

If you only put in a little bit of money and keep doing whatever is already paying the bills all that is really risked is time and effort. The folks who I have seen fail and have it harm them often borrowed heavily (a relative term) and or needed it to start paying out immediately.

Personally I am at a stand still when it comes to developing multiple streams of income. My job is pretty totalitarian in nature and leads me to desire more anonymity than I otherwise would. That kills most of the directions I might go into. All things considered I am pretty OK with this. We hit the live cheap side of the equation pretty hard which helps. Any energy I put in this direction is mostly about setting conditions for the future. It is still pretty interesting to observe what does and doesn't work.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Help a Blog Buddy Out

Our longtime blog buddy Mayberry/ Craig's side gig fell apart when the partner decided to sell off the boat and gear. One of his readers who goes by Wonderdog came onto the net with the offer of a replacement boat. Some guy dropped a comment and often nothing ever comes of it. Then it seems that the two of them talked and it seemed legit. Yes the dude offered to give Mayberry a boat. This means that he just needs some traps and I suspect other ancillary stuff to get going. Wonderdog challenged other readers/ invisible friends/ blog buddies to each donate the cost of a trap which is aproximately $35.

I thought this whole thing was pretty crazy to be honest. That some dude is giving another dude a boat is pretty crazy and cool. Personally I could use a Harley but any sort of motorcycle would be good. In any case I got to thinking about donating.

Mayberry has been in a situation of fairly low wages and a rising cost of living. It has been a slow downward spiral for awhile now and (IMO) slowly grinding him down mentally and emotionally. Like most problems in life this was at least partially of his own making. Over the last year or so he has (IMO) really turned a corner. He has gotten out of the dreaded problem admiration phase and started doing stuff hustling and working side gigs to bring in some more cash. The dude seems to be doing a lot of the right things but nothing has quite clicked yet.

Thinking about donating lead to thinking about what $35 would buy. Wifey and I could order take out for dinner if we watched the tab. Kiddo could get toys #192 and #193 which uncharacteristically came from the store. I could get a silver round or another Buck 110. If I tossed in another 5er it would get me a bottle of Glenlivet. It would get me 3 AK mags and a 6 pack of light beer or 2 PMAG's or almost a 33rd Glockamole mag. The list goes on I guess but you get the point. I realized pretty quickly that I don't really need any of that stuff. It would be another thing to toss into a bag or pile of like items. Sure I can always use these kinds of things but I am not filling any critical shortages.

Donating was a simple decision for me. At the end of the day I realized that Mayberry could benefit from this a lot more than I could. I don't do it very often but it is a good thing to be able to help a friend when you are able. Not getting a good bottle of scotch really isn't much of a sacrifice anyway.

It is noteworthy that A) Mayberry didn't ask for any of this, it sort of came together on it's own and B) this will help him improve his situation over the long term instead of buying a tank of gas or whatever and kicking the proverbial can down the road another couple weeks.

There are times when somebody gets the right help at the right time and is really able to make it turn into into something long lasting and meaningful. I think this may be one of them. Not much would make me happier than seeing Mayberry be able to get some good things going on. The guy could really use a break and this seems like it. To be honest that is probably what got me to donate (to some blogger type for the first time ever). The idea of helping somebody to really improve their situation appeals to me. It is pretty unusual and cool that a bunch of folks are coming together to help towards a significant goal that will benefit a member of their group. Also I figured if Wonderdog could kick in a frickin boat I can reach into my wallet for a measley 35 bucks.

Anyway I am not going to put on a hard sell or a guilt trip. I passed the information which was my goal. Donate if you want or not if you don't. It goes without saying that you should not donate unless you can afford it without shorting yourself. If you kick in $35 it will buy the guy a trap to put into the water to catch little fish to sell. It is a reasonable amount for a lot of folks. Of course less is fine and more is great too.  

Happy Friday!

Edited to include: I tried to send the donate links directly to his paypal account but it didn't seem to work. All links will now send you to his blog. On the left side there is a donate button that will take you there.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stay At Home Wife IPR#1

Wifey has been back at home full time for awhile now. I have been noticing some differences and they are worth talking about. We bring in less money now. Obviously if we needed her income to pay bills or support our lifestyle we would be in a rough place right now. For us that isn't a huge deal because we never really let our lifestyle increase with her income. Still we notice it because occasionally a couple bucks from her paycheck was the answer to something we wanted to do but couldn't (well chose not to) fund out of my pay. We hardly every used it but it was comforting to know we had excess income. More significantly her income really let us kick butt on getting ahead. We are still doing good things in terms of saving and paying off debt and all that but are no longer in overdrive.

However we do save some money. She has the time to cook real food, life with flour and sugar and stuff. That saves money. Also she can haunt the used stuff boards and sites to get great deals. So instead of spending a few hundred bucks on a piece of furniture we spend $35 and a bit of gas. If we had been paying child care costs that would be a big savings. Also with just me working we don't totally need a second car. Of course it is pretty darn nice but if one broke we could at a minimum wait awhile to get it fixed. 

Also the total amount of available time to do household stuff has gone up by 25-35 hours a week (what she was working). That means stuff which we used to have to do during the weekend gets done by her during the week. When we both worked basically all of Sunday was eaten up by laundry and grocery shopping. Now weekends are free to do whatever.

This also means the amount of time I have in general has increased. I can focus on work and not worry about what I am going to make for dinner or stopping by the store to get something. I don't know that it has made me more effective at work but it certainly hasn't hurt. When I get home I don't have to worry about household stuff because it is taken care of.

Wifey is liking having time to get Walkers room strait. She also enjoys getting stuff for cheap and now has time to do that. There is a risk that she starts to get bored/ down when not active outside the house. These days she is relatively active with some neighbors and wives of my co workers so that is pretty much taken care of.

The whole thing is going pretty well and we have adjusted to it. I feel like for right now this is the best answer for our family. Of course more money never hurts but the other benefits currently out weight it. I hesitate to say what is best for any other family but it is working well for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Laundry Fun and Wonder Washer Product Review

To be honest up till just recently laundry hasn't worried me much. Mostly I think the Army has really broken any beliefs I might have that unless you put on clean clothes every day the world will end. Think my record for wearing a single pair of clothes (may have swapped socks) is 6 weeks. However we have a kid on the way. Aside from screaming little babies major pastime is spitting up or pooping on themselves. Needless to say 6 weeks in a pair of clothes would not be realistic.

Somehow or another Wifey and I got to talking about laundry in the context of preparedness about a month ago. I vaguely recalled a guest post on laundry by our pal Sam in the trailer park which has successfully evaded a tornado so I searched till I found it. I got to fiddling around on the Emergency Essentials website and came across the Wonder Washer. Wifey did some research and this seemed like a quality product which fit our needs.

This brings us to a very valuable micro (or small or even big I guess) business lesson. If there is some sort of deal you would like to make always ask. I am not going to even guess what percentage of the time you will get an unexpected "yes" but I can say if you don't ask the "no" rate is 100 percent. Anyway I wrote the folks at Emergency Essentials and they have an ad on our site and I have a Wonder Washer. It came in the mail earlier this week and I just got to really fiddling with it today.

"Assembly" is quite simple. Take the handle and put it onto the square post that sticks out of the side. The directions are pretty simple and take up just part of a standard piece of paper. I decided to test it out by washing a few random pieces of clothing; a pair of shorts and two shirts to be exact. Onto the review.

The Good:
1. It works
2. It is readily affordable
3. Quite easy to use. Just put the clothes, deturgent and water in, screw the lid on and then turn the handle which rotates the unit around in the frame washing your clothes.
4. Pretty compact, about the size of a normal BBQ propane tank

The Bad:
1. The lid seems sort of touchy. You have to get the grooves in the lid to match up with the grooves in the unit and then rotate it till the thing locks into place. Then you have to tighten the lid down with the hand screw on top.
2. If you do not get the lid all the way tight it will spill water while you "wash". Not a big deal, just screw it down until it pretty much won't screw on any more (no visible threads).
3. I followed the directions but the amount of detergent needed seemed a bit too high.  I had to really rinse the clothes to get them non soapy. Not a big deal if you are rinsing with warm water in the sink but if water conservation was important it might be. Next time I will use more like 2/3rds of what is advised.

The Ugly:
The part I found most disappointing was that the unit seemed to bounce around as you turn it. The frame is small and narrow while the washer thingie is relatively big and heavy. In order to wash I basically had it on the floor with one knee on the near side of the frame and my spare hand on the other side. If I were to be doing a lot of laundry with the Wonder Washer I would look to clamp it to a table or something so it would be a one handed operation.

All in all I found this unit to be simple, affordable and useful. Sure beats the heck out of dragging our laundry to the river to bang it on some rocks. If we planned to do laundry for a family of 6 on a normal basis then some sort of bigger and more complex washer would be worth procuring. However to just wash an outfit at a time or for emergency use this fits the bill perfectly. We could do some sort of home rigged thing but with the Wonder Washer at the very reasonable price of $49.99 I see no reason to bother. We do need to pick up a mop wringer to help with getting the water out of our clothes after washing but that is an easy fix.

Also included was an Emergency Essentials catalog. They have some really cool stuff so please go check it out.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Multiple Income Streams

I have been thinking a lot about multiple income streams lately. I make decent money at work and we live modestly so our situation is comfortable. Having a few more bucks that come from other sources would be nice. Of course more money is always useful and it would put our "eggs" into more baskets which is good.

Right now we have money coming in from work and a little bit from the blog. The blog money goes to preps but if need be could be incorporated into our normal operating budget. In terms of total percentage it is quite modest but that doesn't matter so much. It would pay for groceries or the internet/ telephone and insurance which is somewhat meaningful.

So I would like to have more streams of income. The biggest obstacle for me is time. My average work week is probably 60 hours or so. Toss in a couple trips to the gym, a marriage and the need to sleep and there isn't much left.

Not that long ago I was introduced to the concept of passive income. The best definition of passive income I have seen is "Passive income is cash-flow obtained without linear time involvement." Once you get past the infomercial fantasy (make 50k a month doing something for a half an hour a day, etc) it isn't realistic to think there is no time involved. It is just that the money isn't directly related to the time as it is for a typical job.

I am comfortable with the internet as I have successfully created passive income (at least technically though semi passive might be a better description) here in the past. I am toying with the idea of starting another blog. Well technically I have started another blog. It is called The Chronicles of Brewing and is going to keep track of my misadventures in home brewing, beer and various thoughts thereon. I say I am toying with it because I know the work it takes to build an audience and make a blog successful. We will see where that goes but I figure now my time could be used in a much more efficient manner than last time and could maybe bring part of this audience over.

This is going to be hard as I have little time and money to put into it. Folks with plenty of time and not much money can get a lot done through brains and energy. Also folks low on time with cash can buy a rental place, manage it (or have someone else do that) and just collect checks. However I am going to work with what I have got which isn't much of either. The blog has succeeded beyond my wildest expectations so there is always hope. Just maybe by being creative and keeping my expectations reasonable I might be able to achieve some measure of success. In a perfect world I would love to have 2 more income streams which each bring in a couple/ few hundred bucks a month. On the bright side anything that I can bring is in just gravy. We will see. 

If you have any experience with passive income I would love to hear about them.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Multiple Streams Of Income

Yesterday this got stuck into my head. I couldn't get to sleep so I laid in bed thinking about it for awhile. No amazing answers but I do have some thoughts. Maybe together we can come up with some real ideas.

I have read all the same stuff you have. Multiple streams of income from small depression proof home businesses that can be started for little to no money. (Ragnar Benson talked about this in his book on the underground economy.) That is a mouthful to say and has a lot of qualifiers. The various options typically given for these businesses ignores the skills you may already have. Some skills and career fields simply do not translate into a low start up cost small business. The 'depression proof' idea fails to acknowledge that if you can do it for little to no start up cash without specialized skills then somebody who is short on money can and will likely do it for their own self.

Most of us do not have a variety of good practical small business skills. Even highly skilled people may not have skills that translate to the one person or family sized business with little to no setup costs venue. However I don't think this means we would not be wise to pursue multiple streams of income. So lets take a step back from "small depression proof home businesses that can be started for little to no money" and just focus on multiple streams of income.

What does multiple streams of income mean? Simply put it means getting income from more than one place, hence the word multiple. The reason this is desirable is that our income is (or should be) more secure because while one stream of income might slow or run dry you have the others to keep things going. Think of the old "never put all your eggs in one basket" saying.

How can one get multiple streams of income? The first thing that comes into my mind is having a two income household. We have talked about the practicality, desirability and benefits to children of one and two income households at length in the past. While there are certainly benefits to having a spouse at home in the context of multiple streams of income it is desirable to have both partners working. By definition two incomes is 'multiple streams'.

Interesting discussions have been had where people try to say that a dual income (by definition 'multiple streams') households are actually in a worse place than their single income peers. The thinking is that since a dual income household generally relies on making more money they are more vulnerable. With one provision I disagree. That one provision is the assumption that households are living with the same difference between what they bring in and what they need to 'make it' as well as savings, etc. Obviously comparing a two income household with no savings, significant debt and a huge adjustable rate mortgage that is about to adjust with a one income household that has a solid emergency fund, little or no consumer debt and a reasonable fixed rate mortgage is apples and oranges.

The question is fundamentally one of how much money you make compared to what you need.

Lets say that the Smiths take home 85K a year from his job as a Mechanical Engineer. The Smiths live a reasonable lifestyle below their means and need about 50k to just get by at a circle the wagons  (not contributing to retirement or paying extra on the mortgage or prepping or eating out much, etc but bills are still getting paid) sort of financial level. He gets downsized and suddenly makes $400 a week unemployment. The serious drop in income from 85k to 20k is going to become an issue at some point. They have an emergency fund and a stocked pantry and could dip into other savings/ investments so they are OK, for awhile.

Their neighbors the Anderson family take home about the same amount of money as the Smiths. Mr. Anderson is an insurance broker and takes home about 50k a year. Mrs. Anderson works at the county court house and earns 35k a year. Conveniently they also need about 50k a year when in circle the wagons mode.  The company reorganizes and Tom's office gets closed so he is out of a job. He gets unemployment at about $400 a week also. Between his unemployment and Mrs. Smiths paycheck they can get still make ends meet. [Admittedly the math worked out a bit too conveniently, it was not intentional. However even if there was a gap between their new take home and the 'circle the wagons' income needed the Smiths are still in a far better position as they would be using up their emergency fund and savings at a much slower rate.]

If all other factors are equal a family with multiple streams of income will fair job loss or pay cuts better than a family with just one income.

Even for those whose inclinations and skills do not make them well suited for living solely on income from small home businesses I think multiple streams of income are a good thing to pursue. How can you do this?

My first thought is to do more or less what you do for a primary income now part time as a side job. A teacher could do some after school tutoring either for them self or one of the various agencies like Sylvan. A CPA for Johnson and McMillan could do a few tax returns on the side for individuals or small businesses. I know a man who made extra income doing that for a long time. A plumber or dry waller could do a small side job himself now and then. I have even known of some contractors who would pass small jobs not worth their time and energy off to employees to do on the side during off time. One could potentially have part time occasional working relationships with a few different individuals/ companies/ small businesses that are within your field but entirely dependent of your primary income.

One of the things my Grandfather taught me is that it makes economic sense to spend time working in the area that makes the most money. A guy who makes $35 an hour (unless he has a real do it yourself penchant) would be better off spending a few more hours at work and paying the laid off jack of all trades carpenter type from down the block $10 an hour to repaint the spare bedroom or whatever. That same logic extends to side jobs. The CPA I mentioned above should not be pursuing $10 an hour gigs doing farm labor but finding a few more people who need their taxes done.

Being diversified to the point where you have some income from an entirely different area is a nice idea. You might not have skills which lend themselves to this sort of thing but do not give up. Remember we are talking about streams, not rivers. A few hundred bucks here and a grand there start to add up and may be the difference between making it or not if one of the bigger streams (a primary job or business) dies out and isn't quickly replaced.

Could you put in a motor home hookup at your place?  Yeah it could be an imposition and might not work for everyone but getting 2 or 3 people paying you $300 a month adds up fast. If not the same plot as you what about keeping an eye out for  a few acres, maybe where they someone put in a septic before their plans fell apart. Where we lived a fellow had a piece of land out in the country set up for 6 RV's in such a fashion.

Maybe you have a big empty barn and could rent out some covered storage? Chopping one of those side parts of your barn which are a relic of the dairy the place was in the '40's could easily bring in a few hundred bucks a month.

What about selling a bit of your garden/ farm surplus? Up by where my Uncles lives there is a couple who sells corn and green beans during late summer and early fall. He is disabled (at least as far as the state is concerned) and they have a couple acre garden. Selling vegetables at a little stand on the side of the road and leaving a small trailer with a few baskets of vegetables, a board with prices and a jar to drop cash into pulls in a bit less than $2,000 a year for them.

Ideas are endless and only limited by reality, creativity and your economic situation. A modest duplex with fenced yards in a nice neighborhood is a great option if you have the cash. My Grandparents did very well with apartment complexes. Or course real estate is its own beast and not somewhere one should go unless they are sure they can really afford it.

It is also worth noting that maybe the stay at home spouse could pursue various alternate streams of income. Maybe if the Mrs. is already taking care of your one or two kids she could take care of a  3rd and 4th to make extra cash.

Some hobbies such as sewing, weaving, knitting or wood working could make you a few bucks also.

Back to small home businesses real quick. Not everybody is suited in terms of skills or inclination to "small depression proof home businesses that can be started for little to no money."

Working for yourself has a lot of benefits but also some definite drawbacks. It is true that when you are your own boss you will never get downsized or laid off because the boss's cousin needs a job. At the same time small businesses fail at an alarmingly high rate. Also having a 'business' where you don't make any money is really not too different from getting laid off anyway.

Some folks love hustling (not in the 70's pimp sense) up new work and making deals and buying and selling stuff. I have a friend who is like this. He will get someone to pay him well to cut down a problematic tree near their house then make more money selling the wood. He chases down deals and resells tools and equipment at a profit.

While he might be thinking about the next deal or job on the horizon as he waits to fall asleep I would probably be thinking about how to keep the roof over our head if all of them fell through. Personally I like that I know within about 10 bucks (somehow or another they are always a little bit different) what I am going to get paid on the last business day of this month as well as say, in mid June. Don't think either of us are wrong or right, just different.

Both of us work so we have two streams of income and a trickle (the blog brings in a few bucks but not a meaningful factor in our overall financial situation). Got to think about ways we might be able to get a couple more trickles........

Wifey says to "stop writing and go make some money" so I have got to go.

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