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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I Can Haz Podcast?

Hey, Do you guys and gals listen to podcasts? If so where do you download/ stream them from?

Would you be interested in listening to a podcast if I were to produce one?

If so any thoughts/ ideas/ suggestions would be appreciated. If any of you are involved in a podcast please drop me an email so we can discuss some of that stuff.

No major decisions made yet but it seems like a newer format with more room for growth would be a good thing.

Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hey Folks, As part of a discussion we had awhile back an idea popped into my head. Would you all be interested in some sort of podcast type feature? I am uncomfortable doing a youtube thing since it would really mess up the whole Batman/ Bruce Wayne thing but some sort of a spoken word type setup would not have that issue. Also if I could do it in the right program (any advice here would be great) I would be able to post it on youtube and maybe even make it something you could download and listen to in the car, at the gym, etc.

I would have to figure out the details but enough folks seem to be doing that type of thing that it can't be too hard.

Does that interest you?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Listening To My Buddy

Mayberry did a podcast a little bit ago. Very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. At a bit over 20 minutes it is right for drinking a cup of coffee (or tea if you gave joe up for lent) or getting started on a beer. Hopefully more podcasts will follow.
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