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Monday, March 16, 2015

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

-Ordered a stripped AR-15 lower.

-Purchased a second mag for the Ruger LCP.

-Typed up our pantry inventory. I need to print it out and keep it on a clip board in the kitchen.

-Did some reading ham stuff.

-Cranking the miles out decently with some soreness but no joint issues. Am at 20 miles so far for the month and given that last month was 27 total that is good. My goal this month is between 35 and 40. I would like to progress over another month or two and end up in the 45-55 mile range. We'll see what happens.

-Reading Tales of the Stake Out Squad. Pretty interesting story about a unique time period.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Running, Rifles and Different Things

Last month I only ran 27 miles. An improvement over the last months 22 but not ideal. I started out too hard to be honest. Did 18 miles in the first 12 or 13 days then hurt my knee. Maybe I pushed it too hard (I know I did) ignoring the standard 10% rule. I could have fudged it some since Feb was kind of a slow month but still. I got a little over exuberant I guess. For about a week I think I ran 2 miles as I was hurting. A reminder that I'm not 21 any more and even though I'm far from over the hill there are a lot of miles on my body. So finished up the short month at 27 which wasn't terrible. Would have made my (adjusted) goal of 30 but family stuff got in the way.

This months goal is at least 35, if I feel good It's a total of running and rucking so it's not too bad. This morning I did 4.5. A target of 9-10 a week will give me a little buffer in case things fall short at some point.

Alexander Wolfe posted a pic of his sweet new AR-15. Very cool stuff. While we did some things differently with me opting for a standard weight barrel and a variable powered scope and him for a light weight barrel and an Aimpoint micro it is a nice rifle and I hope it serves him well.

This weeks plans are to do some research on a decent defensive .380 load, keep reading the ham radio book and do a few things towards the food storage record keeping. Also I'll look to put together a set of stuff for the saw and generator to keep them together in a big tuff box.

What are your plans for next week?

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Watched the Super Bowl. Was semi interested as the Seahawks were playing and it was a fine excuse to do nothing all day, have early cocktails on Sunday and appetizers for dinner. It was good till the end which sucked. Why would you pass on 3rd and 1? At least give the run a shot then go for the hail marry. Doubly so when you heck a beast of a power running back who could probably push a semi truck 1 measly yard. That sucked.

Looked at my blog stats and for some weird reason Trimming Things Down- EAA Bounty Hunter SS 12 Gauge Sold got a bunch of hits. Why I really don't know. Definitely glad I sold that shotgun. It just didn't make much sense as a practical weapon unless I was in a place (like most of Europe) where I couldn't have a pump shotgun. If that was the case I would have 3 or more double barrel shotguns with auto ejectors that worked and the most practical rifle I could own. Anyway....

For my foreseeable future I will confine the shotgun collection to various 870's and single shot New England/ H&R 12 gauges. That being said I am good to go on shotguns. Presuming things stay more or less normal I have, at least in pencil, planned my next 2 years gun purchases. This year I will build some sort of AR, buy some ammo and just maybe get another pistol (either a little .380 or another Glock to put away) or .22 rifle and of course ammo. Next year I would like to acquire some sort of semi auto mag fed .308 and whichever of the pistol or .22 rifle didn't get purchased this year. The only real exception I can see would be if a pretty good deal on an H&R singe shot or plane jane  Maverick 88/ Mossberg 500A fell into my lap.

The option I wanted to work for the Kahr was a bust. I did some thinking and realized the 642 was where my energy, along the deep concealment line of effort, needed to go. They are a very traditional deep concealment/ pocket carry handgun so it SHOULD work. Looking back at Alexander Wolfe's Snub Nose Round Up I decided to try a Safariland pocket holster. Also wanted to have a real quality IWB leather holster. Thankfully to help get this out of the conceptual phase I happened to have an amazon gift card. I figured why not. Those two holsters will show up soon enough. I really hope this will crack the code on my problem.

Something fell into my lap that I had to jump on. It was a smoking deal on for an ever so slightly used piece of professional grade hardware at 50-60% of retail price. Not sure exactly where that will land so I'm going to stay quiet about specifics. I had planned to purchase a case of .223/5.56 soon but that is going to get bumped down the road a couple months.

Last month I ran/ rucked 22 miles. That was not good. In February I want to focus on moving more, do better, and be closer to 35 or maybe 40 miles.

Anyway that is about all I can think of to talk about.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Born to Run

Awhile back I watched the video Born to Run. It got me really thinking about how I run and why I do it that way. Was talking about it with a co worker who had similar aspirations. Providentially a third co worker walked by and said Newton Running shoes were a good way to transition. He had a couple pair of older ones and would bring em in. I ended up with a pair that fit pretty good. That sort of gave me a good reason to start transitioning. They have some padding and 'lugs' that pretty much force you to run correctly.

Ended up making the transition to the Newtons. I was pretty cautious. Started with a 5 minute warm up, a 5 minute run and then a 5 minute cool down. Every run I added a minute. Did not run in them on consecutive days. Felt some minor tendon and muscle discomfort getting to a new pattern of running.Overall it went pretty good. Toward the end when I could run for 20+ minutes I got a little over confident and tried to go strait to using them all the time (instead of every other normal run or something) which led to some soreness and discomfort. Eased back for a couple more weeks then went to using them unless I got sore at which point I would ease off for a day or two.

Now that I have transitioned running is a lot better. I do not feel the pounding or occasional after the fact joint/ bone pain anymore. The health benefits were a significant consideration in this transition for me. I am still relatively young and healthy but years of activity are starting to show. Now side from newly worked muscles getting sore  there is no pain or impact involved in running.

Now approximately 3 months later I am fully transitioned to the Newtons. Am looking to start moving to a true minimalist (no heal rise or padding) shoe. Plan to use the same basic process except to stay smart through the last third.

I am also doing a little bit of totally barefoot running. Since that is off work it gets a lot less attention and priority.

This transition has benefited me and I think could benefit you also.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What Have You Done Lately To Prepare?

In recent weeks this has fallen off so I want to play catch up. Lost some weight which was good. My fitness level has dropped due to field time but it'll come back. Goes to show as a reminder that you lose weight at the table and get fit on the track/ at the gym. I'm trying to focus on a good consistent diet to lose another 10 pounds.

Going to try to implement record keeping for running from here forward. Did 3 miles this morning. A half mile out, a 1m(ile), .75m, .5m, .25m 'sprint' workout then a half mile back.

Was supposed to take a sweet pistol class awhile back but unfortunately work crapped all over that dream. It's not like I talked to my boss 4 months out before booking or anything, oh wait a second I did. Was really depressed about it for a few days but what can ya do. On the plus side I've still got the case of 9mm ammo set aside for whenever I do make it to one. The guy was cool about the whole thing and even though it was just a week out he gave me a full refund. Since it won't work to try anything again for awhile I'll probably put the refund into a case of 62 grain M855 5.56 ammo.

Also on the plus side I ordered a new pocket knife, an Al Mar Eagle HD. My concept of use is for a light EDC blade to do basic tasks and I suppose if needed go all Singer Sewing Machine on somebody. A light, thin knife with a full 4" blade seems like it'll fit the niche well.

Picked up a couple extra stainless steel water bottles recently. Got tired of moving em around. Now I have one to carry, one in my assault pack/ bail out bag/ get home bag, and one in each of our BOB's. Kind of along these lines I have finally unified my military and personal survival level 2.5 systems into one. The full on level 3 entertainment system is a bit more complicated due to different needs and work mandated color schemes. Anyway it's a good exercise to work through.

So that is what I have been up to in terms of preparedness lately. What have you been up to?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quote of the Day and Fitness Reminder

"The most important thing you can do as a patriot in this country is get your butt in shape"
-David AKA SouthernPrepper1

People grossly underestimate the physical demands of combat and true 18th- 19th century living. No going to a cool guy class on a flat 25 meter range or having a few chickens and a small garden are not just about the same thing. Cutting your own wood with a chainsaw, hauling it in a truck then splitting it with a hydraulic splitter is not the same thing.

This serious mistake is compounded by the fact that fitness is a genuine slow cooker concept. Think of it like cooking with a crock pot. If dinner isn't in by 10 you aren't eating it at 6. It takes hours and there is no crank the oven up to 500 and cut off the burned parts option. Should you mess up and stick it into the oven at 2 dinner will be at 10pm. There is just no way around it.

Key to crock pots and physical fitness are patience. That chicken is going to take hours to go from frozen to wonderfully cooked. You didn't get into whatever condition you are currently in overnight and you won't get out of it overnight either. It's going to take between a couple months and a year or two depending on where you are and where you want to go with the variable of how much you are willing/ able to work in the middle. Obviously going from a morbidly obese couch potato to the fitness level of a collegiate athlete or JSOC Jedi will take a really like time. For a reasonably healthy person ditching a 20 pound spare tire, building up to running a decent 5k/ road marching a decent 10k and putting on some muscle might be more of a 4 month thing. 

The point is to get started now.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Concealed Carry While Running

I received a question about carrying a gun while running today.

Carrying while running is reasonable and prudent but you have got to be realistic about what it will be.  A compact or subcompact pistol of a fairly light flavor like the various aluminum/ titanium/ whatever or polymer gun will carry pretty well. A full sized steel pistol, specially a big N frame is not going to carry well for running. Also a lethargic 2 miler around the neighborhood/ lake is different from 5 or 10k or even longer, especially if you are concerned about speed.

There are lots of options out there and I have not bought then tried them all. I immediately discounted anything on the waist or in the crotch. Also a shirt which the gun is held with Velcro into does not seem like a good option. Suppose a light gun in a fanny pack might work but haven't tried it.

I have carried running in two ways: a camel back and a hill people gear kit bag. Can talk about each of them.

The camel back I used is one of the ones with a couple pouches on top of the bladder compartment. I think it is the MULE but am not sure. The gun I carried was a little lightweight .38. It carried very well. I like to have water for longer runs and I didn't notice the bit of extra weight from the gun. The downside is that it is not at all close to a quick draw. You would have to take it off 1 shoulder, pull it around to the front then unzip the pouch.

The Hill People Gear kit bag is another option I have tried. It's review is overdue but basically it is a chest rig that instead of having a mag pouches has a bag with a main compartment, a smaller front pouch and a dedicated pouch to carry a handgun. I like this option a lot. Packed properly for running (pretty light) and adjusted properly it is pretty comfortable, especially if you are used to wearing chest rigs. Not as comfortable as slipping it into a pouch on the camel back but still quite acceptable. The up side is that the weapon is safely on your torso and the draw is pretty decent. Far better than fumbling around with something on your back. Personally I hook the kit bag (they call it docking) to my camel back for I go trail running. In the kit bag there is a pistol (either an airweight .38 or Glock 19), a reload, a knife, a lighter and some other similar items.

Anyway that is what I have tried and how it has worked. If you carry a gun while running, especially one of the non uuber tiny .22/ .25/ Kel Tech .32/ .380 type variety please share how you do it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Food and Fitness

Too many folks are doing a lot of reading and blogging and discussing but not enough DOING.

Food and fitness are the two primary areas people tend to fail in at the most basic level. For goodness sake do something to improve your situation.

Food is easy. We could go at it from a lot of angles but at the most basic level just buy a little bit more of the stuff you regularly eat on each shopping trip. I am talking about shelf stable stuff like dried pasta and sauce, beans, rice, pancake mix, Bisquick, peanut butter and jelly and various canned goods. We will touch on money later but if you can't manage to squeeze five or ten bucks of extra stuff into the budget per shopping trip I recommend looking at your life. If you have some more money and want to stash away some canned staples or emergency food then all the better. I care less how you do it so long as you are doing it. The point is simply that you need to be putting back food in case something happens that disrupts the supply chain.

Fitness is something way too many folks miss. I split off my fitness efforts into another blog because folks would rather talk about other things here. How folks think the world is going to collapse and they are going to be doing all this stuff but lack of fitness will not come into play baffles me. There are way more situations where you will need fitness than cool rifles and emergency food. Sort of like food getting started in any way is a good thing. Eat a bit better and do more exercise. Lift and run or do crossfit, man aerobics or whatever. Heck just go for walks. Doing anything will improve your situation.

In the context we are talking about finances are not that hard either. Avoid debt for obvious reasons. Do some thinking and educate yourself about what is happening and historical comparisons. The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by FerFal is a bit pricey but has some great info. It's writer has actually lived through an economic collapse which is a lot more than most other folks can say. 
If you have some money that isn't doing anything right now you might want to think about what to do with it. Putting a portion of it into precious metals and emergency food could be a good way to go. 

It is easy to put too much money into firearms.  Most guys who are into preparedness like guns and it's easy to get canalized into stuff one likes. However if you are objectively short on .38 ammo for the nightstand revolver or buckshot for the scatter gun then do something about it. I like a lot of ammo but even the tightest budget will let you put back at least a couple hundred rounds per gun with a bit of dedication and some planning.

Get out and do something! Exercise and stash some food. Look at your money situation and if you need it some ammo. The bottom line is that unless your butt and gut are getting smaller and the pantry is getting filled you are not actually becoming more prepared. A little bit of knowledge put into action is a whole lot better than a bunch of knowledge which you do nothing with.

Monday, October 8, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Half the week was burned up driving across the western half of the US. With the rest I inventoried ammo and magazines as well as putting together some go boxes. Also picked up a mag pouch and 3 boxes of 30-30 ammo.

Working to get my diet dialed in now that leave and the road trip is done. Also starting running here which is pretty rough due to the elevation. I will get used to it but may take a couple weeks or a month.

Anyway that is what I have been up to this week.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rucking Fun

Did another 4 today. Not really fast but under 15 minute miles. That puts me at 24.5 miles for the month. As it is the 20th making 50 is not looking good. Oh well.

At this point I am not writing this for anybody else exactly; though it might be a good checkup for you guys. I do it just because it is just an easy way for me to keep track.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughts and Mosby on Physical Fitness

John Mosby wrote about physical fitness awhile back. He starts with a great quote "It's gotta be a man thing. Every guy I know thinks he's in shape. It doesn't matter if he weighs 245, with 27% bodyfat, and the only "athletic" activity in his life is performing 12oz curls while watching NASCAR, motherfucker is convinced he's an Olympic-caliber athlete." 

Please read his post in it's entirety before continuing.

Two sayings guide my thoughts on physical fitness: "There is no such thing as being too strong, only too slow" and "I don't want  to be the biggest guy, the strongest guy or the fastest guy, but I want to be big and strong and fast." 

Now onto some fundamental thoughts:

On General Physical Preparation vs Sport (or whatever) specific training. If you want to be in shape you will lift heavy things, move your body and do vigorous cardiovascular activity with some core and flexibility stuff to protect you and eat well.  This is the same for a guy who just wants to be healthy, a kid trying to perform better at a sport, a soldier who wants to be fit, whatever.

Aside from the same basic playbook everybody who wants to be healthy and athletic should use there are of course considerations for your specific goals. A runner needs to train towards their goals. A football player probably wants to get big/ strong and capable of short bursts of speed. A wrestler or MMA guy wants to be strong, but not necessarily bigger with a ridiculous cardio base. For each of these goals slightly different training is required. However it is a lot less different than you would think. The football player and wrestler should both lift heavy but football boy should be eating more (to grow) and doing lots of sprints while the wrestler will eat less (to not grow too much) and do more longer duration cardio.

Think of it like a bread recipe. To make any basic bread you will need yeast, flour, salt and some other stuff. One recipe might use all wheat flour and another some white, you may or may not add honey, cinnamon or raisins depending on if it is a breakfast bread or whatever. My point (and I know it is an over simplification of baking) is that things do not really change all that much. A little tweak will get the results you need without messing up the whole thing. Adding a dozen eggs or omitting a key ingredient like flour will just result in a big nasty mess.

Also it is worth briefly revisiting the concept of a point of diminished returns. This is a point in time/ place where you will either get less progress out of something, or the progress is less meaningful.

This is significant because we only have so much time. If we choose to free up 10 hours a week to exercise it is important to use them intelligently. Putting lots of time into improving a capability that is already past the threshold of practical utility does not make sense. For example, it is highly unlikely that the difference between a 45 minute 10k and a 40 minute 10k or the difference between a 500 pound dead lift and a 600 pound dead lift will really matter. The skinny runner guy probably needs to put some energy into other things and so does the gym rat.  

To some specific thoughts on John Mosby's post.

When it comes to finding time to work out it is just like anything else, you make choices. To get off work and spend a couple hours at the bar, have dinner and watch TV until it is time to go to sleep is a choice. Spending 4 hours a day on the internet is a choice. You get the drift. Also it helps to come at the problem from a positive standpoint "I am going to work out 4x a week, when does it best fit into my life?" than a negative one "I am too busy to work out."

I do not disagree that absolute strength (the sheer ability to move a given amount of weight) is important but do think relative strength (strength to weight) is important. I think it is important for a couple of reasons.

Strength to weight is what lets you move yourself and your body. If you can chin 200 pounds but weigh 250 you are sucking. If you can chin 200 but weight 150 that means you have a decent shot at getting your body, armor, kit and weapon over obstacles.

It also has value as a way to assess ourselves (and develop group standards). Relative strength lets you more accurately measure strength and develop meaningful standards than absolute strength. A guy who weighs 150 pounds that presses 275 and squats 375 is pretty much jacked while a 200 pound dude who does the same is kind of average (for a guy who lifts) and a 250 pounder who does the same is behind the power curve. Conversely if you use absolute strength to develop standards it just doesn't work. Our 150 pound dude could be a serious competitive power lifter and not meet the sort of standards that average lifters in any gym 40-60+ pounds heavier can do with ease.

Personally I see 3 reasons to do isolated single joint type exercises. The first is body building. As a brief sidebar body builders lift weights, typically doing lots of isolated single joint exercises to develop their physiques to have bigger more shapely muscles. Olympic and power lifters lift weights to get stronger on a given set of lifts. Body building is all about show and power lifting (or oly) is all about the go. Body building is not particularly useful in terms of performance (Though a body builder is going to be much stronger than most folks simply because he actually lifts weights regularly, even if it is in pursuit of a given look instead of performance.) and I see no reason to discuss it further.

The second is rehab/ prehab. If doing a circuit of shoulder exercises lets you stay in the gym then doing them is a no brainer. Ditto for other body parts (typically knees). Also one could make a good case for training areas like the neck which are prone to injury. Sometimes, especially if you are lifting heavy and have old injuries, it is smart to get ahead of these things and do them before you have a serious injury AKA prehab. The last  reason to do isolated single joint exercises is to support or aid in the big exercises. Maybe you hit a wall on bench press so you start doing tricep extensions or shrugs to help with the lock out on dead lift or whatever.

It is still important to keep the small exercises in their place. Jim Wendler who is well, really big and strong, has a saying "majoring in the minors" about folks who give too much attention to the far less important little lifts. You do not get big and strong by doing reverse cable tricep extensions and calf raises; you get big and strong by pressing and squatting.

 As to farm work for fitness John pretty much nails it. If you do a serious physical job (I'm talking stone mason, blacksmith, laborer who lifts heavy things all day, etc) then maybe less effort needs to be devoted to strength but it is still not an end point in fitness.

Some closing thoughts:

Start slow and easy then build up progressively in terms of speed/load/distance. You didn't get fat and out of shape in a day so don't expect to fix it in a day either. Exercise should be challenging but there is a fine line between hard and stupid. Trying to run or ruck 50 miles this month when you haven't covered that distance in the last 6 months would be stupid. Going from 0 to running/ rucking 20 miles this month, 30 the next, 40 the one after that and 50 the month after that would be hard but probably doable.

For folks with lingering injuries or who are just plain old or whatever I think it is important to really be honest with yourself and consult doctors or physical therapists as needed. My first question is often about body weight. Your body is meant to haul itself around at or around a healthy body weight. If you are 60 pounds over weight and have a back, knee, ankle or foot problem getting to a healthy weight will go a long way towards fixing it. Also there may be something in terms of physical therapy/ rehabilitation to get things back to the point where you can really exercise again.

If getting to a healthy weight and rehab will not fix a problem then learn to deal with it. Work right up to the level of what you cannot do. If shoulder injuries make bench press not an option work out with dumbbells. If you cannot ruck with 60 pounds then do it with 55 pounds. If you cannot run then find a huge hill to hike up. The point is not to say "well I can't work out" and turn into Jabba the Hut.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that.

Oh yeah and I am 15.5 miles into this month's due. A bit behind glide path but not unfixable. This week I have ran 7.5 and rucked 3 so far. In the rest of the week I will probably ruck 6 more and run 3-4 more. A rough week but it will get me back to where I need to be. Also as my capacity has increased this becomes a lot more doable. I am kind of fiddling with a routine of alternating long and short ruck and run. So a week might look like long run, short ruck, break or lift, long ruck, short run. Will let you know how it works in a couple weeks if I stick with it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

Ordered a PVS 14 which I am pretty psyched about. Also finished my August Challenge to run 50 miles. I did some reading and hit the weights both of which where cool.

Also did some initial testing of the Sawyer Water filter and I am pretty happy with it. Also I have been using my EDC Benchmade Griptillian, Ontario RAT 3 and Buck 119 Special to do all manner of household tasks. The Benchmade and RAT 3 have done great, proving they deserve their places.

The Buck 119 Special not quite so much. I kind of envisioned it's role as a large food processing knife with a secondary role as a defensive knife. Kind of filling a traditional long hunter type large knife role if you will. The clip point is a bit too far off center for food processing at least to me. The ergonomics are great for cutting but what exactly I am not sure. As a largeish camp type knife I would prefer a Ka-Bar hands down.

I will relegate this knife to some sort of backup piece in a kit or alternate location. A replacement for it's role is something I will look at down the road. Then again the whole thing might be pointless. I have done a lot of outdoors stuff carrying a medium (3.5-4.5 in) knife and a hatchet without finding reasonable tasks I couldn't complete. I am not sure a larger knife is needed except maybe for a dedicated base camp type kit (which I am planning to put together). The Jeff White French Trade Knife reviewed by Alexander Wolfe looks kind of neat. Then again and I am not sure why I didn't think of this before, one of the Cold Steel Longhunter knifes I picked up for a next to nothing might be the ticket. Also free/ already in inventory is a good solution as I am trying not to buy new stuff these days without a good reason.

Anyway that is what has been going on here. What have you done to prepare this week?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

August Challenge Completion Thoughts

Well the August Challenge is pretty much done. I met the run goal. The weight goal I will call a partial completion as I was down 2 pounds at last look but haven't had a scale since. I have learned a few things this month.

[As a disclaimer I am not a physical or in any way by education or certification qualified to give legitimate exercise or fitness advice. Also for background I am a healthy 20 something guy. I have been running on a regular basis for years though with not always with a particularly organized plan. I probably doubled my mileage this month which nobody advises. That is not necessarily advisable or reasonable.]

The first week or two where I went from a long time of averaging probably 6 miles to 10 or 12 were rough. I adapted quickly and my running capacity and recovery times have improved immensely. What used to be the long run of the week after which I would take a day or two off is now an easy run I can do 2-3 days in a row. Also the increased stamina has really helped me recover on the run after a hill or whatnot and after I need to run faster for whatever reason.

I have heard that you should not add more than 10% distance to a long run (from the last recent, like 2-3 weeks recent, long run) or in total distance a week. Not going to say that is wrong. I ignored that advice in terms of long run distance once and messed my right knee up pretty good. That being said I broke the advice on total distance and it seemed to work OK for me. I did listen to my body on a day to day basis and when a day off was needed I took it.

So this month was a success if not a total one. The next logical question is, what about next month?

Well I am going to keep 50 miles as my goal. I would increase it a bit but as we will do some traveling and I am on leave holding what I've got is a pretty solid goal. I do want to keep working on long runs and do a 10 mile run after some logical progression of 7, 8 and 9 milers.

I need to bring back speed work. It kind of dropped off this month and needs to come back. I want to add it in once a week either by doing sprints or fartleick (sp) type stuff. Speed work is important because actual combat and emergencies require short spurts of full speed and sometimes long term cardio.

John Mosby would probably criticize last month's plan for being seriously lacking in time under a ruck. He would be right. Excuses aside I think I rucked once last month. Not too worried about it because rucking has always come easy to me. I can just grab it and go. However that is not the right answer and while I may be acceptably capable of rucking without training on it I will do better with training.

My broad plan for next month is to do 2 runs and 1 ruck a week. I am thinking a long run, speed work and a ruck that probably is the same distance as the run. If I hit the distances I would like to hit 50 miles will be easy. Anyway that is the goal. We will see what happens.

August Challenge 50 Miles Complete

Did the last 6 miles this morning which rounds out an even 50. I am probably down about 3 pounds but my waist is definitely an inch or two smaller as measured by my pants and belt. Good times.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 More Down Just 6 To Go

Ran an easy 4 miles this morning. Between being a bit sore from Sunday's run and a delightful but heavy dinner of steak, veggies and taters (not doing that before a run day again) I was dragging this morning but still got it done. The plan is to lift tomorrow and do 7 on Thursday which gives me Friday as a contingency.

I was thinking out loud and BSing with my NCO counterpart (who is a runner but a little guy so rucks are rough on him) about next months goals. I tentatively plan to keep the same mileage goal. Since I will be on leave about the best case scenario is holding what I have. Do however plan on continuing to increase the distance of the longer runs. I would like to do a 10 miler by the end of next month, using proper progression towards the goal to ensure safety. Additionally I would like to ruck at least once a week, probably the distance of my long run. Not rucking regularly has been this month's weak spot for sure. If I toss in a short speed or recovery type run into the mix mileage will not be a problem.

Since I will be on vacation having a bit of flexibility is important and I am trying to be aggressive but realistic with my goals. In the past I have been somewhere between bad and terrible about exercising while on leave. However I am getting older so taking breaks and just bouncing right back doesn't work as well as it used to. Also showing up to a new place (in comparison to where you have been) in mediocre shape is never a good way to start things out.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I ran a lot this week. Something like 15 or 16 miles. Also hit the gym once. Lifting once a week seems to be how things often come out for me. I am going to experiment with it some but doing 2 big lifts (mil press and deadlift (I work cleans in here sometimes) or Bench and Squat) once a week might be the ticket for me. Especially since I am more interested in endurance these days anyway.

Pulled the trigger on the PMAG order. 10 of those wonderful magazines will no longer suffer the fate of being owned by somebody other than me. This pretty much rounds me out for AR mags. Really I was fine before just a bit lighter on PMAGs than I wanted to be.

After taking everybody's advice into consideration I made a decision about what to get for gun stuff/ gear this month. I realized that a Hill People Gear kit bag is probably the best option out there to carry while running which is a good thing. In the past I have either not bothered or stuck a pistol in the big pouch of my camelback which probably isn't the best option. Also I saw a video of a one of the Evans Brothers from HPG running with a kit bag 'docked' to a camelback. This option appeals to me because it would be sufficient for a long trail run or a light hike. Also more to the point it would let me do what I want to do for no additional cost (aside from the kit bag). Down the road a runners harness and a tarahumara would be great but that is about another 200 bones I don't want to spend right now. Even if I had another $200 (I wanted) to spend on camping/ outdoor gear it would go to a Mountain Serape anyway.

I went with the full sized kit bag instead of the runners kit bag. I can always just load it light (G 19, spare mag, keys wallet, small knife, lighter) for runs but want to be able to have my personal survival kit but with the substitution of a small fixed blade knife, as well as headlamp and maybe a GPS in the outdoors which the runners kit bag probably wouldn't support. Also picked up the running stabilizer strap which is basically an elastic band.

My remaining cash will go towards a Safariland holster for the Glock. Likely this will be purchased in a couple weeks or a month. I thought about getting a leather OWB holster (I do have an OWB kydez holster anyway) but they don't really conceal well anyway and it would be another holster I don't use often. Also a Safariland, probably the 1.5 inch drop model, would do anything a leather belt holster could but not visa versa.

We are a little bit closer to getting out of here which is cool. Most of my time and energy has been put towards getting out of here, walking around and doing stuff with the kid and running.
Also we decided to put more money into food storage albeit at the expense of PM's. All in all not a bad week.

6 More Down And 10 To Go

After a couple lazy days I got a spark of motivation and ran 6 miles today. That leaves me 10 to go between now and the 31st which is Friday. Planning on doing a longish (for me as I am not a marathoner (yet) or an ultra guy like Max) 7 mile run which will eat up most of the distance. Definitely back on glide path.

Friday, August 24, 2012

August Challenge IPR

Ran 5 miles on Wednesday and 1 yesterday leaving me with 15 to go.

As to weight when I looked last I was down 2 pounds. Now we do not have a scale anymore.

Got to find the motivation to do a long run today or tomorrrow but otherwise everything is more or less on track.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I ran 3 miles this morning leaving me with 21 left to go for the month. My NCO counterpart nicely told me that I am about 5 days behind being on glide path. That being said needing to do 2.1 miles a day or 2.6 if I don't run on the weekend (which my record on is pretty bad) is pretty manageable.

Picked up a spare filter for the Katadyn filter. The whole intentional purchase plan lead to making a purchase that has been languishing on the list for a couple years now. This is a good thing. 

Also did some looking at which tools and equipment fit into each of our systems. So many ways that can go. I have got some thinking and maybe tweaking to do.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Also remember that our giveaway of a copy of Stacey's Quest will run for only 2 more days.  Hurry up and enter today!

Friday, August 17, 2012

4 More Down and 24 More Left

Did a nice easy 4 miler this morning. Hope to knock out 4 more this weekend pushing kiddo.
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