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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Great Book and a Terrible Light

I have been reading Max Velocity's new book Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises. I am very impressed, the book is downright awesome. Will do a full review but to save you some time just buy it. Onto a less pleasant subject.

The LED Lenser P3 AFS flashlight I have been carrying around. I didn't link to it because somebody might not read this carefully and end up buying this piece of junk. I got the small 1 AAA version which in fairness may be part of the problem.

The only nice things I have to say about this product are that it is small and looks like it's well made. However looks can be deceiving.  This light has a lot of show and very little go. Maybe if they put a bit more energy into making the light actually work instead of making it look like a quality product this review would be different.

The run time could be measured in seconds. Also the darn thing will just run out of batteries spontaneously without even being used. Can't count how many times I have grabbed it to use and found it dead. There are more problems.

The pocket clip has fallen off leaving it floating in my pocket. The darn adjustable front piece somehow worked its way off once. Basically pieces fall off the darn thing randomly.

I would use it as a backup but since it (even turned off) goes through batteries like Charley Sheen through coke and hookers it wouldn't even work to live in the glove box of a car or something.

My expectations would be very different if it was a $15 light but it isn't. This piece of junk cost me about $40 (can't remember exactly) which puts it in range of a lot of many Streamlight and a couple Surefire offerings. Offerings I should have purchased instead. At this price point for a stupid flashlight it should frickin work.

Can't say everything made by these folks sucks thought I will be avoiding it all. In any case I can say the LED Lenser P3 AFS definitely sucks a lot. This is a firm do not buy.

Does anybody have a smallish flashlight with a pocket clip they have been using for awhile that actually works? In a perfect world if would be reasonably affordable.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Safely Back in the PNW

I am drinking a cup of coffee and catching up with the In Laws at their place. Finally after a couple long travel days we are back in the PNW. Expect a lot of product reviews and stuff about shooting or other talk about generally awesome things. Also it will be a lot easier to communicate with folks since we are back in the same timezone.

Full post tonight on something or another. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Thoughts # Whatever

To rehash a valid topic. It is very difficult to substantially change your current spending patterns unless there is some sort of event forcing you to do so. Most folks like what they spend their money on. [Or if you are married at least one partner does; you might think it is fine to ditch the wife's pet cable tv and hobbies and she might think you could cut back on beer and smokes and preps but I digress] It really sucks to stop doing things you like to do and adjust your lifestyle downward so most folks won't do it if they have a choice, heck a lot of folks won't do it if they really don't have a choice.
The thing is that it is much easier to make intentional choices about new money because you are not used to having it. Money that has not been part of your operating budget, be it additional income or a windfall, is a great opportunity to make good choices. We have hit on this before talking about becoming debt free. The short rehashing is that I got promoted and started making significantly (for us anyway) more money. If memory serves me correctly we put about 85% of this new money toward becoming debt free. Between this and what we were paying before we were making adiditional payment of about 200% a month. We did this for right around a year and got it paid off, instead of making minimum payments for two extra years.

I was recently reminded that folks who choose to make stupid decisions, in this case financially, will do so even if their situation is improving. It is really hard to outearn stupid financial choices if you increase your poor decision making when more money comes in.
Awhile I saw a review on Survival blog of Grip Pods. They are a pretty cool piece of gear. Basically it is a forward vertical grip that, if you hit a button on the top, has a bipod that pops out. I have one of these things. Slaps right onto a standard rail. They are pretty darn tough. I have seen a few break but that doesn't mean anything. If you gave every enlisted Infantrymen (Not NCO's, or O's) each a brick and a bowling ball a bunch would get broken and it doesn't mean they are not sturdy objects, just that Infantrymen break things like nobody else. These things aren't beefy enough to use during buddy rushes and whatnot like the bipod on a machine gun, though I have seen those break too. It looks like they cost between $80-100ish. More than about $110ish would definitely be overpaying. If you like to run a strait vertical grip and think a bipod might be handy sometimes it is worth looking into. If they are worth it I would say maybe (didn't pay for mine;). A quick search of the web says vertical foregrips from names I recognized tend to be $50-80ish. Another 20-30 bucks for that foregrip to have a bipod isn't a bad deal really.

Over the past year I have been shocked and saddened by things public officials I grew up trusting have done. In any case the amount of times I have thought "I would do something terrible to that person" have been on the rise. Maybe it is a change in the news cycle or particularly the democratization of information via the web and particularly the drudge report, I don't know. I get that in any bunch there are always a few bad apples. If you have enough bad apples there is always something bad going on. (Example, an Infantry Battalion has somewhere around 700 soldiers, depending on its configuration, of that probably 450-500 are young men between 18 and 23ish. Prime age to drink way too much and do stupid things. On any given weekend at least one will get into a fight, another will use drugs, and another will commit some other crime. Almost always at least one of them will get caught. So saying that a Battalion has a problem because every weekend somebody gets in trouble is while accurate, misleading. Saying that 1 in 700 soldiers got arrested looks very different.] That being said it seems like these sort of events are on the rise.
This saddens me and means I need to relook how different groups may act in various circumstances. It is worth noting that local conditions matter the most. Look at your local laws, culture and recent events. These should tell the tale. I hate to rain on the tin foil hat folks conspiracy theories; however the odds of your local deputy sheriff/ policemen/ dog cater/ zoning inspector/ health department getting into your business are far higher than a SWAT team from a federal alphabet agency taking down the door at 3 am. The importance of living in a place that doesn't suck may not be possible to overrate.
Anyway that is about all I can think

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have got a lot of time to kill today. On the bright side there happens to be a laptop with an external hard drive full of DVD's here so at least I have some entertainment. Just got finished watching the A Team. As I am trying to multi task and get some posts written for a future time I am away you are going to get a review. Anyway here we go.

The Good: It was an enjoyable movie. Maybe I am a sucker for action movies but it was entertaining. Plenty of action, some funny lines, explosions and of course a really sweet van. You would probably enjoy it also. I think it also lead to some interesting thoughts. I think people who live certain kinds of lives would be well advised to have some sort of contingency plans. As noted in a previous post sometimes bad things happen to good people. Having a plan is a darn good start. Of course you need to consider what sort of scenario you might fall into. For instance I know a guy who knew a guy that happened to unintentionally (he got ripped off and had their stuff) for a bunch of drugs. He moved a thousand miles the next day and didn't tell anybody. The guys who were unhappy with him would certainly kill him if he came back and was having beers at a local establishment but if he stays gone he is fine. Other situations may be more complicated particularly of the individuals you are making unhappy happen to have access to digital databases and or legitimate legal status. Regardless having a stash of cash would really help the situation. It certainly won't solve all your problems but some greenbacks will help. A bag you would be happy living out of for awhile and a handgun could be sound ideas also. That way you at least have time to make a plan. Someone into some really crazy shit might want to consider some sort of alternate identification though that is illegal and I would never suggest it. If that ID happened to have a vehicle which is properly registered vehicle in it's name that would really be a start. Unless you are the FBI top 10 or some sort of elite paramilitary organization is after you that will probably be sufficient. The idea of moving to a whole different place might be daunting but in some situations it could be the only really valid idea. While it is the basis of many a good action movie killing all sorts of people, blowing things up and redeaming yourself through revengs is a great movie. In real life if you can manage to get clear of things, maybe as John Smith and find a boring job and build a new modest life you are doing great.

Also the movie had Jessica Biel which is always nice.

The Bad: At a few points the movie was downright cheesy and rediculous. I found myself thinking 'this is just stupid' more than once.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly. It is what it is. A fun action movie with some cheesy parts.

Your wife will probably not like it but it is good for a night with the buddies.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Site Review: The Survivalist Blog by M.D. Creekmoore

Today I will be the Survivalist Blog by MD Creekmoore. This is sort of a new feature here. Now that the idea is in my head it might be a fun way to introduct readers to cool new blogs I stumble into. In any case M.D. asked for reviews. Also I can use some link love, am short on ideas and would like to win a cool looking free knife.

This is also a good time for me to to appologize to MD. For the longest time, and I have no idea why, I thought his last name was Creedmoore. I just noticed one day it was a k not a d and the name made a lot more sense. Unfortunately since Creedmore is how I tagged his stuff in blogger early on I am going to have to continue using that tag though I added one with his actual last name. Anyway buddy I am sorry.

I will review the site just like I review everything else.

The Good:
I love that M.D. really 'walks the walk'. Lots of folks talk about all kinds of things but the ones who get out and do what they talk about have a special place in my book. He lives off grid on paid off land in a travel trailer, cooks simply and grows/ harvests a lot of his food. The blog is chock full of Survival Tips. The guy is always trapping something or finding a novel way to do cool things in an affordable way. He has, uses and talks about all sorts of traditional country living type skills which are rapidly slipping away from common knowledge. He is sorta like a redneck McGuyver; which if you knew me in real life you would know is a heck of a compliment.

I also enjoy that M.D is willing to try new things and isn't dead set on using any particular equipment, gear or whatnot. He is regularly getting a new piece of gear or trying some new or novel thing and writing about it. This gives me all kinds of new ideas to impliment or file away. It also keeps me informed on stuff that probably isn't worth my time and money.

Enough with the buttering up. It is nice to tell people what they are great at but we learn a lot more from failures than successes. This is why competitors are hungry and champions can get complacent. It is also why a team that is great for a few years can all of a sudden suck. This is also the reason that I am going to talk more about what I think could be improved than what I think is going well. Onto the bad and the ugly. Survival Tips : The Survivalist Blog

The Bad:
Posting can at times be really sporatic. I check the site most every morning and regularly am dissapointed at the lack of a new post. I am unsure why this is because I am sure MD has plenty of great ideas and imagine he has the time. Also the amount of link posts, polls as posts, etc is a bit high. Of cource not every post can be a home run but there are an aweful lot of bunts. There might be two posts in a week, one of which is a link to one selected news article from drudge and another from yahoo.

The Ugly:
At times there is some definite classist stuff. Sporatic 'everyone who makes more money or has nicer stuff than I do is a yuppy' type stuff. I am unsure if it is envy or just a sarcastic sense of humor or maybe a desire to set a sharp contrast from another blog which will go unnamed. That flows well into the next ugly part.The ratio of drama is kind of high. Mostly it is readers in the comments section but when a blogger has settings to approve comments and he approves one bashing somebody else he is at least tacitly supporting it. I am not saying that I or anyone are perfect but there can definitely be drama in and around Survivalist Blog.

In closing I would like to say that I really enjoy Survivalist Blog. The negatives are far outweighed by the positives. I am consistently informed and or entertained by reading it. Sometimes there are posts that can awesomely combine useful ideas with sharp and witty humor like Build A Arsenal You Can Be Proud Of. It is truly a post that I wish I had written myself. Anyway I read his blog and if you haven't yet you should check it out.
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