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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Quote of the Day

Me- "Honey, Tuesday I might be able to get Krystal."
Wifey- "What about Crystal?" in a not very happy tone.
Me- "I might be able to get Krystal"
I am confused about why she is visibly aggitated.
Seeing the disconnect.
Me- "Honey, you remember the place with the little sliders?"
Wifey- "Oh ok. I hadn't thought of that place in a long time and thought maybe you were trying to do that thing where a person slips something into a conversation so they could say it had been mentioned."

I get where she was coming from. If she had said "Tuesday I might be able to get Jim" I would have been confused myself.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013

Well it is Veterans Day. Last night was pretty crazy in an adult way. By an adult way I mean Walker was coughing like crazy so he woke up very sad approximately 5 times. Princess woke up her usual amount of times AND when she was arisen by Walker's coughing/ crying. It's interesting that kids will scream to wake you up in order to say hello but absolutely hate when anyone wakes them up.

Today was Wifey's sleep in day (the day before was mine) so I had the kids this morning. We hung out and did our usual thing. Cooked some bacon and eggs on the cast iron frying pan. Eventually we got moving to Lake Charles to take care of several things. Ran some errands which needed running. Wifey wanted to go to Hobby Lobby so we went there. Interestingly also Walker has really wanted to go to "Hobbby Wobby" for reasons we are not clear on. He'd never been to one before so maybe he liked the name or it looked like a cool store or something.

Wifey had a great time checking out all the home decor stuff. She wants to re purpose a mirror we got for free and make a blanket for Princess. Good wholesome stuff. Eventually after considering different fabric's and paints n such we were ready to leave.

Personally I think our financial way forward is to open a sports bar gently veiled as a restaurant of some sort next to a hobby lobby (so kids, who are inevitably being watched by the guy while the gal shops, can hang out). There will be several TV's with all the games on as well as a big play place with video games, lego's as well as crayons with paper n such. There will be also be a gratis popcorn machine.The special will be a kids meal (or 2) and a pitcher of draft beer.

We went to lunch at  O'Charleys in Lake Charles more out of location and happen stance than anything else. When we were seated they asked if anyone was a veteran so I truthfully said yes. They offered 25% off the prime rib dinner or anything on the 9.99 page of the menu (that had a variety of nice offerings, a small steak, several chicken meals, a pot pie, fish and shrimp, etc) which was nice. I had the fish and shrimp which was quite good. We didn't plan anything around me getting a free meal but it was an unexpected surprise I was not going to turn down. The service was awesome, the food was great and it was quick which is nice with little ones. Overall the restaurant was way above the 'casual dining' bar while the atmosphere was still relaxed so it is a place we would definitely eat at again.

Next we went to Sam's Club. We got a whole lot of meat; 10 pounds or so each burger, chicken breasts, n pork chops as well as 2 whole chickens, 6# bacon and 4# sausage since we are doing the low carb thing. Depending on how we meal plan it's probably 3 weeks or so of meat. That stuff isn't so much preparedness food as trying to get the best deal on our everyday chow as is practical to make the cost of being low carb more reasonable. Honestly right now we have about as much meat in the deep freeze as I feel comfortable having without a backup generator and fuel to keep it cold for a month long disaster.

We also purchased a bunch of shelf stable stuff the kids like. Some pre packaged meals, fruit cups n such. Half will go for normal use to cover those times we cannot get home for a meal but do not really want to stop and the other half will get cached. Walker is at the age where he can biologically eat anything I do but anyone who has kids knows it doesn't quite work that way. However he will eat crackers and fruit cups so for a fairly short term plan stocking those make sense. Worst case they let us help transition him to other foods if things get really bad.

Got a big bag o disposable diapers for Princess. Since she usually wears cloth they are for the times Wifey has not got to laundry yet (it happens) or emergencies. 

Not much Veterans Day stuff going on here. Really it was just a bonus extra Sunday. Do not feel like rambling on about service and sacrifice and all that though I did a good one a couple years back. Honestly I am at the point in my life and service where this day can be whatever I want it to be. If anyone says I should do something else they will be throat punched.

Time for me to go to bed. Hope you all had a good Veterans Day.

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