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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Small Heaters; Kerosene or Propane?

I'm looking to purchase a small heater. It's uses would be as an alternate heating source for whatever events might come. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the Mr Buddy type propane heater with an adapter to connect to a 5 gallon propane bottle (instead of the tiny disposable bottles) or some sort of kerosene heater.

Propane has a slight edge as it's a fuel we already stock for the ambiguous Coleman stove and lantern plus BBQ. However the (admittedly one time) cost of 2 more bottles is a factor.

On the other hand Kerosene does not have that cost and it will work in our hurricane lantern as well as my multi fuel camping stoves. My folks had these heaters when I was a kid, both to add predictability to winter heating expenses and for emergencies. Generally they worked quite well though are more suited for occasional/ emergency use than several hours a day all winter long.

Open to your thoughts before making a purchase.

As always please separate input based on personal experiences from 3rd hand and internet type stuff. Thanks

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Sorts of Things

Well it looks like the Colt ACE Conversion Kit has a buyer. A fellow got in contact with me about trading. After some discussion (it takes awhile to narrow down potential trades to stuff a person wants) we came to a deal. I will be getting a used Streamlight TLR-1 and a set of pretty nice soft body armor with a plate for the front. A pistol light was high on my list and the vest wasn't exactly in my plans but it is a good thing to have around. The great thing about trades is that nobody is out any money, which is tight everywhere, and both parties can trade stuff they are not using for stuff they can use.

I fired up the Coleman propane stove with one of the big canisters as a test run. For whatever reason it wouldn't work with one hose but after realizing we had multiple sets I just swapped it out. The In Laws probably had 3 of the sets that let you run a propane Coleman stove and lantern off a big refillable canister. The one that worked was put away with the stove in the box. More testing or research than I am willing to do would have to take place to really know but I suspect one of those BBQ sized propane bottles would run a Coleman stove for a really long time.

Continuing on our trek towards getting rid of all the unused and unneeded stuff in our lives called minimalism we have sold 2 strollers and a coffee table. Another stroller should get sold tomorrow. We started organizing all of Walkers old clothes. Some sentimental stuff as well as a small set of things in each size will be kept but the remainder (far more than our kid wore) will be sold. The money will go towards purchasing things we need or want for kiddo #2.

Yesterday I made some pretty good corn bread. It was the normal recipe plus a bit more than half a jalapeno and a 1/2 cup of cheese. It definitely brought some life to an otherwise average side dish. We will do it again.

Survival Blog mentioned that Walmart is going to be selling Savage pump shotguns for $169 on black Friday. I am a Remington/ Mossberg guy but if you need a shotgun this is a heck of a deal for a new shotgun in a viable defensive configuration.

Our friends at Camping Survival did a video on long term coffee storage.

Check out the 10 Most Memorable Fictional Survivalists.

Anyway that is what's going on here.

Monday, November 12, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a pretty solid week here. Exercise was solidly on pace with 3 runs, 2 lifts and 1 body weight/  lame Army PT session before getting sick. I fiddled with some gear which was good. Did some dry fire drills which are always a positive thing. Did some testing of the solar charger which turned out pretty good. Oh yeah and I purchased 2 BBQ sized propane bottles.

Between getting sick and recovering we pretty much lost the whole weekend which kinda hurt some efforts. However we are pretty much back to normal so that is good.

In terms of material stuff it was a great week. Ordered a year's worth (x1 pax or 4 mos x3) of grains and lentils, 40 pounds of rice and sugar as well as some oatmeal. Project AR Upgrade got some love too with a VTAC Surefire light and mount combo and a VTAC sling to go along with it.

Survivalist Charlie got me now I'm broke so next weeks plans include the usual dry fire and PT (3 lifts, 3 runs, 2 rucks and at least 2 APFT oriented body weight sessions) as well as a contest brought to you by our new but good friends at Camping Survival. If things work out I will look over our kits again and go through the 'go food' as well as testing out some cooking options. We *should* have the right connectors to run our Coleman propane stuff off the big BBQ bottles from the stuff we got from the in laws but well that is why we test things. Also I am still fiddling with the Sun Oven and Solo Stove.

Some good stuff if I do say coming up  so myself. What did you do to prepare this week?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

We did some garage saleing. I got a great deal on a hardigg foot locker. Also got a nice barely used BBQ for free and a propane tank to make it work. Looking forward to firing it up and doing some grilling. We have a charcoal one but the turn around time is such that we don't use it much. For gas I can just fire it up and cook dogs or burgers or whatever. I picked up some new boots to replace the aging and not pretty enough to wear every day at work ones I was wearing. Once I have worn them for awhile I will do a review.

Also we put together a car kit for kiddo. Clothes, sleeping stuff, some food, a cup, bowl and spoon. I am generally not too worried about that stuff as we stick close to home but A) kiddo manages to get dirty in the most suprising places/ ways and B) a minor annoyance for us is a big deal for him.
I have scaled back lifting to twice a week and am putting more energy into conditioning and endurance. I put on a ruck for the first time in awhile and while I wasn't as fast as I have been it wasn't terrible. Will make sure to keep that as a weekly thing for the foreseeable future. All in all a pretty good week here.

Next week I am going to try and order some stuff. Also if the sun comes out I want to test out the solar charger.
What did you do to prepare this week?
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