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Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's Just One Of Those Days

So far today everything I have tried to do has gone very badly. I tried to make coffee this morning which is a simple thing I do every day. The pot spewed water, half made coffee and grounds all over the counter making a huge mess. It looked like maybe the filter had collapsed down which happens sometimes.

Tried to post Prairie Patriot's Fighting Load Contest Entry and the interweb kept eating it. Not once or twice but a half dozen times.
After cleaning up the kitchen and the coffee pot I tried to make coffee again. Same problem but the filter was fine. Might be that I need to better clean or just replace the coffee pot. At least this time I got a quarter cup of shitty coffee. Cleaned up the kitchen AGAIN.

Tried to post PP's contest entry again by breaking it up into 2 parts to use less space but that didn't work. Tried again and had all his pics and text in, was just writing my little discussion at the end part and it crapped out AGAIN.

I'm at my wits end and it is just over halfway through the day. It would be one thing if I was trying to rebuild an engine while doing organic chemistry but making coffee and doing blog stuff are routine things I do every single day.

I've been sick for the last 3 or so days. Thankfully I'm over the hump so to speak but still not feeling good.  Have a lingering cough and just enough of a headache to be annoying. So today I don't think much of anything is going to happen. Given the way things have gone so far I don't want to have this terrible luck pour over into other areas.

Last night I started soaking some beans to make chili and now they are boiling in a big pot on the stove. Since I already started that it will continue. Need to go get the rest of the stuff later today. Honestly I'm sort of winging this one which given the way today is going may not be a good thing. However since I free poured random beans to soak there isn't much going back

My plan is as follows:
beans -.5lb red, .5lb black, .75lb pinto (all rough wts)
chuck roast or other cheap beef- about 2 pounds
a can of stewed tomatoes or 2
a big onion
a bell pepper
some garlic finely chopped
cumin, red pepper flakes and seasoning salt to taste

I plan to serve it with corn bread. The goal is for me to have a few extra meals out of this batch.

Think I'll fire up the world band radio tonight. It will be the first time here in Louisiana so that is sort of special. Sitting by the fire listening to the radio sounds like a nice way to pass the evening hours.

Well here is hoping today picks up for me and that yours is going better than mine. We should be back to normal posting tomorrow.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cold Snap N Random Thoughts

In the last 3 days the temperature here has dropped about 20 degrees from High 70ish low 50ish to high 50ish low 30ish. Froze both nights. We have also had a cold run through the house. I seem to have caught it last. Feeling like doo doo.

It's max week for 5/3/1. Overhead pressed #130 which is a record. Also dead lifted 345 which is a true 1 rep max record. Might get to bench and squat but might not. Might just roll with formula max's from this months work as there will be no barn burners there.

The Crunch is coming along though not as fast as I would like. I'd love to have it for sale over the holiday season but January might be more realistic. There is movement though so that's something.

I changed up the War Belt yet again. Shifted my admin pouches to USGI canteen pouches which frees up 2 MOLLE rows. Really didn't lose much space in those pouches either as the canteen pouches extend past the MOLLE straps. This change lets me run a dedicated IFAK behind the last mag pouch. That got rid of the awkward horizontal zip pouch in front of my pistol which is good. Having the front of my hips very clear is a good thing. I'm much happier with the setup now. Have something else in mind for the weekend. Pics follow.
From left to right or since the pic is off top to bottom. Frag pouch that will hold compass and a couple small items. 2x HSGI double taco's. Tactical Tailor triple mag pouch. IFAK. 2x USGI canteen pouches. One will be an admin/ NOD pouch and the other will hold some go food. Water bottle pouch that holds .75 liter steel bottle. Would like to replace it with another bottle at some point. Mounted on that pouch is my Ontario RAT 3. Next is a Glock 9mm with TLR-1 in a Safariland 6285.
This system really opens up the front of the belt without sacrificing any pouches. The admin/ NOD and survival pouches are going to be pretty light anyway so the negligible space difference from the old pouches should not be an issue or is at least worth the trade off.

This weekend will also revolve around home improvement but it should not be too bad. That being said "It's a quick easy project" is somewhere between a banned phrase and a cue to laughter in our house.

So that's what is up here. Hope you all have a great day.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stomach Bug In The House

We caught something. In hindsight Daughter probably had it first. A day or so passed then I started having significant stomach issues. Thought it was just a bad meal or something but when it went into the second day it was evident that it was the bug. So far the only family member unaffected is Walker. Either his iron constitution or picky eating habits kept him safe.

Thankfully modern sanitation, endless hot water and soap make death rather unlikely. Something to think about in your preps I guess.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sick Daughter Blues

Daughter has been sick a lot more than is normal over the last couple weeks. Today she went to the doc to get the results of some tests. All sorts of stuff was off so the doc told Wifey to take her to the ER at the premier children's hospital in the region (thankfully it's not THAT far away). He also said to prepare for something serious to be wrong. Since they are all the way at home I'm just sitting here by my phone. Kids being really sick is scary and frustrating. I do dangerous things for a living but this really bothers me. Problems I can just sit and watch are far worse than any problem I can fucking do something about. Give me a couple meth maggots with evil intentions in a dark parking lot or an ambush over this sort of thing any day.

Some other annoying shit happened today also but none of it really matters. Honestly it's just icing on the crap cake. May write something later. Not that the blog is important enough to merit it parse but that would give me something to do instead of sitting here and worrying. Hopefully some good news will come shortly and this will turn out to be a fairly minor thing. If prayer is your thing it would be appreciated.



Monday, November 12, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

It was a pretty solid week here. Exercise was solidly on pace with 3 runs, 2 lifts and 1 body weight/  lame Army PT session before getting sick. I fiddled with some gear which was good. Did some dry fire drills which are always a positive thing. Did some testing of the solar charger which turned out pretty good. Oh yeah and I purchased 2 BBQ sized propane bottles.

Between getting sick and recovering we pretty much lost the whole weekend which kinda hurt some efforts. However we are pretty much back to normal so that is good.

In terms of material stuff it was a great week. Ordered a year's worth (x1 pax or 4 mos x3) of grains and lentils, 40 pounds of rice and sugar as well as some oatmeal. Project AR Upgrade got some love too with a VTAC Surefire light and mount combo and a VTAC sling to go along with it.

Survivalist Charlie got me now I'm broke so next weeks plans include the usual dry fire and PT (3 lifts, 3 runs, 2 rucks and at least 2 APFT oriented body weight sessions) as well as a contest brought to you by our new but good friends at Camping Survival. If things work out I will look over our kits again and go through the 'go food' as well as testing out some cooking options. We *should* have the right connectors to run our Coleman propane stuff off the big BBQ bottles from the stuff we got from the in laws but well that is why we test things. Also I am still fiddling with the Sun Oven and Solo Stove.

Some good stuff if I do say coming up  so myself. What did you do to prepare this week?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick Household Blues

We are down with a nasty stomach bug. Thankfully this is not the Oregon Trail or kid #6 would be toast for sure. Seriously kids on that show are like the random guys who went to the planet with Kurt and Spoc on Star Trek.

My gratitude for endless clean water as well as waste removal and modern over the counter drugs like knock off Imodium AD and Pepto Bismol as well as the re hydrating power of Gatorade is impossible to express. Unfortunately Wifey is pretty far along in the pregnancy so her medical choices are far more limited. Kiddo puked once and had a mild case of the runs but today is just fine.

Hopefully this clears up pretty quick because both adults down the the count and a crazy 2 year old is a rough combination. Anyway I hope your Saturday is going a lot better than ours is.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Update- Back Into It

Well I have finally kicked that pesky pneumonia thing. Last week I felt pretty decent and was able to do some light exercise like easy cardio and low rep body weight stuff with plenty of rest between sets. This week I have been able to run and am doing an easy week of weight training to get back into it. As my schedule and the weather allow I am trying to get some extra runs in after work.

There is definitely a long way to come back after a month and change of being sick and inactivity. Really the last few months haven't been great for my physically as a lot of stuff like redeployment and leave have broken up my routine. Anyway it is coming into summer which is just a great time to put some miles on running shoes and boots.

I wanted to let you know that I have recovered and an doing well.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blah, Life and Sickness

Well I have pneumonia. It wasn't a huge suprise as I have had a wickedly nasty cough for almost 3 weeks. It has been sort of a weird thing because aside from a wicked cough (with the caviate that I have done next to nothing physically straining since being sick) and being kind of physically and mentally tired all the time but overall I pretty decent. Turns out it is kind of an odd strain so it was hard to diagnose but eventually they figured it out. So now I am on some drugs to treat it and they seem to be working.

When I had double pneumonia back in Fall 2010 our medical folks were moderately concerned I was going to die. I was the sickest I have been in my entire life. I was barely coherant and weak as could be. Maybe I am somehow weak in the lungs or something. Who knows. Anyway.

As to the recent video and talk about 1911's and the comment on snubbies that seems to have gotten folks all bent out of shape. I have a post basically written in my head that will explain my opinions on a lot of background and conceptual stuff but just don't feel like writing it today. I am mentally just too tired to bother. My desire to argue is minimal and my desire to argue with people who aren't talking about actual facts or data is nonexistent.

I am coming to wonder if guns are a topic that cannot be talked about rationally. If I even mention that a gun is anything less than absolutely perfect folks get seriously bent out of shape. It sort of makes sense why gun rags write that every gun is just completely awesome. Then again it sort of makes sense that I think their reviews and articles are complete shite and I haven't bought a gun rag in years.

I may have called a good time to buy a couple days back but last night I finally bought PM's. Silver was at about $28.09 and Gold at about $1570. They had been slipping back up and it seemed like a good time. Who knows anyway. Tomorrow I am probably going to go bike shopping. Not sure I will get anything but I do want to see what is available here in the $300-400 price range.

For awhile I was listening to the news online at work. I listened to some Dave Ramsey too but I think I am good for that once a week or month at the most. I love his stuff but it is aweful repetetive. Over the last couple days I have stopped that and started listening to rock music instead. I read or at least skim the drudge every day and if I have time check out the BBC but music lets me drone out and be productive which is a good thing. Also the news has been making me mad lately and music gets me going so the decision is easy.

Anyway I hope you all have a good day and maybe I will put together something more on point tomorrow.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Reader Question: SHTF Hygiene and Clothes Washing

I have an idea for a blog article-or several- that I think you may be uniquely qualified to expound on. There are a vast majority of us that have never, or are unable to, serve in the military.
You're active duty military; what I and many others would like to know, is how you do your day to day maintenance while out in the field, away from all the comforts of home.
I think it would make a good read if you could tell us the necessities of our life if TSHTF and we are suddenly without water, electricity or heat. We know much about sponge bathing, washing in tubs with a wash board and making our own soap, but how do you do it while trying to stay out of the field of fire/ being discovered?
How do you wash your personal clothing(skivvies, socks, BDU's, etc.) when out in the field?
If you do these things, what do you use to wash them in and what do you use for detergent? How do you clean yourself, and with what?
So please give this some thought and see if it is an idea you would be willing to tackle.
Iron Tom Flint
TOR here, I wrote a couple posts that give us a place to start. This post on field hygiene covers part of the topic pretty decently. Also this post on Dysentery, while a bit light hearted is worth checking out. Also here is one on primative laundry.  Now onto the specific questions.
Q: We know much about sponge bathing, washing in tubs with a wash board and making our own soap, but how do you do it while trying to stay out of the field of fire/ being discovered?
A: Staying out of the field of fire is easy, if people are shooting at you or immenently going to shoot at you it is not the time to do laundry. Sorry if that was a bit short, from here forth I will try to answer the questions as I believe they are intended, not word for word.
For short term stuff I would use my field hygiene advice from above. Typically military operations are short enough in duration that laundry isn't a huge issue; though that is a relative term as I have worn a single uniform for a month without washing it. Another option is that things are so crazy that you have bigger stuff to worry about. Delaying washing is easier when weather is relatively cold. You would be pretty nasty after wearing the same clothes in the South or Middle East in the summer.
As to avoiding being discovered. If I was really worried about someone discovering me I wouldn't be doing laundry. I definitely wouldn't do laundry in some sort of escape and evasion situation, a hide or a patrol base.  That being said a really small fire made of dry wood (especially in the woods or down in some micro terrain) is pretty hard to see from beyond 50-100 meters. All you would really need is enough to heat up some water which doesn't take a bonfire.
However to make it easier lets say you are in a fairly quiet but non permissive enviornment. Maybe you and the spouse are trying to get somewhere on foot or using forest service roads and obviously don't want any attention. Maybe you are some sort of G and folks are sort of passively patroling your area, doing recon patrols to check out movement, signs of people like fires, etc. Whatever, it really doesn't matter. The point is that you aren't imminently worried about people trying to kill you but do want to keep a low profile.
One simple and old school option is to take a bar of soap and your clothes into a body of water and wash them. This has the benefit of washing your body. Obviously your situation would have to be reasonably secure and this is a lot more fun in 80 degree sunshine than 30 degree snow. I have seen socks washed in canteen cups, I suppose the same could be done with underoos. Also the good old bucket or a dedicated water jug (the military ones have pretty big mouths) works.
Q:How do you wash your personal clothing(skivvies, socks, BDU's, etc.) when out in the field?
A: Often the answer is to stash the dirty stuff and wash in after the operation is over. Other times we scrounge up some big tubs or whatnot. I have seen organizations where leaders bought some old school type laundry stuff to fill urgent needs.
Q: If you do these things, what do you use to wash them in and what do you use for detergent?
A: I have seen and used normal commercial detergent and plain old bar soap.
Q:How do you clean yourself, and with what?
A: Baby wipes are a great way to go. If heating up water is practical a washcloth and a bar of soap is nice and makes you feel a bit more human. As to how it is pretty much laid out here.
Anyway I hope that is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you remember one thing take care of your feet.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Randomness

Well it seems President Obama's view has evolved to where he now supports Gay marriage. My thoughts on that issue are on the record and I am pretty much ambivalent about this new development. I suspect it is about firming up his base and making Romney look like an evil hate monger.

If you have been waiting to buy PM's at a dip it might be time to pull the trigger.

In case you were wondering 2 year old girl scout cookies taste just fine.

If you are short on doom and gloom there is an outbreak of whooping cough in Washington State. In case you needed any more reason to vaccinate yourself and your children.

JP Morgan lost a couple billion dollars in the last few weeks.

Greek leftists want to stay in the Euro but avoid any sort of austerity.

France's economy isn't doing so well.

I have been enjoying the show Person of Interest lately. It is a bit big brothery and will make you want to delete all social networking stuff then smash your laptop and cell phone but those may not be thoughts worth fighting anyway. There is always action and the good guys win which makes for an enjoyable show.

Dewars Scotch whisky has found a place in our liquor cabinet.  It is smooth and affordable enough to drink whenever the mood strikes me.  It isn't going to be mistaken for a nice single malt but at half the price that would not be a reasonable expectation. One of the downsides of scotch is that a decent blend is the price of a bottle of Crown Royal or a good burbon.

Have a good weekend,


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Still Sick

The title pretty much sums it up. Making it through work and doing family stuff in the evening is taking about all I have got. By the end of the day I am completely physically and mentally drained. On the bright side I sought medical care today and I do not have pnemonia or wooping cough or the plague. Expect short posts, quotes and videos for a few days. Please bear with me until I don't feel like the walking dead.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally Friday and Knife Sharpening also 3,000th Post

Well it's Friday evening and the work week is finally is done. Thank goodness. My cold is getting better if not as fast as I would like. Got home at a pretty reasonable hour and even had some family time before kiddo's bed time. He is quickly approaching the "terrible two's" which is just big fun. On the bright side is is really talking a lot better which is pretty cool.  No big plans for the weekend. Going to try to finish up some stuff, hit the weight pile and get a lot of sleep. I would like to finish up a long post that I'm working on.

Not too long ago I found myself in need of a knife sharpener. I had a couple of them but one got worn out and the other is probably in a box somewhere. In any case I wasn't quite sure what to get but those diamond rod type ones seem to work pretty well. I rather arbitrarily put this one into my amazon wish list. Lansky seemed like a good name but there was no real thought behind it. Wifey was ordering some stuff and needed another thing to get the free shipping (far better to get $6 bucks of stuff you were going to get anyway then to pay it in shipping). It arrived the other day. My only tentative complaint is that it is pretty big. There is a lot of handle and it has this other sharpening thing on the back that adds like an inch and a quarter. I guess you are supposed to use it first then finish with the rod. To be honest I didn't look that closely and thought it was the normal model but black. Maybe that will be convenient but I am not sure yet.
It might be a bit big to carry in my pocket but I am quite happy with this handy sharpener. In a couple minutes it tuned up an old Buck 110 nicely. In 5 minutes it got my EDC Buck 110 which had a couple minor imperfections in the blade all tuned up and ready to go. I haven't had it long but am pretty impressed with it so far. This sharpener will definitely go in my ruck for long trips.
I hope you all have a good weekend,

Edited to include: This is the blog's 3,000th post. I had wanted it to be a lengthier post I am working on but finishing it today wasn't in the cards. To be honest after a long day at work I forgot about the whole thing. Anyway it is a pretty cool milestone. This blog has suceeded beyond my wildest dreams and sometimes I am just amazed by the whole thing.

I am definitely not putting things into auto pilot. Slowly but surely we are still growing, one link, one more person following the blog and a new advertiser at a time things are continuing to get bigger   and better. I have some things that I plan to do in the coming weeks and months that should be pretty cool for you guys and gals.

If you feel like helping in this effort then please tell a friend about our site or share a link to your favorite post in a forum, or social networking site. Also check out our advertisers and if you need things they sell then consider purchasing from them.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sometimes You're The Windshield, Sometimes You're The Bug

It has been a heck of a week and it is not done yet. No one specific terrible thing happened it was just one thing after another. Forgetting to do things and having them bite us in the behind then some bad luck and work being far more annoying than usual throughout. To top it off I got a cold and brought it home to Wifey so we both feel like trash. In case things weren't bad enough Walker is teething. I can't explain how much I am ready for tomorrrow to be over and for it to be the weekend.

Also I am working on a pretty long post and just didn't have the desire/ time/ energy to finish it today so you get this whining drivel instead.
Anyway I hope your week is going a lot better than mine.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Huge Announcements

Walker is out of the hospital. He is back to being pretty content and minus a bit of diaper rash perfectly healthy. We are really happy to have him home and well. Just being back home does a lot for our spirits and his temperament. Thanks for all the prayers and such.

I am also pleased to announce that we are partnering with our loyal advertiser Lucky Gunner on an awesome contest. It has been brewing for awhile and finally everything is right. All the details will come out tomorrow but here is a teaser, FREE AMMO! I am not talking about a little bit of ammo either.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unfortunate News

I got a call from Wifey a few days back that they were at the hospital. Walker had a fever and was just really uncomfortable. She took him to the emergency room and they have been there since. They don't really know what is going on except that he is pretty sick and had a fever, low respirations/ oxygen levels, dehydration and was just plain upset. They have pretty much been throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks with lots of fluids, Tylenol, oxygen and just about every antibiotic known to man.

Work was able to get me back home yesterday afternoon. I was able to take Wifey some stuff (clothes, toiletries, books, etc) and see them both. Walker seems to be doing at least a bit better now. Wifey was re leaved that I could help a bit and just be around. Walker was still pissed off.

Until Walker is released from the hospital I am going to be working as much as I absolutely have to and spending as much time as possible with Wifey and Walker at the hospital. In whatever time remains I am going to attempt to sleep. Needless to say in the current reshuffling of my priorities the blog is not very high. Odds are that I will still post because it fits well into the down time between PT and work. However my various other normal blog related functions (reading, email responses, etc) are postponed indefinitely.

I am hoping for some progress and a full recovery. Prayers, positive thoughts, chants, pagan rituals, alters or whatever you believe in would be appreciated.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reading And Life

The day kinda got away from me. I guess over a couple weeks I got out of the habit of writing and am just getting back to it. I had my first workout since the whole pneumonia thing today. It was pretty low key but I didn't cough up a lung so that was good. Had a buddy help me fix the clunker today. Learned a way to deal with at least one old car problem which was good.

Spent some time today catching up on the news. We are still spending more than we bring in. Unemployment is still high and confidence is low. Those evil banks and businesses are still greedily holding lots of cash.  There are some elections going on but until they are over I'm not going to get emotionally involved or think about the implications.

We were going to go to a thing tonight but it didn't work out. After that I had some quiet time with a glass of Glenfiddich and The Witch of Hebron. I am about halfway done with it and while not revolutionary it is certainly enjoyable. I am pretty tired today. The girls are on swing shift waking up well after noon and staying up till 2 or 3. I got close to their schedule over the weekend which made for a really unpleasant 5:40 Monday morning wake up. Think I am going to bed pretty soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy Few Weeks

I spent some time off in the woods recently. Got pretty sick and it turned out to be pneumonia in my right lung. When it went into the left lung and didn't go away I went to the hospital. Spent a couple days there and now I am back home for a bit. Still got a pretty nasty cough and a few days more on Levaquin but I am feeling kinda crappy instead of dead so that is good.

In any case you will have some unexpected real time articles for about 2 weeks. I will try and get through my email in box tomorrow. I will also try and start getting caught up on reading in the next couple days.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oregon Trail Series #2 What The Oregon Trail Taught Me About Survival

1. Mr. "I'll take 4 oxen and all the bullets $1600 will buy me" was amusing. At least he was amusing to me, Wifey who played the game as a kid also didn't see the humor, I think that was because every boy went the all bullets route at least once. Our results were invariably unsuccessful. Breaking down or starving to death way before getting anywhere near running out of bullets. You have got to allocate your resources to meet many different needs. All the bullets in the world will not feed you. All the food in the world will not help a sick kid. Medicine doesn't make up for not having a spare jacket or a broken axle. Prudent people allocate their resources diversely to meet their many needs.

2. To capture this significant issue in its own lesson; bullets will not solve every problem or keep you reliably fed. Sure you can hunt but even a great shot might not see game that often. You need to store food.

3. Sanitation and hygiene are important lest you want to die of dysentery. That pretty much speaks for itself.

4. Something will happen so you don't want to spend all of your money. If anything the game under emphasizes this point. You don't know what is going to happen. It could be running low on oxen or the need to replace that extra spare axle. People take cash so you better have some available.

5. People die and not just random strangers but people you know. The game made this almost laughable with like a 30 percent mortality rate but lets not ignore the point. To think that your family will get through a prolonged dangerous period without outside assistance is probably naive. [Especially if that time included multiple violent confrontations it is almost laughable. If you think some guns, maybe a bit of body armor and a day once in a blue moon in the backyard trying to do battle drills will mean you come out heroically and surprisingly and completely unscathed you're more optimistic than I am. Once you consider that these contacts are more likely to be defensive than offensive the odds get even worse.] Getting your medical training and supplies squared away is a darn good start. Being careful and using proper safety equipment is prudent also. Someone truly out in the hinder boonies probably needs to worry a lot more about a slip with an ax then a gunfight. However while I encourage you to prepare as fully as possible for all these situations it is worth squaring yourself up with the fact that someone could die.

6. Whatever the risk don't be afraid to seek opportunities. There are always risks in life. However if you refuse to pursue any opportunities because there is some risk involved you won't get much of anywhere. It could be moving to another state for a new far better paying job with some real potential or deciding to become a single income household. It might be moving to a rural home, into alternate housing or even off grid. All of these possibilities have some risks (though death from dysentery is low on the list) that need to be accepted. Don't be afraid to accept some risk.

7. Be prepared for a long journey. No matter how much you spend or how hard you work the road to preparedness, like the trail from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette Valley, is very long. Some times it is going to seem like it will never end but unless you keep moving the end never comes. Then you just end up in Nebraska or Wyoming which are nice enough places but much harder to farm in than the Willamette Valley.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Emergency Preparedness for Those With Type-1 Diabetes By Rourke

Emergency Preparedness for Those With Type-1 Diabetes

People with Type-1 Diabetes are very vulnerable to any type of disaster event. These diabetics are entirely dependant on insulin to live. They are also dependant on battery powered glucose meters/test strips to monitor blood sugar, and battery powered insulin pumps or a supply of syringes to self-medicate. Additionally - insulin supplies must be kept refrigerated or their life expectancy will decrease.

Those with type-1 diabetes are especially challenged when planning their preparations:
Supplies - you need to have stocked up enough testing equipment, insulin, and methods of administrating the insulin for however long you anticipate the "event" to take place.
Storage of supplies must be correct - all supplies must be kept dry, sanitary and insulin must be refrigerated/cooled.
Stress from a disaster situation can cause blood sugars to be erratic - meaning that blood sugars must be monitored closer and more often than during normal times.
First - preparing a "diabetes survival kit" involves having a cooler available to fill with ice/ice packs once the power goes out to store all insulin. Additionally - a 12V refrigerator must be available as a back up to the cooler just in case the power is out past the life of the ice. Modern insulin shelf life is drastically shortened if left at room temperature. 12V refrigerators can be purchased for around $80 and plug into a 12V plug in an automobile. This is critical.
Second - a small backpack or fanny pack filled with the rest of your supplies must be organized. This fanny pack contains syringes, insulin pump sites, insulin cartridges, batteries, alcohol pads, lancets, spare pump, at least 2 glucose meters, test strips, and at least 2 "stickers" for obtaining blood droplet. The total amount of supplies really depends on what you are preparing for.
Third - it is very important that a Glucagon Emergency Kit is available as well as candy or glucose tablets in case blood sugar drops dangerously low.  All members of your group need to know what to do incase blood sugar drops to extreme low numbers.
Anyone that has read the fantastic book “One Second After” clearly understands the importance of stockpiling and maintaining supplies for those type-1 diabetics in your group or family. It is rather simple – without insulin – they will die. Supplies must be stockpiling and backup systems for caring for those supplies must be put in place.
One problem that is confronted by most all "survivalist" diabetics involves getting extra supplies. Due to needing a prescription for insulin - you cannot simply buy extra. Talk to your doctor and ask them to write the prescriptions for a little higher than anticipated use so as to build a back up supply. Extra glucose meters can often be obtained for free from doctors - or purchased for very little money at Wal-Mart, pharmacies, and the internet. Test strips are very expensive. Again - ask your doctor to overwrite your prescription by 50 test strips per month to build your supply. Tell your doctor that you have to supply school as well at home possibly. Often test strips can be found on eBay at a great discount. Also “store brand" testers and test strips can be purchased on sale and on clearance.
Below is an example checklist for a typical person with Type-1 Diabetes considering a 3 month supply level:

2        Glucose Meters w/3 extra batteries
3    months Test Strips (blood tests per day x 90 days = test strip qty)
30   Insulin Insertion Sights
2        Sight Serters
1         Alcohol Pads/box
2        months of insulin used daily
3        month Syringes  (shots per day x 90 days = syringe strip qty)
2        Insulin Pumps – if used
3        months Insulin Cartridges – if used

Some diabetics take more than 1 type of insulin. No matter your regimen, it is important that you have extra supplies as well as a method to safely store them until things return to normal.

On a final note – it is important that diabetics take care of themselves before a disaster strikes as well as after. During a disaster is not the time to begin to experience complications with diabetes that was preventable with the correct behavior before the disaster struck. You also would not want to experience a low blood sugar in the midst of a fire fight either. Checking your blood sugar regularly, eating right, and effective insulin dosing is critical to short term and well as long term health.

Take care all -
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Dying And Death In a Prolonged Scenario

I read One Second After awhile back. Never really did a review but that doesn't matter. You will probably see one in a few months. Anyway the one thing I think was most realistic about One Second After was that it wasn't about a group of perfectly healthy young adults. Also it was just plain brutally honest.

A lot of people died in Katrina. Old and fragile people died because of a combination of a stressful environment and being old and fragile. I believe a few folks in nursing homes kicked the bucket. And Katrina was mostly handled in a couple weeks and was regional at best.

People who require complicated and intensive care would likely go very quickly if a really bad Mad Max scenario hit. They probably would not be killed by Lord Humongous will have their conditions worsen by lack of care, dialysis, oxygen and breathing machines. That brings us to the topic of medication. Unfortunately some modern medicines are fragile and require refrigeration. As for the rest of them they do at some point go bad (at least ineffective if not dangerous) so stocking an entire life's worth is not realistic.

This isn't a big deal if a pill helps your kids face not break out or improves your libido or some other non essential thing. However a lot of people are currently among the living because they take a pill or shot every day. Modern medicine has let a lot of young people who would have just died live normal lives. Also modern medicine in all its forms has drastically prolonged the life of senior citizens without adding many, if any more 'good years'.

Some stuff just can't be helped. Building up a 90-120 day supply of essential medicines is probably prudent. If the stuff is stable and you can afford it by all means get more. However fundamentally unless you can produce the stuff in a long enough scenario running out is unavoidable. There isn't an answer to this one.

If you are fat and have high cholesterol and a bad heart you will probably die. If a scenario runs long enough those who need intensive technological care and medication will die. A lot of old people will die though it will mostly be for the two previous reasons. A hearty 70 year old on a farm somewhere might do just fine but for every one of them there are probably 9 old folks who could not handle any level of physical labor and/ or rely on modern medicine to keep them going.

I am sorry if this offends anyone or seems too harsh. That however does not mean it isn't reality. By looking at our weaknesses and limitations we can try to figure a way around them or at least come to terms with them.
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