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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking Dead: Zombie Prison Fun

Warning Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen last weeks episode and this weeks one I recommend not reading further.

For whatever reason I didn't end up talking about last weeks episode. Things started off with the crew hitting a house to scavenge. Clearly they have gained some experience and developed some SOP's. Things between Lori and Rick are not going so well. They could probably use a counselor or something. Also they seem better armed probably with a couple more pistols and a new under folder AK. They got to the prison and started clearing it out. Things were going well until Hershel got bit in the lower leg by a Walker. They were in the midst of amputating his leg with a hatchet when the camera flashed to a group of decisively not Zombie prisoners. Taking the one guy with serious medical skills out to go Zombie killing was probably a mistake but hindsight is 20/20.

Today I am going to write free form whatever thoughts come to my mind while watching the show.

Onto the new episode. The standoff between the prisoners and Rick's group ended quickly when they took Hershel and left. Rick's crew have more guns (but are not doing to great on ammo) but the other group are all healthy youngish men and have been at the prison for awhile. This could get interesting.

 Rick's group catching the prisoners up on the last several months was pretty interesting. Also it was a very good ruse to get them out of the cell block where the rest of their group was.

The negotiations between the two groups were interesting. As always negotiating from a position of strength was beneficial. The decision was made that they would split the remaining food and Rick's group would help the prisoners clear out their own cell block.

I am not sure how the two groups coexisting will go. In a Zombie Apocalypse more people, especially healthy men is better. On the other hand you have got to be able to trust the folks you are sharing a foxhole with. There is a nasty part of me that says it would be better to fight on my own terms than risk a fight when the odds are less in my favor.

Carl went off alone and found the infirmary to get supplies for Hershel and the upcoming child birth.  He boasted about killing two walkers. Is anybody ever going to watch that kid? The answer seems to be no.

One of the prisoners gets scratched by a Walker. In the midst of the debate on what to do their groups leader kills him. It is a plus that he realizes the seriousness of the situation but he may be trouble. On the bright side for Rick's group he seems to have gone through 3 of the presumably 5 rounds in that little S&W snubby. A couple minutes later he tries to kill Rick who gets saved by Daryl. Rick then puts a machete into the dudes head. Seems that he will no longer be a problem. Rick then chased one of the prisoners into the not cleared cell block and ended up locking him in a courtyard full of Walkers to, judging by the screams, be eaten. Unfortunate as it was the whole Shane thing seems to have hardened Rick's heart which probably isn't a bad thing.

The remaining two prisoners were put into their cell block as agreed upon. One of them is either a really good actor or an easy going guy and the other could be a problem. This relationship between the two groups probably isn't going to end well.

Carol seems to be coming into her own and her relationship with Daryl may be about to turn a corner. I suppose one of the plus sides about a relatively large cast is that characters can grow and replace those who die. Not really a consideration on the usual sitcom but in shows like The Walking Dead, Lost, The Soprano's or Sons of Anarchy it is a big plus.

The episode finished with Rick and Lori talking and trying to get to a decent place. This is good as for better or worse they are stuck together.

Not sure if I will make this a regular feature. Sort of depends if it interests you all so please let me know either way.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Deployments are sort of like prison. You spend your time doing whatever job you are assigned and trying not to get hurt or killed but in all the other hours of the day there isn't much to do but work out and think about what you are going to do when you get out. I definitely did my share of lifting. I am breaking or approaching all time records in many lifts. Not sure why it took a deployment for me to remember that I love lifting weights but I am glad I got back to it. Definitely going to keep it up back in the rear.

I am going to take a cue from John Mosby and beef up my EDC "survival kit". Incidentally if you are living under an internet rock and haven't checked out his excellent blog I strongly recommend doing so. John's background as a soldier and NCO in Ranger Regiment and the Special Forces give him tons of expertise on all sorts of things. I would say his primary concerns and mine differ but that is superficial and I get a ton out of his blog. A solid foundation of good preparation, strong individual skills and tactics are useful in a wide variety of schenarios.Plus also he carries a Glock 19 AIWB (like I do) which means he must be a man of taste and distinction.

I have saved a wad of cash over the last year and am seriously thinking about using most it to purchase a NOD (aka night vision monacle). I have no interest in doing this halfway. To me it is definitely a buy once, cry once kind of thing. It is something I had planned to do a lot later but I am kinda thinking it makes more sense to do earlier as I have a wad of cash. Shuffling other stuff back a bit is easier as those are all smaller purchases I can make more easily. Also the idea of having one big item to show for this year of my life is appealing. It is a big purchase but since I can't do it oversees (where I will be for the next several months) there is some time to think about it. Input is welcome on this one.

Beyond that my big goal for the next several months is to reestablish useful  modular systems to meet a variety of needs. We have the vast majority of the stuff but moving, life and to be honest some neglect have left our systems in serious disrepair. This will be addressed.

Also I plan to spend a ton of time with Wifey and Walker doing all sorts of cool family stuff and some traveling. Got to make the most of our remaining time in Europe. Better start saving Orbitz coupon so we can return often.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Why You Need All Sorts of Fighting Skills: Very Interesting Video

First of all I would like to credit FerFal and his blog Surviving in Argentina. I totally stole this video from his blog. I am doing so because I want the dozen people who read my blog and don't read his bigger, better blog to see this. Also it leads into something I have been meaning to write about. Anyway first watch the video.

The lessons which FerFal notes are meaningful and I do not intend to unnecessarily rehash them. Here are my additional thoughts.

1. Unfortunately sometimes bad people are big, strong and skilled at fighting. A relatively large (or I guess larger than you) Goblin with even a modest background in combatives, who has been in and out of the correctional system and generally lives a rough violent life is really not someone you want to fight. They know what they are doing and are almost surely used to taking some punishment. Unlike some kid who tinkers in a moderately effective martial art they will almost surely not reconsider their intentions with a broken nose or a loosen a tooth. You will likely have to physically incapacitate this sort of person to stop them. I'm talking beating them unconscious, choking them out, crippling or killing them.

2. As FerFal noted semi automatic handguns tend to jam a lot at contact range. I would guess the primary causes are clothing or whatever getting snagged up in the struggle when the slide moves and limp wristing due to firing quickly from awkward positions. Practice clearing your weapon quickly under pressure. TAP the magazine, RACK the slide, BANG (if applicable). It is not going to clear every single failure but will clear most and can be done without breaking eye contact with your opponent while moving backwards to create space. Practice and you can do it very fast.

As seen when the Goblin picks up the still jammed gun in close quarters you would do well to just assume all battlefield pickups of semi automatic pistols are jammed and immediately TAP, RACK before looking to BANG.

3. Mace doesn't stop people. Particularly people who are used to taking punishment and potentially have even been maced before. Those huge cans that shoot the big stream are probably better than the little convenient to carry cans but still don't expect the result to be like a home run swing with a baseball bat to the face. Use mace to create space and time to get the heck out of there and or employ a better weapon. Expecting more than that is probably asking for trouble.

The main point I want to talk about is that different types of fights (somebody smart once broke fights down into 4 ranges, projectile, kicking, punching, dirty boxing (elbows, knees, short punches, throws, etc,) and grappling) are not discrete events that happen in isolation. Some firearms schools like to make you think that you can become so aware and skilled because of their amazing training that there will always be time to employ precision pistol fire from a safe distance. That is a bunch of crap.

It is egotistical and stupid and dangerous. Part of the reason is that these schools like to present themselves as being able to solve all your problems in a weekend. The concept of shooting someone can be sanitized and packaged. The reality of hand to hand is up close, personal and nasty. It requires physical conditioning which doesn't fit well with a "we can magically solve all your problems for some money over a long weekend" package. Also it takes a long time to become proficient at. You're talking about months and years not hours or days.

Even if you have a gun and know how to use it if somebody gets near or into kicking or punching range you are in a hand to hand fight. A gun is not a magical cure all. As FerFal noted someone with a bit of specific training can often stop that pistol from coming into the equation at all. I remember a disturbingly accurate saying "what is the first thing somebody does after being shot with a pistol? continue whatever they were doing before". Unless you hit someone in the brain or spine (imagine a T with the horizontal part between the eyes and the long vertical part extending down the spine) they will almost surely not be stopped in their tracks. Remember your goal is to STOP THE THREAT.

There are a lot of shots that will kill someone but that doesn't matter. If somebody cuts your head off with a piece of junk gas station knife then dies later from injuries you inflicted as far as I am concerned you lost. For example a shot through the liver or lung is, without prompt surgical intervention, almost surely lethal. However before the goblin loses enough blood or whatever to pass out they could potentially kill you. Conversely if you accidentally shoot someone low and to the outside and shatter their hip (depending on if you hit the artery, how bones shatter, etc) they will probably live but aren't going to keep coming at you. Thus you successfully managed to STOP THE THREAT.  Shoot until you run out of ammo, can safely disengage or you STOP THE THREAT.

You've got to learn how to fight hand to hand. There just isn't a substitute for it. At a minimum you need to be able to get somebody off you and create enough space to break contact or employ a handgun. The cops use of his weak hand to create and maintain space was pretty effective in the video.

 If somebody grabs you in a crowd and you are struggling then get them off you comes you you've gone from a standing grappling to dirty boxing or striking range. If they pull out a knife you are in a knife fight. A lot of the fundamentals do not change. Stuff like sound footing and being in a good athletic position translates through all ranges and situations.

There are all kinds of implied tasks here. Weapons training, firearm retention, combatives, knife and counter knife stuff come to mind. You could probably spend your whole life trying and not master these things. Don't worry about obscure fancy stuff or lots of ways to do things. Instead of trying to learn a dozen ways to deal with someone rushing you or grabbing you, or whatever it's probably better to be well practiced and drilled in two of them. It's blocking and tackling not quarter back sneeks. Gabe Suarez writes about this topic here.

Think about this stuff. How would you fare in a similar situation? Maybe you're a hulk of a fellow who wrestled through college or have been doing Judo since childhood, maybe you divide your spare time between power lifting and cage fighting and are generally a bad dude to mess with. However if that isn't the case you would be well advised to do something to better your situation. This is a great example of a case where anything helps. Take a self defense class. Learn about weapons retention by taking a course or working with a knowledgeable friend or acquaintance. Work on drawing and presenting a weapon while moving backwards. Practice clearing jams by feel without looking. Conduct low/ moderate intensity force on force drills to work through scenarios which trouble you. Just do something to better your situation.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Breakin The Law, Breakin The Law

One of the interesting and thought provoking parts of the book I am reading is that it discussed breaking the law. It is too tempting and easy to think that in any situation worse than a weekend power outage you will just saw the barrel of your Remington 870 flush with the tube and carry it around all the time shooting people who do things you do not like or otherwise doing whatever you want. Matter of fact almost every serious worst case scenario worth considering will have law and order and LEO's in some form or another. Making difficult choices in an environment which is probably more harsh and restrictive isn't a pleasant idea but it is a realistic one. Both Matthew Bracken's "Enemies" series and the recent and enjoyable "John Galt" blovel show that things can get really bad AND you will still have cops and laws to worry about.

This book discussed breaking the law in an interesting and dispassionate manner. Look at what you can lose or gain from breaking a law. Look at the cost to benefit of both sides. For example I firmly believe anybody who does not keep a valid drivers license, have a vehicle that is properly registered and maintain the necessary auto insurance is seriously asking for a ton of trouble. You can get pulled over and provided you have the previously mentioned basic stuff you can go on your way without a hassle. If you want to argue about the legality of drivers licenses or whatever you could well end up like the brothers in Patriots. A drivers license costs a few bucks and they are good for several years. Vehicle registration sucks but if you drive an older and modest vehicle it isn't that bad. Assuming your driving record is halfway decent and you drive an older vehicle the bare minimum liability insurance should not hurt your pocket that nuch. For the cost of being able to drive wherever you want carrying whatever you feel like and getting out of a police stop with just a modest fine to me this is well worth it. Often the alternative means real problems when getting pulled over, even for what would surely be a warning like a dead tail light. Getting pulled over and not having these simple documents (Papers Please!) will almost surely mean your vehicle is going to get towed. In order to be towed it needs to be 'inventoried' and depending on what you have in it that day things could degenerate significantly from there. At a minimum it will cost money, take time and inconvenience you significantly.

What law would it be an easy decision to break? Well ones that are not actively enforced and do not carry significant penalties come to mind.

To me this isn't about saying "I am a free American and I can do whatever I want". For instance breaking federal firearm laws will almost surely bring a serious penalty. Mr. "The Constitution gives me the right to saw off this shotgun barrel" could well find himself in prison. One who was a bit more pragmatic might note that the difference between an 18 1/4 inch barrel and a 17 3/4 inch barrel is a half inch OR a few years in the pen. It is about taking an objective look at how breaking certain laws could make you more free as well as the risk of legal consequences and the severity of those consequences.

Just think about it.


quote of the day


everyday i am more and more thankful i can still check the no box for "have you ever been convicted of a felony?" on applications

My lifestyle is such that it isn't a concern but the quote is still amusing to me.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

China Got This One Right

Remember that whole Peanut Butter with Salmonella disaster about a year ago? A whole bunch of people got sick and a few died. I did a bit of quick research and it looks like Peanut Corporation of America filed for bankruptcy and the whole thing is still in litigation. In short this company knowingly poisoned and killed American citizens and they might have to pay some money.

Remember when China had that whole tainted milk disaster? A bunch of children got sick and some of them died. It was a sad situation by any account, especially considering the totalitarian one child policy. The scope of China's event was larger but well, it also happened in China. Lets look at how China responded.

China tried and convicted 21 people to various sentences. Three people got life in prison and two were executed. Yes, they shot them. In China the government kills people who knowingly poison their food supply. In America the FDA does an investigation and the victims sue which might or might not get them much as the corporation files bankruptcy.

I do not know all the particulars of the whole Peanut Corporation of America mess. From everything I remember and have read at least a few people definitely knew what was going on, ie that they were shipping unsafe food to customers. Those people should have been shot.

Maybe it is just that China is down with executing pretty much everybody who irritates them or causes trouble. Those who just annoy them go to their forced labor camps. In any case China definitely got this one right.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Outraged Me

So I am sitting enjoying my favorite part of the work day, well my favorite part except driving home at the end, sitting in my chair drinking a cup of coffee between cleaning up from PT and heading back to work. I am watching CNN because AFN does this rotating news thing between all the full time news networks (donated so we can watch US news) and I heard something which outraged me. Some girl  (well a hippy dippy 20 something) was talking about the organization she works for. What they did really doesn't matter but when she was describing the kids they help she used a phrase, "court involved" which just stuck out to me.

She didn't say juvenile offenders or parolees or even felons. She used a vague phrase that is completely blameless, in fact it goes as far as to push away any sense of possible blame. Heck if I have to go down to the courthouse to fill out some paperwork I am in a sense court involved. This is at least as bad as "undocumented workers" if not worse.

My big issue with this is that when we take away blame for peoples actions we take away responsability. Responsability is the lynch pin to just about everything productive and good in society. I don't particularly look down on felons or parolees as a group. Some of them are total scumbags but then again some like say, Randy Weaver are probably decent folks albeit ones who made a mistake. As one guy on one of those prison investigative shows once said "You are all one messed up day from being right here" and he had a very good point.

My issue is that if people, particularly teens and those in their early 20's are told by people they value and respect (like the upper middle class hippy dippy 20 something working with them) tell them that their actions are not their fault they will internalize that and keep doing the same dumb stuff.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prisons in SHTF

Our loyal correspondent Humongous sent me an email on this topic. He works in a Maximum Security Prison and wondered about my thoughts on what would happen if things went all SHTF. I do not have a ton of knowledge in this area but that hasn't stopped me from writing about all sorts of other topics so why should it be an issue for this one?

I think prisons fair more or less OK (I think some prisoners in Katrina had a rough time but not out of purportion to everyon else)  for short term and localized disasters. Just about everywhere has power outages and such so they have (at least I imagine) plans for that. As for local disasters I think bussing to somewhere else is pretty much the answer everywhere. That works if there is a flood in this region or the like.

For a slow slide sort of situation in general I think prisons would fair reasonably well. They are the kind of think that a government (at whatever level) would have to fund. When you are broke you stop eating out but keep buying toilet paper. The wildcard for this sort of situation is that political types could make radical changes is policies or early parole to drop their operational costs.

Me thinks a genuine full on TEOTWAWKI is what our correspondent was mostly thinking about. Broadly speaking I think there are 3 possible options: 1) The prisoners dehydrate/starve/freeze to death in their cells. 2) The prisoners leave the prison and are free. 3) The prisoners are intentionally killed by the guards. I will talk a bit more about each of these broad options a little bit.

1. In my opinion this is probably the least likely scenario. Unless all the prisoners are securely locked in old school small cement cells with heavy metal bars and all the guards decide simultaneously to just go home this would not happen. This would be somewhat probable for an individual or two in a small isolated local jail if the deputy who was on duty was for whatever reason unable to return.

2. This scenario is the most likely in the big picture though it would depend on some other factors. It is also the most likely because it is the most openly defined. In this scenario the prisoners could be freed or escape. I would not be supprised that if a lot of lower security facilities ended up turning the prisoners loose. As for the more dangerous prisoners in more secure facilities me thinks their large scale freedom would be the result of an escape. I think in the security area older prisons would face far better than newer ones as they tended to rely on lots of metal and big walls not security systems and electric fences which rely on power.

In a prison with lowered security because of less/ no power the odds of prisoner escape would be high. Also if prisoners had enough info about what was going on outside to come up with a plan and execute it knowing the guards could not hunker down and wait for help it could get ugly. Most likely I see a combination of those two factors leading to most of the prison breaks.

3. The guards intentionally kill the inmates. I do not see this happening at minimum security jail camps and such. This one would need a couple of conditions for it to come to pass. First of all the facility would need to have the capability to keep inmates controlled in their small cells for awhile regardless of their desperate attempts to free themselves. Second of all the person in charge (might not be the head guy but the one on the scene who is functionally in charge) would need to have a grasp of the true seriousness of the event they were involved in and the implications for letting these violent dangerous criminals loose in a world without law and order. This would take a combination of being pragmatic and a really cold hearted mother fucker. Third the guards who were left (some would not show up and some might abandon their posts with useful equipment and guns) would have to have the means to kill the inmates in a not up close and personal manner, basically guns and enough ammo to do the job. That shouldn't be a big issue unless someone has already cleared out the gun cabinet and or ammo storage on their way out for the last time. I think that in more conservative areas with more of a law and order type philosophy there would probably be more dead violent prisoners than escaped violent prisoners.

I could see the guards potentially separating the non total psycho inmates and putting them on their way then making sure the real nut jobs never get out.

As for what I think would go down by and large. Prisoners in minimum and medium security facilities would mostly go free be it by jumping over the fence or walking with their personal belongings through the front gate. For maximum security prisons I think it would be more likely to see a combination of escape attempts (large or small, peaceful or violent)  and mass executions. Also a few would probably have one botched by the other and darn near everybody ending up dead. Maybe the inmates make a go of it and a guard in a good position with a rifle takes a lot of them out or the guards try to make like it is the bloody days of the French Revolution and the inmates rush them and do some real damage.

I do know that JWR considers prisons in his regional/ local retreat advice and this makes a lot of sense to me. Do not make a mistake of underestimating them because they would be poorly equipped. Pretty darn quick these predators would arm themselves and most would start reaking havoc.

I would not want to live near a prison (I say prison intentionally there are jails all over the place) say within a 40 mile radius of one.


Friday, August 28, 2009

California Spends 10% of its Operating Budget on Prisons

Read the article here. More and more I think Panhandle Tex (where did he go anyway?) 's idea that there should only be two punishments; restitution and execution is the way to go.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

joke of the day

An old Italian lived alone in New Jersey. He wanted to plant his annual tomato garden, but it was very difficult work, as the ground was hard. His only son, Vincent, who used to help him, was in prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and described his predicament:
Dear Vincent,
I am feeling pretty sad, because it looks like I won't be able to plant my tomato garden this year. I'm just getting too old to be digging up a garden plot. I know if you were here my troubles would be over. I know you would be happy to dig the plot for me, like in the old days.
Love, Papa

A few days later he received a letter from his son.
Dear Pop,
Don't dig up that garden. That's where the bodies are buried.
Love, Vinnie

At 4 a.m. the next morning, FBI agents and local police arrived and dug up the entire area without finding any bodies. They apologized to the old man and left. That same day the old man received another letter from his son.
Dear Pop,
Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That's the best I could do under the circumstances.
Love you,

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Applied Ethics and Ballistics With My Bestest Blogger Gal From OK

I got this comment from Pearls yesterday and have been stewing on it since them. Didn't come to any real amazing answers since then.

If you missed the background here is what you need to get up to speed.

Pearls says, Its the fact that people will do anything to survive that would keep me from allowing someone to cross my land. I don't want them telling someone else how they traveled. I don't want to become accustomed to "outsiders" so close on my land. I done want someone to see our diggs, preps, outside buildings, gardens, livestock or my family.

I am very familiar with the original guys post on western OKC/OK as well as the land he was describing and have been following the post afterwords with interest.

Cutting a fence will get you shot - I find a lock that isn't mine on my chain....well, the chain will be cut off - a new one put in its place and a close watching of the gate will ensue.

TOR is right - people will do what it takes to survive - keeping my land off limits is just one step in making sure that is exactly what happens to my fam...

A trespasser (which is what they are) may have absolutely no intent on harming me or my family, but I have no way of knowing that and I am not willing to take that chance that they do want to do us harm....

I realize that the original poster was talking about bugging out and I am coming from a "set" position, but both sides need to be evaluated before you take any action - just looking at it from someone wanting to pass and ignoring the landowner is dangerous.

TOR replies:
Pearls, Great comment. Interesting perspective and points. I can definitely see where you are coming from. These sort of ethical discussions to not lead themselves to clear cut moral clarity but I believe the process of thinking through them has some value. I certainly agree that looking at it solely from the side of the traveler would not be a realistic perspective.

My one real question is... Would you would rather have a desperate person (or group) who went through the pasture then bypassed the blocked bridge/ whatever and is driving away or a desperate person (or group) stewing knowing you are the person preventing them from getting home?

Consider the risks of NOT allowing simple passage as well as the risks of allowing it.

As for my other thoughts. I think it depends a lot on the size of your land and its potential as an alternate route. If you live near a choke point (bridge, highway intersection, pass, etc) and your land backs up to BLM/USFS/etc land with viable alternate routes this is probably a significant issue to think about. If you live towards the end of a dirt road and are surrounded by other private land owners with routes to nowhere then it is a minimal concern.

While the criteria for lethal force varies significantly from state to state I can't see anyplace possible being cool with drilling some guy in the face with an '06 from 300 yards because he gets near a fence with a pair of wire cutters. In all but a genuine full on TEOTWAWKI shooting someone simply because they arguably attempt to cut a fence is going to get you at least a decade in a small cement room with a large woman (who probably likes women) named 'Spike'. And that is assuming you win the gunfight. Crazy things happen when people get in gun fights and a sure thing can quickly turn into a very bad situation.

I did come up with one potential easy get out of this ethical conundrum option for the land owner. As a 'traveler' would be wise to at least attempt to gain permission instead of trespassing a land owner could be well advised to simply do their homework and know another way to the likely alternate route (aside from across their land). Lets say people might want to cross your pasture to get to a gravel road which leads to unimproved road 231 that will get them around the bridge and home. The path of least resistance might be suggesting going back one mile to Johnson road where you will take the third left, travel one half mile and then take the first right which T's into unimproved road 231.

It is probably worth considering other potential variables into the equation such as:

-What sort of event is this? Blackout/ hurricane/ earthquake/ riot/ etc or a genuine TEOTWAWKI. This will factor heavily into what you are capable of doing to protect your property without visiting 'Spike'. It will also factor into the desperation and potential reactions of travelers/ possible trespassers.

-Are you willing to kill someone because they want to cross your land? It is easy to think about a couple meth maggots who cut your fence but what about a Mom with two kids who really wants to get home and will not leave the front gate?

-What is your real ability to stop potential trespassers. Just as it is easy to see the moral clarity of our position it is easy to see how our plan will work as we intend it to. Assuming an armed threat or even shooting someone will end the matter is very idealistic.

As a final thought I do not have any clear or concise answers to these questions. Real world ethics questions are difficult because they live in complex shades of grey. It is interesting that people almost universally see the moral argument for THEIR perspective while somehow ignoring that any moral argument could exist on the other side.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Asshat Cop Who Beat Up Bartender Got Convicted

I don't know how this didn't get mentioned on the blog but from my search it doesn't seem it was. In any case I think we all remember the video of this huge douche bag kicking the hell of of a tiny female bartender. Well it has been awhile but they convicted this disgrace to his profession and humanity in general. The sentence can be between probation and 5 years. Not sure he deserves 5 years but a couple years to think about what he did would probably not be a bad thing. Even with probation he is pretty much fucked. Not a lot of options for someone with his job experience if they get convicted of a felony.

I mentioned this for two reasons. First because I am happy the ass hat seems to be getting what he so richly deserves. Second I just want everyone to realize that (at least sometimes) cops are held accountable for their actions. This is a very good thing. I know that cops tend to stick together and that is what it is. Given their dangerous job and the highly litigious way our society has gone in the last couple decades some of that can be understood if not excused. However when they grossly abuse police powers or generally act like a fucking fool and get away with it that is just not acceptable.

In this case the side of good seems to have won out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Staying Safe: People To Avoid

I had been meaning to write part 2 of this 3 part series (here is #1) for awhile but a conversation with a friend and that guy shooting the abortion doctor brought it to the front of my brain. In any case lets begin.

One interesting and fairly unpleasant aspect of our collective lifestyle is that it is strikingly similar to that of some seriously fringe elements of society. I think under almost every possible circumstance you would be best advised to give these folks a seriously wide berth. I am not your Momma so I won't even try to tell you who to be friends with but for those who want to stay out of prison here are some things to consider. Not saying these are absolute rules but they certainly might make good guidelines:

1. Avoid close relationships with people who habitually break the law. I'm not talking about someone who drives a bit fast or doesn't have car insurance or has user quantities of pot or whatever. We all have a dirt bag friend from back when we where kids or a pot smoking relative, whatever. I am talking about folks who make a habit of breaking serious laws.

2. Don't do anything (seriously) illegal no matter what others are doing (see #1). That is just about as simple as it sounds. The odds you will get hassled are greatly lowered if you don't break the law.

3. Even if you are ambivalent about a law don't break it because someone asks you to. Aside from the general risks associated with breaking the law you could potentially have bigger problems. Awhile back a guy names Randy was asked by an acquaintance to shorten the barrels on a couple of shotguns. To say it did not end well for him would be a huge understatement.

4. Keep in mind that the difference between a hypothetical conversation among friends over dinner and being an active member of a terrorist conspiracy is subjective. Subjective can go both ways in court. I you wouldn't want a conversation interpreted in that light by a courtroom full of people utterly devoid of humor it is probably best to talk about the Yankees instead.

5. Just food for thought. If you are somehow involved in a fringe organization or group you are putting a whole lot of eggs into a basket you are not carrying. Even if 19/20 people are peaceable law abiding and generally good folk one person going on a crime spree and you may well be in serious trouble.

6. If you didn't have enough good reasons already THESE PEOPLE ARE DANGEROUS. Simply put those who (for whatever reason) are willing to commit violent crimes don't just flip a normal switch and go back to their normal life. These things become a habit and pretty soon people can go from calm to deadly violent for no apparent reason. These people tend to be violent, highly paranoid, un trusting and can be generally unstable.

I didn't go into names and details on any specific groups or even generalities intentionally. First this is because it would require painting with a very broad brush and possibly offending some innocent folks. Second some of the names of these groups really encompass a whole spectrum of different groups (compare it to bikers vs organized crime on motorcycles) most of which are relatively benign so it wouldn't even be accurate. As individuals it is your responsibility to know if you are hanging out with an easy going bunch of folks who have some beliefs which are a bit outside the norm or a dangerous group of psychos.

Also avoid crack gangs and all manner of other habitual criminals.

Those were just my .02 on the matter.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is Impressive- Bad Ass of the Day

We are watching a show on MSNBC about inmates in prison. One inmate told a story about what he once did when in county jail. Another inmate was talking about molesting a bunch of kids through the vent. The first inmate ripped his toilet out of the wall, broke the glass by punching through and escape from his cell. He then drug the toilet down the tier to the molesters cell and started punching through the glass on that guys door in order to bash the guys head in with the toilet he drug from his cell. He was beating the guy with his toilet when the guards finally came.

He wins the bad ass award. He is infact so bad assed I just invented the award for him
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