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Monday, December 17, 2012

Admin Note- Comment Moderation and Spam

Hey All, The Spambots seem to have caught onto our lack of word verification or comment moderation. In the last couple days a trickle turned into a flood. Some of the stuff was SEO mooching or gibberish but a lot was sexually explicit and or seemingly links to porn. I went through and deleted what I could easily find but some almost surely slipped through the cracks. On a positive note I am pleased to say that blog readers behaved like the decent adults they are during this period of 'wild west' commenting. I sincerely thank you for that.

In any case I reinstated the word verification as well as comment moderation for posts older than 7 days. Hopefully the word verification is not too much a hassle for you all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prioritization, What To Buy When And How Much

My recent post has had me thinking about prioritization for a few days. Aside from skills and luck what we need to survive is stuff. Skills are great but it is about impossible to win a gunfight without a gun and even the best mechanic can't fix much of anything without appropriate tools. It can be debated exactly how much stuff we need or what exact kind of stuff but there is a pretty general consensus on the need for some stuff. If you are anything like me the way you buy this stuff is by saving up for it. Sometimes you know that you are saving for X. Other times you don't really have anything in mind and you just stash cash until you build up a decent pile and then figure it out.

As noted before what we buy and how much of it we should get can be debated from many valid angles. Without delving into the exact deals of every supply you may need I think we can all agree that getting the right stuff in the right quantities is important.  While there are few items that are downright useless for survival the real issue is that we are dealing with a finite amount of money. If you spend a thousand dollars on a fancy fly fishing rod you can not spend that same thousand dollars on a whole bunch of food, a few cans of gas, and a shotgun with some ammo or in any other more useful way. [Not to say you shouldn't want or can't have a nice fly fishing rod. We've all got hobbies and if you can afford it then by all means indulge yourself. I am just saying that your preparedness dollars could be better spent elsewhere.]

Anyway I am going to try and lay out a general set of guidelines for prioritizing future purchases and making smart choices with your limited resources.  This might not answer the question of if you should buy wool blankets or shotgun shells or AA batteries next month. However hopefully it at least gives you some things to consider to getting toward the right path.

-First be a little human. Is there something that is really bothering you? Within reason (a retreat or a thousand dollar rifle is not what I am talking about, big purchases should be planned) if the lack of something is really worrying you then get it. Maybe your lack of canned meat is an issue or not having any stored gas is driving you nuts. Buying a case of SPAM or a couple 5 gallon cans of gas is darn cheap peace of mind. Peace of mind is what preparedness is all about. What causes these emotions in us is generally not logical so we can't let this rule our purchases but from time to time indulging this emotion is OK.

-Second  be dispassionate. The list of lists available in How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It by Jim Rawles is a great place to start. That alone is worth the price of the book IMO. You might disagree with Rawles on many things and I am not saying you need to take this list as a bible but it is a really good place to start.

Going along with this you need to realize the areas you have a hard time being dispassionate about. We are after all human and we like stuff. Lots of us like guns and others like woodworking tools and others like fishing gear or motorcycles. We tend to indulge in the things we like out of proportion. Not saying I am perfect here, none of us are and I am probably a bit gun heavy. Just saying it is something to beware of. 

-Third look at cost. If you spend two dollars on something you could get for one dollar that is a buck that can't go elsewhere. We do have to be specific and make sure we are talking about like items and comparing what we actually are looking for. For example the categories of "rifle" and "rifle that is capable of rapidly engaging multiple targets from 0-400 meters and is quickly reloaded" are pretty different.

Within a category costs should be considered. Lower costs will let you either put more resources elsewhere or pick up spares of the same item. I recently purchased a Cold Steel Voyager for about 50 bucks (can't remember). I could have chosen a 230 dollar Benchmade switchblade which are really awesome. I totally want one. However for the price of that Benchmade I could get 4 Voyagers and a couple books or any varying combination of 1,2 or 3 knives and other stuff.

-Fourth is to focus on more probably scenarios and then move to less likely ones. These scenarios will guide your purchases. What would you need for a power outage or some sort of local civil unrest? Well a pistol and a shotgun with a couple hundred rounds of ammo each would be nice. At a minimum they are comforting to have around. You will also want enough food and water to just sit at home for a week or maybe two and a plan for heating and lighting would be nice. Some cash and a few other odds and ends would be nice. Maybe a couple cans of gas to fill up the vehicle so you can drive to Grandma's in a safe area.

What about a regional disaster like Katrina? Well I would want all of the above mentioned stuff to start. Throw in a rifle with plenty of ammo and make it enough food and water for at least a month. Instead of a wad of ones and a couple 20's I would want at least a few hundred bucks in cash. Having some plans for sanitation and such would be good. A solid first aid kit and some training would be advisable as going to the local ER or calling 911 might not be an option. Instead of gas to get to grandma's 100 miles away you might need to be able to travel 200-300 miles with a lot of stop and go to get to a place that is in the clear. 

Of course for a pandemic all of that stuff would be good but you would want food and water for 90 days to 6 months. In addition to the good all around first aid kit you started out with I would stock up on lots of OTC cold meds and some other stuff.

-Fifth think of proportion. The goal is to have every area more or less proportionate to the others. Having three years worth of food and a dozen guns is fine and dandy but it is really hard to fit all that stuff in the family car you are living in when you get kicked out of your residence because you lost your job and had no emergency fund. Being able to shoot like a total killer is useless if you are in such disgusting shape that you have a heart attack when you hear a voice in the garage at 3am. I think you get the point.

You are only as good as your weakest link so don't have any weak links!

-Finally I would say that record keeping is important. Have you ever thought you had a lot of a particular item and then later found out you didn't? Have you ever all of a sudden found out that you have a whole bunch of something you didn't think you have much of? Both have happened to me. For big ticket items like guns or solar panels or gold coins it is pretty easy to keep track in our heads. However off the top of my head I can't tell you exactly how many Glock mags or tarps or machetes we have, I could probably get close but not dead on. With items that are stocked in large variety and quantity like food it is just not realistic to keep that stuff in your head. To navigate you need to know where you are and were you are going. Record keeping tells you where you are.

I think those 6 guidelines are at least worth thinking about. Thoughts?

-Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blog Matters Update

I have been getting a lot of spam lately in the comments. It doesn't take a ton of time to click reject but it sort of bums me out when it says I have 6 comments and 3 are spam. I am not talking about the Chinese (I think?) comments. They are almost surely adds for getting perscription meds or about how to make that certain part of the male anatomy bigger but they sort of amuse me so they will get approved. Because of this I enabled the dreaded CAPTCHA feature so you have to read some weird letters and type in what they say before being able to publish a comment. I imagine that will deal with this problem and it was the best way I could do so while still allowing anonymous comments.

On a slightly related note I would appreciate if everyone who reads and comments (even from time to time) would come up with some sort of a name to go by. It could be your actual name or your porn name or the name of your favorite rifle and your state or whatever sort of psuedonym you desire. It is just cool to see who comments on what and what they thing about a variety of posts/ issues over time (my memory is pretty good) instead of anonymous thinks this and anonymous thinks that.

Have a good Sunday. Off to help Wifey make a pecan pie.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I read about SPAM in a recent post over at Notes from the American Outback. Or course I had heard of the stuff but had never eaten it. For some reason I got to my mid 20's without ever eating this iconic meat in a can. So when we were at the store the other day I picked up a couple cans. Today I was hungry and it was SPAM TIME.

I was going for a breakfast theme so I opened the can and plopped the loaf o meat out onto a cutting board. Thinly sliced enough to be a reasonablish breakfast meat allotment. Started some oil (one doesn't watch calories while eating SPAM) heating up in a frying pan and cut a slice of homeade bread (which I made:) put in in the toaster and set out the eggs so it would all be ready for the fast transition which is essential for a good breakfast.

The SPAM cooked well and got crisp and dark. Flipped it at the appropriate time and let it cook a bit on the other side. Used a napkin to get of the excess oil and set it on a plate in the oven to stay warm. Got the toast toasting and cooked a couple eggs. Now it was eating time.

SPAM sort of has a greasy vaguely porkish taste with a hint of bacon. It definitely has to be crisp to be tolerably edible. I ate about half of it alone and put the rest with an egg between a piece of broken in half toast. It made for a pretty yummy breakfast sandwich.

I think SPAM could have a good role in food storage. First of all it is calorie dense which isn't ideal if you are trying to slim down your waistline but it is nice if you are trying not to starve to death. Also the stuff has an expiration date which is 3 YEARS our from the date of manufacture. While it is true that expiration dates are made by people with a vested interest in selling more of their product and concerns about law suits so the dates might be conservative that is still a long time. Eating just a can of this stuff a month you could keep 36 of them around at all times and never have one go bad. That is a pretty awesome thing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just Plugging Along

Life is just sort of plugging along here. Finally having a car is real nice. Got to get a couple things fixed (horn and windshield) before I can pass the inspection and get a permenant registration but hopefully that will be a relatively small thing. Going to the grocery store and grabbing a cart instead of baskets because we are not worried about how heavy our stuff is was nice.

Picked up some SPAM to cook like Rio Arriba did not too long ago. Come to think of it I have never eaten SPAM. Also got a can of egg nog for no real reason.

Got the rifle and shotgun spare parts which is good, Glock 9mm mags too. Had my cart full of Glock parts at Lone Wolf Distributors but then their site flaked out and after spending an hour picking everything I thought I could use I wasn't in a big hurry to do it again. Will try to do it this weekend.

Stashed 100 Euro's in the foreign currency reserves which was formerly known as the cash emergency fund. It is trickling up slowly as I toss all of our Euro change (with 1 and 2 Euro coins it adds up:) into it and a bill or two now and then. Over the next several months I intend to get to around 500 Euro's. No particular reason behind that number but it is nice and round number that we will be able to somewhat quickly stash without taking away from our other various savings.

I like that I shoot guns and exercise for work. It is a couple things I can do a lot less in my free time than I would have to if I was a manager at the plant or something. I am getting back into the Gym with a more realistic plan (3x a week not 4) so hopefully that sticks.

So I still need to buy the Glock parts and order a wheat grinder. Think I will plan on making some sort of a yummy prep type thing for Sunday which is my day to cook dinner. Maybe I will crock pot something. What should I cook?

I am pretty tired so I am going to go now. Got a short post to follow this.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Rich, Bitch

My dear respected One,

I have to write you this few words, as presently I do not have a choice but to be a blessing to you and to the poor in other countries as I have always wished.

It's with tears and pains that I write this mail from my sick bed in the hospital. I believe you have never met such a condition before.I'm sorry to bother you with my pains and vision for the poor. But I can't keep quiet because I have a strong feelings I'm going to die soon through this cancer diseases as indicated by my doctor three days ago.I have been a widow since the past two years, but before my husband died we both had a vision for the poor to be a blessing to them.

After my husband's death, I tried to fulfill this vision we had together but it did not work out well as I wished because I have tried several times giving out money to people, family members and organization for the well being of the poor here and in other countries but I found out that they never used it for the poor as I planned, rather they end up using it for their own personal use.This has caused me great pains in my heart and health.I don't know if I can TRUST you as I have been praying over this issue for the past one month, to entrust this huge amount of money or funds in your hands for the welfare of the poor and other
rightful charity homes which you know.But if for any reason you find my mail offensive, you can ignore it and please accept my apology.

If you assure me that you can be TRUSTED in this matter, that you will not act like the other people and organization whom I gave money and they failed me, then I will link you to the bank where this funds has been lodged by my late husband, to effect wire transfer of the funds to you as my relative in other to carry out this great vision on my behalf.I hope you won't disappoint me now and even after my death concerning this vision I'm handing over to you?

Kindly indicate your interest to my mail, to enable me give you directions of how you contact the bank to effect wire transfer of this funds to you and also to enable you start this project.Have in mind that the amount am transferring its beneficiary right to you is US$7.5M with its 2yrs interest of US$750.000.00 making it total of US$8.250M.Once more, I want you to assure me that you can handle this vision which am entrusting in your hands, as soon as this funds is been transferred to you, so that when I die my soul will rest in peace.Please not just assuring me to trust you but also to assure me that you will move on with this fund transfer processing with the bank here with every urgency and confidentiality until you confirm it in your account.

Have a nice day as I look forward to hear from you immediately.

Yours Sister in Christ,
Mrs.Florence Wilson

I told my dear sister in Christ that I hope she is comfortable and that it would be great if she wants to send me a check.
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