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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RIP Robery 'Barry' Elliot

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I let you know Barry of IraqVet888 has passed. Eric has some more information.

Unfortunately after doing some google 'research' it seems Barry had some legal and medical issues during the months before his passing. Out of respect I will not get into his business but will say that we are all human and have shortcomings. I will not detract from the 2A supporter, trainer, firearms educator, character and arguably the best tactical beard owner ever Barry was by degrading his name in any way. Nor will I tolerate that talk here.

There is a fund to help the family with his final costs online if you want to donate. I think if you've every enjoyed his piece of the Iraqvet888 page a Jackson ($20) is a fair contribution for the entertainment he gave you. I will be donating to the cause myself. Making sure Barry can rest in peace is worth a small contribution. Whatever shortcomings he may have had Barry is a good man who deserves respectful and appropriate final arraignments.

 Honestly this whole thing depresses the shit out of me.

In closing I will leave you with what is probably my favorite Barry video and certainly the best multi big name youtube collaboration, the Hoss USMC Pony and Barry Backpack.

 RIP Barry, we miss you. Youtube will never be the same without you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Orange Jeep Dad's House Burned Down: A Sad Reminder

I don't really know this guy though we generally flow through similar circles. Only so many blogs one can follow I suppose. Anyway he finally made the big move to the country then his house burned down. There is an effort to gather donations for the family if you feel so inclined.

Thankfully no lives were lost but a whole bunch of their stuff is gone. That still sucks a lot. It really sucks for normal people but for survivalists, gun enthusiasts and "tangible investors" whose stuff is far less likely to be adequately covered by insurance it could be truly financially terrible. Additionally I would suspect wood homes that heat with wood and are far from the nearest fire station (which describes many survivalists) are more likely to have catastrophic fires than one in the burbs who heats with natural gas.

The same way that we learn from peoples mistakes  we can learn from bad things that happen to others towards the goal of mitigating that type of event's effects should it strike us. Note I am in no way faulting Orange Jeep Dad or his lifestyle here. Sometimes bad things just happen in life.

To be the guy who comes out, maybe a bit too early, and says it this is a harsh reminder about why you need caches and an emergency fund. I certainly hope OJD had these things in place. Lots of things can happen in life from theft to floods or other natural disasters, all the way through the various end of the world events plus well fires. Spread your stuff out and keep some cash put away just in case.

Got Cache?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What If?

I started reading a book on the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and it started something like this. "The saddest situations occur when both sides have a legitimate claim to being the good guys." Truly the situation that has occured and been perpetuated by various power players is a sad one for both sides.
What if we stopped giving the Israeli's, Egyptians, Palestinians and pretty much every other nation in that hotbed money and weapons? Aside from buying influence does making sure both sides are better armed really serve to help create a lasting peace? If you come outside to your tween boys fighting in the back yard do you give them each a stout stick? If your buddies get a bit rowdy at the bar do you give one a whiskey bottle and the other a knife? I don't think so.

Are we really helping Israel or are we enabling them to continue a dysfunctional conflict and not seriously search for a realistic solution? If we really care about the right of oppressed people to have an independent nation to call a homeland what about the Kurds or the Pastun's or the Tibetans?

Maybe one could argue that it is good for Israel that we back them with weapons, money and the implicit threat of force. However more to the point is it a good thing for America? Are we serving our independent needs and goals with these actions?

Even asking these questions could get me labeled an anti semite. That might concern me more than any position folks could take on the issue. Whipping out an "ist" every time you get questioned is the adult sociapolitical equivalent of a little  kid yelling "LALALALALALALALAL" or "I can't hear you" when they know their argument is losing.

I don't know what the answers are but asking questions might just be worthwhile.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sad News

I was fiddling around on facebook and for no particular reason went to the profile of my buddy Stephen. He is a good old boy that I met through the blog with whom I  drank some beers and shot some guns while I was down South, really a nice fellow. I saw some stuff on his profile about him being injured and hospitalization and such. Well immediately I called him to see what was going on. He is not well. Some asshat assaulted him and his back was broken a bit more than a month ago. My buddy is having some real trouble and can just move around with a walker. When I talked with him there was serious concern expressed about rising medical bills. He said these bills are going to financially ruin him. Having had frank talks with him about finances and such he would not use those terms lightly.

I am really concerned about my buddy. First of all I am concerned about his health and spirit. I hope he can return to a decent quality of life. Second of all I am concerned that my friend is now in a pit of medical bills he will not be able to get out of.

Anyway if you are into praying or giving positive wishes to the shiny rock in your yard or whatever please direct some Stephen's way.

Thank you all and good night.

Friday, May 22, 2009

FML and how TOR would deal with the situation

Today, my company filed for bankruptcy, but the reorganize kind where it still functions . There are no funds to give out paychecks any time soon. They won't fire me. If I voluntarily quit, I cannot file for unemployment. I'm now an unpaid intern. FML

I feel bad for this person. I would tell my boss they could either fire me or pay me in goods. If they refused I would make it worth their while to fire me. Trying to get fired might be fun. I've had jobs where I absolutely didn't care of they fired me but have never really consciously tried to get fired. Here are some ideas:

Double park blocking the bosses car in

Wear pajamas

Drink alcohol openly at work

Blast obnoxious music through my computer

Refer to my boss by a pet curse word

Tell funny absolutely non pc jokes in a loud voice

Throw things

Break stuff intentionally

If doing those things over the course of a morning would not get me fired by lunch time I would be forced to move to more drastic measures.

Dollars to doughnuts I could get fired in a single day.

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