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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Schools, Parents and Responsibility in Educatiom

 About my recent post I drive my tractor in pearls... said... Its not the school systems' fault. Thats not to say that they arent crap, but the responsiblity for brats rests solely on parent(s) shoulders. Kids with no respect, responsibility, purpose, or character were made that way by their parents. Parents who are selfish, absent, self-absorbed, sick/evil, or just down right stupid - they create these brats who become "court aquainted" or whatever the phrase was... A kid can be told that they dont have to take responsibility for their actions at school, but it slides right off, because at home they have parents that are involved and engaged. Society's problems cannot be solved in the school system - this notion that the school system can undo damage done at home or that it is someway their responsibility to do something other than teach a kid to write is part of the problem of why they are crap! And as for "innocent until proven guilty" - thats crap too... We are talking about kids who need to realize that their actions are directly affecting their future paths - they need to be actively choosing NOT to become Charles Manson and to give them a fluffy title like this almost pushes them down the wrong path. Dont want to be called a punk thug? Then quit acting like it kid!! Sorry if I stepped on your ranting toes there, TOR... but this soap box was too big to pass up ;)
December 11, 2009 9:10 PM
Blogger I drive my tractor in pearls... said...
Oh, and jumping a fence where I live will get a kid taken home by the cops to their parents who will kick their butts!! Its not a "minor" crime - its saving their life - jumping fences can get someone shot! TOR here: I enjoy Pearls comments and as always she brings up an interesting point. I sort of look at it from a different perspective. The kids who have good decent parents (not necessarily rich or geniuses) who teach them to be responsible for their actions and respectful in general will  almost always do well. They can go to some hippy dippy school or even no school at all and will end up being fine. To me school has historically had a role of a safety net to catch kids whose parents just can't or won't teach them. Of course they teach everyone but for Timmy whose parents don't suck the talk about respect and responsibility is just reinforcement the same way that a class on basic addition is to a kid who learned it from his mom over the summer. Sometimes little Johny whose parents suck for whatever reason might have just learned enough from some teacher and school system to be OK. To me it is in that respect that schools are failing. Aristotle more or less said purpose of schools is to "make students good and make them smart".  I can honestly say that making them good is probably more important than making them smart. There are plenty of people who are not smart by any sense who go on to have fine lives. Maybe they get a job at the plant or pick up a skill here or there and get married and somewhere along the line buy a little house or a mobile home and have 2.4 kids and join a bowling league and raise their kids and work and just sorta hang out. People can have a far happier life being a bit more good than smart but not the opposite. On the topic of education in a broader sense I think we need some sort of broadly funded schools which are open to the public. We certainly do not need a national Department of Education or any legislation about leaving children behind . The game of the government taking money from people in a state and giving it back to that state for an expressed purpose if they agree to follow certain conditions is all about control and indoctrination. Again albeit on a smaller scale states play the same game. A legitimate argument could be made that states also need to leave education to individual communities via school districts. I think that we need some sort of schools that every kid can go to regardless of their parents ability or desire to pay. I do think schooling could be significantly privatized or at least moved in that direction but without this baseline the divisions of class and opportunity in our country would broaden significantly.
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