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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

AR/ Glock/ AK Field Repair Kits

My goal is to have a fairy small (paperback book sized) that could live in a ruck or range bag. The desired endstate is to be able to fix most likely problems that will occur in the field. It would be for 1x rifle and 1x pistol. I am going to do this for The AR and Glock primarily but also the AK. Lists follow:

Complete bolt
All small parts that go on BCG (firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, etc)
Hammer spring
Pin that holds trigger/ hammer in

Complete striker assembly
Trigger spring
Guide rod
Glock punch

Complete bolt
Hammer spring

If someone has input that is welcome. In particular if someone has thoughts on a comparable kit for a 1911 that would be cool. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Spare Parts Kits

My goal is to ultimately build 2 spare parts kits.

-BOB/ Range bag kit. Fairly small sized like paperbacked book ish.

-Bug Out (heavy). Say shoe box sized.

I want to focus on them in order. First will be the BOB/ Range bag kit. I could probably do it out of stuff I already have but I want to generally increase my spare parts stocks so I will buy stuff for the kits.

The BOB/ Range kit will be rifle/ pistol. Rifle is AR or just maybe AK and Glock 9mm.

I have some ideas on what I plan to do in terms of spare parts but am curious about your thoughts.

Do you have a kit like this and if so what spare parts are in it?

Thanks in advance


Friday, September 5, 2014

American Mercenary on His Survival Firearms

Our friend American Mercenary started talking about his Survival Firearms. He did a series of posts. Since I would probably comment on every one anyway and cannot think of anything to write today I'll talk about his posts. By tomorrow I hope to have some developments or motivation to do a more unique post.

The Siaga .308 is probably a lot like a Druganov in terms of reliability and accuracy. The Ruskies put out a lot more SDM's [squad designated marksmen AKA not quite a sniper but a better rifle with some more training though the Ruskies called em a sniper.] a lot earlier than we did. A very realistic 'several hundred meter minute of man' rifle. Don't know the spare parts situation but honestly semi auto .308's are relatively rare anyway so unless you stash em I wouldn't expect to find em.

 As to Pistols our friend is rocking a 1911, a Beretta M9 and a .22 cal 1911 clone. All 3 are fine weapons. The only hole I see here is the lack of an easy to conceal pistola. The kind of thing you could carry every day if inclined or realistically conceal during a bad scenario to go to the market for milk and bread.

His ARs are A2 style with HBAR barrels. I am neutral about that AR variant. Wouldn't mind one but in my mind by the time you really need to go to that trouble it is pushing the top end of the 5.56 cartridges capabilities (against people, paper targets are another issue). My AR is more of an arguably improved M4 but at the end of the day both rifles are quite useful. Mine is better for going in and out of vehicles and structures but if I was in a wide open prairie or set up on a hill his would be better. However at the end of the day the real difference between the two rifles capabilities is probably not all that huge. My thoughts are to build the AR that makes sense for you and accept it's limitations.

His Shotgun is a Norico Ithica Model 37 knock off. The Ithica Model 37 is a tried and true design and generally NORICO makes serviceable guns. The concept of use that is a duality of home defense gun and game gathering sort of hits at the utility of the pump shotgun. My only concern here is about spare parts. With say a Rem 870 or Moss 500 you stand a reasonable chance of digging up a spare extractor (and paying dearly for it, stock spare parts now!) from someones tool box of a broken gun. However the odds of finding parts for a Norico clone anywhere without a fully functional society (internet, postal service, credit cards, etc) is about nil.

Anyway those are my thoughts on American Mercenaries survival firearms. Comments are open as always.

Monday, June 23, 2014

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I was able to order 20 AK mags at a spectacular price thanks to a good, albeit invisible, friend.

Also ordered a spare parts kit to go along with them.

Plus a belt and holster to try and solidify my Glock EDC setup into something I am happy with.

Picked up 100 rounds of 9mm FMJ to shoot up and 50 rounds of .380 FMJ just in case I get a gun in that caliber (ammo is notoriously hard to find) or for charity/ barter. Along those lines I plan to pick up a hundred or so rounds of  .40S&W at some point.

This week was unintentionally quite gun centric. I am trying to sign up for a class but it didn't work today. Also deals pop up when they pop up so if you have funds taking advantage of them is prudent.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Importance of Spare Parts

I was working on project 870 this weekend. Darned if I didn't take it apart then fail to account for the shell pusher thingie that goes on the end of the spring. Yeah that is probably not the technical name. I realized this after disassembling the weapon and moving it around a time or two over about 3 days, so no way I was going to find that little orange cup.

After some cursing I went to my stash of spare parts and sure enough there was a replacement from a big purchase some years back. In fact it was the spiffy stainless steel van comp one. I got the gun put back together and it seems to be just fine.

While inconvenient that wasn't a huge deal, even if I didn't have the spare. Worst case I'd have just ordered another one and had it in a few days. At least in normal times.

At some point I remembered a similar thing happened during Project AR.Without spare parts on hand both of these guns would have been dead lined (though technically the AR would shoot) for parts that cost less than a 6 pack of craft beer.

That both of these parts losses occurred while guns were disassembled is not lost on me. I suspect more parts are lost that way then broken during use. As a take away you absolutely have to consider small parts that can get lost as well as pieces broken through use. Additionally I would be very careful about detailed stripping on guns in emergency situations. Like empty hard floored room with a white sheet careful.

Got spare parts?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Looking For a Yugo/ Zastuva Receiver Cover

Hey Everybody, I'm trying to find a normal (non rail) receiver cover for a Yugo/ Zastuva M70. Can pay cash or trade something for it. If you have one to spare please contact me via email ( If you know where to buy one (a Brick and Mortar store in Iowa obviously wouldn't be helpful) please let me know in the comments section.

Thanks in advance,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crazy Days- Walther .380's, Benchmade Auto Knives, Shotgun Ammo and Trading

So I owned a Walther .380 for about a week. You might have guessed at that earlier. I had given up on finding the gun I was looking for and the classic small carry auto seemed like a good alternative. One came up and I snagged it. The .380 was a great gun. It was easy to carry and shot like a dream, certainly the most accurate gun of it's small thin size I have shot. Anyway the day after getting it a trade popped up out of nowhere for a slightly wider but otherwise similar sized gun that suited my logistical trail much better. The .380 was screwing up my logistics, had just became redundant and needed to go. Also I sort of spent money on it I probably shouldn't have (not like spending the rent, more like project AR money). Started floating it out there then ended up swapping the .380 off today.

In trade I got $200 cash, a Benchmade 5000 Auto Presidio with the black  partial serrated blade (like a used car with 500 miles it had a a few small scruffs/ scratches but otherwise like new), 100 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot, 100 12 gauge slugs, a Magpul CTR stock and 20 5.56 tracers. We also swapped my remaining .380 ammo for 35 rounds of 00B and 200 rounds of #7 shot.

The cash will let me pick up the rail I need to finally complete project AR. The knife is something I have wanted for a long time but have never been willing to pay for. Honestly I just haven't been able to justify it despite trying to do so and really wanting one. Nothing wrong with a Kershaw Blur or a Benchmade Griptillian. No real NEED to spend more on a knife than that which is why I didn't. Anyway a good deal popped up so I took it. Really it is what sealed the deal on this trade. As to shotgun ammo I was semi in the market for it, half because we can use more and half because it's the ammo that is currently available at prices that are reasonable for stocking up. The stock I didn't need, it might end up on my rifle but worst case a nice back up stock isn't a bad thing.

So anyway I spent a good chunk of the day figuring out the deal then after work went and made it happen. Between a cool new knife, a few bucks in my pocket and some more ammo I am pretty happy with the deal. Also the renewed simplicity of my logistical trail is nice.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Home Brewed AK-47's

An AK made out of a shovel. Warning for our more conservative readers the Chive, which is the site I found this on, has pictures of girls in bikini's and other Maxim/ FHM type stuff. If you start clicking around links on the site you may see that stuff.

Build This AK.

If you socked away an AK parts kit, or 5, an all of a sudden want to turn them into rifles this could be a good way to go about it. Seems like something a moderately handy person with some basic equipment could do.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Question: Winchester 1894 Basic Spare Parts Setup

What would you consider a basic spare parts setup for a Winchester 94 30-30?

 My initial thoughts are extractor, ejector, firing pin, tube spring (whatever it's called the spring for the tubular magazine), hammer spring and the 6 or so the screws/ pins that hold the gun together. If you have an opinion on this please let me know in the comments section. I'm looking to stash some spare parts for my Cowboy Assault Rifle. Thanks

Edited to include: Somebody asked about Marlin spare parts. If anyone can help on that front please do so in the comments section.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

RE: Parts and Springs

In my recent post on Standardization of Weapons I received a comment that was worth replying to on the main page. 

"Been through several Gun and Ammo buying panics and shortages. Learned my lesson and have ample supplies that will last me for my remaining years.

Common calibers are still a good bet. 30-06 is the most popular hunting round and will be easier to obtain than some oddball caliber. Also having reloading equipment is vital. And tools and spare parts for your chosen arsenal. How many of you Glock whizzes can gunsmith your guns? Most of us old farts with our 1911's can replace most parts and have the tools and spares ready. I bet most Glock shooters do not have even the simple punches needed to fix their guns.

Have tools for your AR? How about the Shotgun, can you remove an 870 forend without damage? Know how to clean and repair mags? Have extra springs?

Have reloading manuals, and more reloading manuals. Know which powders can be used in multiple platforms?

Lastly how about bullet casting tools?

It's more than just the guns."

Ryan replies: I would bet a very high percentage of gun owners do not have basic manuals let alone tools or spare parts.

As discussed earlier I agree about common calibers. It helps that Glocks do not break very often. Have got punches, a modest stash of parts and a good reference book for the Glocks. Am doing OK on AR spare parts. Could use a good M16/AR reference manual but that will be taken care of in the near future.

In time I would like to stash some spare parts for our ancillary guns. Maybe I should start doing some analysis on that.

Haven't taken the forend off an 870 yet, though I will be doing that in the near future to rattle can a gun with a rough finish. Got some spare parts and springs. Can clean mags but haven't really every felt the need to. Do keep a few springs but mostly went long on the mags themselves.

At this time I do not reload. The ability to store components and flex them to whatever you need the most has some allure and I would like to be able to shoot cheaper so eventually I will start reloading. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.Honestly I don't consider it super important. Seeing as I cannot make quality smokeless powder or primers reloading only goes as far as stored supplies or what you can buy anyway. To me it's sort of like saying you have food security because instead of buying canned chili you make your own from canned beans, canned tomatoes, frozen meat and the packet of chili powder that all come from the same store that sells the chili.

I do agree it is more than guns but the streamlining of a well though out battery sure helps. Stocking spare parts for 5 types of pistols, 3 makes of shotguns and a bunch of rifles would be a headache for sure. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Diane Feinstein's AWB Version 2

The much dreaded Assault Weapons bill was presented. I urge you to write your representatives and tell them in a nice polite way that criminals by definition break the laws and this will only hurt law abiding gun owners. If you are lazy like me Ruger makes it super easy by having a nice form letter ready to go and looking up your reps automatically. Seriously if you care about anything I say take the time to let our representatives know that you are against this.

Also if you have not already JOIN THE NRA.  They are not perfect but are big enough and strong enough to actually do something. Join some other organization(s) if it makes you happy but send the NRA some love first.

If your personal 2A preparations are not where you want to be I would think about working on it. Do not spend the rent money or max the visa but if you want it and can afford it then think about buying. Yes AR's that cost $650 2 weeks ago are going for 1,400ish BUT THEY ARE AVAILABLE. Cannot say that will be the case in 2 months.

Some folks might want to think about caches. I have heard 6" PVC pipe and end caps as well as PVC glue can sell out in a hurry. Spare parts and manuals (a weak point of mine) are good things to have also. The cleaning stuff to put a greased up gun back into action would be smart also.

This weekends coming purchase binge will take care of most of my lingering accessory needs. Thankfully the stuff we need (vs want) is not targeted thought the overall everything with or around a trigger buying binge is affecting things all the same. Sure there is more stuff I want thankfully these are wants not needs. Some will be purchased when available like ammo and other stuff might be indefinitely postponed depending on how things go.

Honestly I am getting pretty bored of talking about this all the time. Think it is time to talk about other stuff and begin to resume normal operations.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Midway is Pushing Partial Back Orders Out The Door

 I ordered a bunch of different AR parts from Midway a couple weeks back. A full BCG, a spare bolt, a couple receiver extensions and some other stuff. The stuff that was in stock shipped and the rest was on back order. I wasn't worried about exactly when it showed up as it was just spare stuff anyway. This morning I got an email. It is unchanged except that obviously my last name is not XXXXXXX.

-Email follows-

Dear Ryan XXXXXXX,

We have been holding some products for you, waiting for other items to arrive so we could ship your order complete.  However, we believe an Executive Order could be released any day prohibiting the sale of certain products such as high-capacity magazines and AR-15 parts and accessories.  Therefore we have done a partial release of your backorders to ensure that any of these items and other items we had in inventory waiting to ship complete are all on their way, in case such an Order is forthcoming.  You will receive a shipping notification shortly.  Other items on backorder, that we have not yet received, are not affected by this partial release.

We appreciate your understanding and your business.  We always put Customer Satisfaction first and believe this action is in the very best interest of our Customers.


MidwayUSA Customer Service


Maybe they are just doing this to appease customer concerns or do they know something I do not? Thoughts?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Southern Prepper 1 Video and Tab Clearing

Hat Tip to Modern Survival Online for highlighting this excellent video by Southern Prepper1.

The points about working on your fitness, confirming zero's and testing weapons are excellent. Also the reminder about web gear/ chest rigs/ something to carry ammo, spare parts and such is very valid. Personally it reminded me that we need a couple of good schematic books and do not really have a solid dedicated rig for the AK. Sure I could slap something together from the various pouches that are lying around and worst case could use one of those com bloc 5 mag(?) pouches that were tossed into mag deals forever but but that is not idea. More stuff to add to the list I guess.

French soldiers are joining the fight against Islamic rebels in Mali

Dangerous Old Men. I would humbly submit that the last decade of war has produced a whole lot of dangerous young men. Many of whom are right minded and bought an AR on leave or shortly after getting out.

Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns by Charlie Daniels. Yes, that Charlie Daniels.

Saw this picture of Rick Perry on the drudge today and could not help but share it. It went up awhile back in conjunction with Texas allowing law abiding concealed weapons permit holders to carry on campus. While he came off as the stammering idiot of the group during the Republican Primaries, which says a lot; he actually seems legitimately pro gun which is cool.

Anyway I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happiness is a Brownells Box at Your Door

I ordered 10 more PMAGs and some various spare parts from Brownells on the 17th of December and it showed up at my door this evening. In the time it took for them to ship the price I could get for them has multiplies 3-4 times. However those are just paper gains because I am not selling them.

We did not need them but I wanted more PMAGs. Wish I would have ordered 4 more so we would have a nice even number. I'll tack them onto my next order and if they show up that is nice and if not oh well. Honestly we are above ratio (20 per gun) so they aren't needed but I like PMAGs and want the option to continue using them. Spare parts were to replace some taken from inventory to finish (after me losing/ breaking a couple things in my AR-15 lower receiver build) and fill some holes we had.

5 Lessons from the Panic in 2012 at Teotwawki Blog was worth reading and thinking about. All in all if things get ugly we are not in a bad spot. Mostly this is because we were not in a bad spot before this whole current mess. The vast majority of this preparation was done over a few years at normal prices and deals when I could find them. We have picked up a few things including this order but they were really just rounding things out. This mag order was icing on the cake so to speak.

Also I knew what our shortages were and acted upon them. Not perfectly.  The day those mags were ordered I SHOULD have purchased an AR-15 stripped lower for a pistol build when prices were sane. Don't have a great reason why, this just didn't happen. If something sticks I will really regret that mistake. Beyond that anything I would want (a complete AR pistol to go with that lower or a PTR-91) would have been cost prohibitive for us.

The only thing that really came to mind except the stuff covered in Alexanders post is the benefit of having some money lying around. We have been able to surge on some things because at little to no notice there was money to do so. If we had no money that would not have happened. 

Anyway those are my thoughts on that. Hope you are doing well filling whatever shortages you may have.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Assault Weapons Band and Matthew Bracken Radio Interview

Matthew Bracken comes on about an hour in. Worth listening to as Mr Bracken always is. Maybe he is right and maybe he is wrong; I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

I do not take easily to panic but if the Dem's could pull something off this is the best opportunity in awhile. [Well since the two years where they had the house, senate and presidency but did nothing.]

After looking at our inventories I saw some holes. AR mags are in an OK spot but I want more PMAGs. Also AR spare parts could be better.  Brownells has PMAGs for $12.50 a piece as well as a variety of AR-15 spare parts. Our ammo situation is not great but decent. Code for I want more ammo but these days even the best priced ammo is expensive and there is other stuff on the list. Sure if I had a few hundred bucks sitting around I would like another case of 9mm ball, one of 9mm JHP and 250 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot. Those needs will addressed over the next year or so as finances allow. The holster situation could be improved as I need a nice Safariland holster as part of a war belt setup and a nice range bag would be cool but those are low on the list.

This all depresses me and I am headed off to bed. Anyway figured I would let you know what I'm up to.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

You Can Haz AK Parts?

Cope Distributing has Romanian WASR Parts Kits for $179. If you have an AK and are not squared away on parts this is a good way to get there. Assuming you have the available funds this would be a prudent purchase.

Monday, April 9, 2012

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

I put some time into my systems over the long weekend. I need to find a few things and order some odds and ends in the near future. Still good progress was made. Will get off my lazy butt and do some posts on this stuff soon.
As Zero noted it is about time to freak out that the next administration, in this case most likely a lame duck Democrat will bring about another AWB or whatever. If I was just a shooter this would be easy as I would toss all available resources towards guns, ammo and mags. However since I need to worry about eating, drinking clean potable water, communication, shelter and such there are certainly trade offs. Luckily I have had a few years working a decent paying job to fill most of my needs and some of my wants. Thus I don't need to freak out but looking at where I am and prioritizing filling a few holes is not a bad idea. I sort of overlayed my biggest holes with the stuff most likely to be easily taken out of circulation (at current prices) and got a shopping list.
The stuff I see as most vulnerable are imported items and magazines. For example imported Siaga shotguns and dirt cheap HK G3 and AK-47 mags could be gone in a single executive order or a change in import regulations. I don't own or have a huge desire to own a Siaga, though if I did I would get one and plenty of mags. Since I picked up some mags for the PTR-91 I may get some day that is off the list.
Today I ordered an AK-47 spare parts kit and 10 more European surplus AK mags. I don't really need the mags but at $9.95 a piece they are a great deal.They give me enough to comfortably equip another AK which is a nice option to have. If I never get there they will go into the barter/ charity pile. This purchase is the last I really want to make before November timeframe.

However if I can get around to it picking up 10 more PMAGs, 10 more Glock 9mm mags, and an AK drum would be nice. Speaking of which does anybody have experience with an AK drum that doesn't suck and is currently available at a reasonable price? I have to weigh it up against other things on the list and am not sure where this stuff will fall. Still though November is a long time away.

It is probably not a bad idea to take a look at your situation. If you have a gun lying around with just 2-3 mags, especially one that you rely on it might be prudent to order a few more just in case.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Question- AK Parts Kit?

Hi All, I am tentatively in the market for an AK parts kit (gun sans barrel and reciever). The usual places I shop do not seem to have them. If you know somebody that has them in stock please drop me a note in the comments section. Thanks,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reader Questions: Springs and Followers instead of Magazines

Sam asked... I agree in having lots of magazines, but what do you think of fewer mags and lots of spare mag springs and followers? This means less cost and less storage space of course and it is another way we might reduce our prepping costs.

 [To recap I personally like to have 20 magazines for a defensive rifle and 10 for a defensive pistol. These are minimums PER GUN. Less for non core weapons, hunters, plinkers, etc]

To answer Sam's question we need to discuss the reasons for storing extra magazines.

If you are reading this blog I probably don't have to make a hard sell as to why you would want to keep a  stock of magazines. Fundamentally they are a semi disposable item that are essential for the full operation of firearms. Without a magazine a semi automatic weapon is an awkward single shot. They are useful for all kinds of nasty survivalist scenarios. It is prudent to be prepared in case of some kind of future ban on politically incorrect magazines. This has happened in the past, most notably from 1994-2004. I know a guy who paid $160+ in 1990's dollars per magazine for some stuff he was caught short on. Also magazines in general and particularly military surplus type magazines can decrease in availability over time and prices of mags are not going down any time soon.

Now let us look at the reasons we might find ourselves raiding the stash of magazines we have to supliment those in our general load out. The first would be to replace magazines that we have been using which are no longer servicable. A mag wears out or breaks and needs to be replaced. Mags can wear out of break in a variety of ways. Springs can wear out and feed lips can be damaged or work beyond use. Bottom plates or mag bodies can break. My anecdotal observations show that rifle magazines usually fail by worn/ damaged feed lips or worn out springs and for pistols it is usually springs or mag bodies.

The next would be replacing magazines that are lost or misplaced. In fights or tough realistic training that require reloads magazines can get lost. Maybe you can't conveniently put a mag into a pouch or pocket or they fall out and either you can't come back and look or they get lost in the brush. Occasionally a mag could be left at the range or whatever. These things don't happen a lot but they do happen. For me the culprit has been misplacing magazines. A mag gets put in a backpack or a drawer or whatever and gets forgotten about. Once I was moving and emptied out a closet to find aproximately 15 magazines and 500 rounds of ammo. If you only have a few magazines, particularly in an environment where they are difficult or impossible to replace this sort of thing could be devastating. If you have a healthy stock of magazines it is just mindly inconvenient.

The last reason would be the all encompasing "other". Other could be deciding that you want to carry four magazines instead of two. It could also mean deciding that you want to keep some loaded mags in the car or at some alternate location. Maybe you have a friend (who uses a compatible gun because you are smart folks) is caught at your place and things get hairy or they don't quite do the best job of preparing and need a hand.

So back to the question at hand what you think of fewer mags and lots of spare mag springs and followers? No, I don't really recommend fewer magazines and lots of springs and followers (on a tangent I have never seen the actual follower really fail). The numbers I recommend are what I decided were good based on my experience and overall situation. They are what I personally use. Buying a lot of mags sucks, even relatively common and inexpensive ones add up in cost fast but it beats getting caught short.

That being said I suppose one could reasonably decide to get a couple fewer magazines and store some spare springs as long as it doesn't get too extreme. If you get maybe get seven pistol mags and 14/ 15 rifle mags and keep some springs around that would probably work. However I certainly wouldn't suggest only having three pistol mags and eight rifle mags with extra springs. The reason is that spare springs really only cover you if the spring on a magazine wears out, not if other parts wear out/ break or the whole thing gets lost. Also extra springs do not equal extra magazines. Furthermore low levels like that would make you too vulnerable to the damage or loss of a single magazine and give little ability to have a heavier load out or cross level/ trade magazines as needed.

I hope that answers the question or at least gives you something to think about.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oregon Trail Series #2 What The Oregon Trail Taught Me About Survival

1. Mr. "I'll take 4 oxen and all the bullets $1600 will buy me" was amusing. At least he was amusing to me, Wifey who played the game as a kid also didn't see the humor, I think that was because every boy went the all bullets route at least once. Our results were invariably unsuccessful. Breaking down or starving to death way before getting anywhere near running out of bullets. You have got to allocate your resources to meet many different needs. All the bullets in the world will not feed you. All the food in the world will not help a sick kid. Medicine doesn't make up for not having a spare jacket or a broken axle. Prudent people allocate their resources diversely to meet their many needs.

2. To capture this significant issue in its own lesson; bullets will not solve every problem or keep you reliably fed. Sure you can hunt but even a great shot might not see game that often. You need to store food.

3. Sanitation and hygiene are important lest you want to die of dysentery. That pretty much speaks for itself.

4. Something will happen so you don't want to spend all of your money. If anything the game under emphasizes this point. You don't know what is going to happen. It could be running low on oxen or the need to replace that extra spare axle. People take cash so you better have some available.

5. People die and not just random strangers but people you know. The game made this almost laughable with like a 30 percent mortality rate but lets not ignore the point. To think that your family will get through a prolonged dangerous period without outside assistance is probably naive. [Especially if that time included multiple violent confrontations it is almost laughable. If you think some guns, maybe a bit of body armor and a day once in a blue moon in the backyard trying to do battle drills will mean you come out heroically and surprisingly and completely unscathed you're more optimistic than I am. Once you consider that these contacts are more likely to be defensive than offensive the odds get even worse.] Getting your medical training and supplies squared away is a darn good start. Being careful and using proper safety equipment is prudent also. Someone truly out in the hinder boonies probably needs to worry a lot more about a slip with an ax then a gunfight. However while I encourage you to prepare as fully as possible for all these situations it is worth squaring yourself up with the fact that someone could die.

6. Whatever the risk don't be afraid to seek opportunities. There are always risks in life. However if you refuse to pursue any opportunities because there is some risk involved you won't get much of anywhere. It could be moving to another state for a new far better paying job with some real potential or deciding to become a single income household. It might be moving to a rural home, into alternate housing or even off grid. All of these possibilities have some risks (though death from dysentery is low on the list) that need to be accepted. Don't be afraid to accept some risk.

7. Be prepared for a long journey. No matter how much you spend or how hard you work the road to preparedness, like the trail from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette Valley, is very long. Some times it is going to seem like it will never end but unless you keep moving the end never comes. Then you just end up in Nebraska or Wyoming which are nice enough places but much harder to farm in than the Willamette Valley.
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