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Saturday, October 12, 2013

For Sale Or Trade: PSE Nova Compound Bow

I have a PSE Nova Compound Bow. It has a Toxonics Solo Track sight and a TRU Ball Release. Also I will toss in 3 functional arrows and 3 more that need the back plastic thing (nock?). Whatever else I find that goes with the set will get tossed in also. Got it in 2003 with plans to use it for deer hunting but that never happened. Shot it a bit then lost interest so it has sat in storage since. Nothing wrong with it that I am aware of, just tired of hauling it around when we move.

Looking to sell or swap it for something I can use. Asking $130 cash which is about half of what it cost new.  That's sort of a guess on what seems fair for both parties; if I am way off on value we can talk.

Edited to include: We'll have to figure out shipping as this is a light but oddly sized item. Depending on the deal I might be willing to pick up some or even all of that cost. 

Possible trades items include gently used quality knives by company like Benchmade, etc or lights (surefire, streamlight)  either weapon mounted or handheld, quality holsters for a Glock 9mm or various revolvers, a simple recurve bow like a fiberglass one, some sort of a helmet or potentially other gear I can use.

Trade values are hard to pin down but it wouldn't be my used stuff at 60% of new price and your used stuff at 95% of new price. Depending on values of both our stuff some cash going either way in a trade can even things up.

Anyway if you are interested drop me a line @

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

Spent the morning garage doing the great garage sale hunt. Here were some of the finds.

-A Dietz lantern of the red and fairly worn but good condition variety for $3.

-A Craftsmen hack saw, excellent/ like new condition for $2.

-SAW pouches in desert camo, used but very servicable for $1 x2.

-Lots of toys for Walker and clothes in the next size up for Daughter

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tab Clearing

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Looking for a Few Good Poncho's

Hey All, I am in the market for a couple of genuine USGI poncho's in the old woodland camo pattern. Looking for new or used in legitimately good condition at a sane price. If you know a dealer that has these in stock please let me know. Thanks,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project 870 Paralysis

Alexander Wolfe and Tam's shotguns are coming along nicely. My project is stalled. A week ago I would have said it was pending funds. However upon reflection I just haven't been quite sure where exactly it was going.

At this point instead of turning my shotgun into what I want the idea of simply purchasing a slightly more purpose built gun has come up. For the cost of buying an extension plus what I could probably sell my gun for one with a factory extension could be purchased. Once I $25 in a couple doo dads plus pay for shipping everything this option would probably SAVE me a few bucks. Given the randomness of used gun availability this option may or may not pan out. I'll give it a couple weeks to see what happens.

For lights I'm going to go with the surefire forend. Probably the most expensive way to skin that cat but I think its the best.

Anyway that is the status of Project 870.

Monday, January 7, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

With having another kid and all not a lot happened this week. Did pick up various extra hygiene stuff and OTC meds. Also replaced some batteries that had been used.

Also I did some tweeking to my GHB. I think at this point it is going to slide from a true EDC to a lives in the car GHB. Adding that $20 brand new USGI gore tex and a couple light weight tops, 2 spare mags for the Glock, 100 rounds of 9mm,100 rounds of .22 and about 2k more in calories in food. It was annoying to haul for my few strictly EDC things but now I don't really want to haul it to class and whatnot. If I was going in someone elses car or whatever I would put my few EDC things in it but otherwise it's just going to live in the vehicle/ near me. Will likely get another bag to fill the EDC in the near future.

I'm working on swapping another gun or two. Noticed two interesting phenomenons worth discussing. The first are folks who think that they can get new gun prices for their barely *cough they are all barely used come selling time cough* used gun. Sorry folks, when you take it out of the gun shop it becomes used. Period. END OF STORY. The second are the people who send you a note asking what the absolute lowest price you will take is. Most smart folks build in some bargaining room to their asking price so there is some wiggle room but come on. If you are too lazy to bargain you pay asking price or walk. Anyway these two things have been annoying me lately.

Also as a bonus I almost appreciate the guy who sends an email offering half the going price of guns. Helll no I won't sell him a Glock for $300 but can't blame the guy for trying. Guess he is sort of the used gun equivalent of the dude who asks every woman he meets if she wants to have sex. Even if the rate is 3% if he asks 100 folks week he does pretty decent.

This coming week I am getting back to eating right and serious PT which is good. Planning to review the Solo Pot 900 also. Will put some work in on my BOB and just maybe talk about my GHB.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Buying and Selling Stuff

Wifey buys and sells lots of things. Stuff we have that we no longer need goes and stuff that we do need comes. Occasionally in the great quest to have a household that doesn't suck things get upgraded. Lately I have been doing some buying and selling also but the specifics are not important. Every market is a bit different and the things you see can be interesting.

Wifey and I have seen that the market down here in Southern Arizona is weird. There are people who want reasonable prices and folks who have got to be nuts. Why somebody would think they can sell something for the same price it is in the store for is beyond me. This is optimistic when they get something new and do not end up using it but outright crazy when the stuff is used.

When it comes to buying and trading stuff there is a balance to keep. If you are only in the market for thing #1 on the list it may be a long time. On the other hand if you take everything folks offer then you end up with a big mess and not the stuff you really need. I am trying to open it up to the top 3-4 things on the list. When one gets taken care of then things bump up a notch. Of course if there is a great deal it might be worth looking at #5.

Along those lines barter is a hassle. Seriously there is a reason that people started using money. Think about it. For a trade to work somebody has to have a thing I want that they are willing to trade for something I have that I am willing to part with. When it works trading is great but a lot of the time it is really a hassle.

I have seen people wanting outright stupid prices for guns. A guy wanted a grand for a Romanian WASR! Folks are trying to sell no name AR's for what I spent on Project AR Upgrade. While guns do hold their value pretty well they do not increase in value (baring a ban) like tribbles on the Starship Enterprise.

Also it is amusing to me that people think a gun being their own 'custom build' is a desirable thing. First of all guns built by idiots in their basements lead to a lot of the myths of poor reliability. Second like hot rod's odds are somebody who really wants to do a nonstandard build wants the parts he thinks are awesome. Also the idea that they can get the total value of every part as a fair cumulative price is amusing. Just because the parts cost 2 grand does not mean it's a two thousand dollar gun. The conversation with one fellow that the gun he wanted $2,400 (IIRC) for probably was not worth a grand was awkward.

Also people flaking out is just part of the deal. Everybody has a life and lots of stuff going on. Of course you might not want to deal with that person again, especially if you are really inconveniences, but no need to take it personal.

Anyway those are my thoughts on that.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

This and That

The Governor of Maine says the court decision [on the new health care law] has "made America less free." "We the people have been told there is no choice," he said. "You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo -- the IRS." I really think he should stop holding back and tell us what is really on his mind.

The Patient Option Act, a practical alternative to the current mess we are getting into.

Will your internet connection go black tomorrow?

Instead of bothering to link to all of them just go to Claire Wolfe's tab clearing page.

The Sovereign Man: Offshore Business, Global Opportunities, Freedom and Expat News.

If you are looking for a used vehicle I strongly suggest consulting The best used vehicles for under $20,000 by consumer reports. We are probably going to be in the market for either Hyundai Accent with 50-60k miles or a Toyota Corolla with 70-90k on it once we get to the states. Hyunai's were a great deal 8-10 years ago but their prices have gone up a lot which ironically raised the price of the older used ones also. The Toyota is a lot more money but they last forever. Then again for 50% more money you can usually get a lot more car. We have some thinking to do on this one.

If you haven't seen it yet I recommend Western Rifle Shooters Backgrounder on First Aid Kits and Blow-Out Kits. It is complete with links and you could use it as a shopping list if so desired.

I got an email from the folks at Full Spectrum Dominance saying they are linking to us. They are a News Aggregator who pull in some really obscure stuff. Pretty cool if you've got the time. I will probably add it to my weekly news rotation.

I stumbled onto a topic floating around that concerns me called The Orkin Man. I wish people could finally realize that this plan doesn't work. It has repeated and failed way more times than Communism. Here is what happens: A bloodbath ensues, killing a bunch of elite's as well as a whole lot more of the wrong folks and just plain folks caught in the crossfire. This bloodbath is almost immediately followed by the people who did the killing becoming the new elite's. [Hint: the folks you want as leaders aren't the ones running around executing people wholesale or leading the mass murdering bloodbath executions.] With boring repetitiveness those new elite's are even worse than the old elite's. Those first folks may or may not not hold power but the ones who come next aren't much better. Reference the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, Mao's disaster in China, The Khimer Rouge and pretty much every revolution I can recall except the American one.

To end on a lighter note I stumbled into a site for Infantrymen called Got some half funny half motivational quotes off their FB page:

"Not saying your a whore, but baby if you were a range target you would be the 25m one."

"It's too hot to train said no taliban fighter ever in the history of the world."

"How many vets does it take to screw in a light bulb? You don't know man, you weren't there."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great Deal on Sig P226 pistols!

Wideners has used Sig P226 pistols for $475. Out the door at a local FFL (shipping and a few bucks for their effort) it would probably be $525-550. For a Sig that is a real good price.

I am a Glock guy and thus have no interest but reasonable folks can differ on the subject. I mention this for a simple reason. I do it to help get quality defensive weapons into the hands of as many good people as possible so they can protect theirselves. If you do not have a decent defensive pistol and like Sigs this is a heck of a deal. If you have a Sig this is a good opportunity to get one for the spouse or a spare.

Monday, January 24, 2011

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

When I wasn't at work we've been trying to maximize family time. Not a lot happened here in terms of preps. We've been working our way through storage food and stuff. However since we ended up eating out more than usual (just kinda happened and at this point we are just focused on keeping things as easy as possible) we didn't go through that much stuff.

We have been selling some unnecessary stuff. The combination of Wifey relocating and me deploying comes with all kinds of $100ish expenses as well as a grand for Wifey's ticket home. No big worries as we've got the ticket paid for. This is just a bit of a gentle push to sell the stuff we have been meaning to sell for awhile now. We made $75 for stuff we spent $30 on so that was nice.

We did stash 15 Euro's but that was on accident as we had a 50 and dinner cost 35.

I did OK in terms of working out. Got 3 extra workouts which is under my goal of 4 but certainly better than 0 workouts.

What did you do to prepare this week?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homework Assignment for the Week

It is easy to talk about decreasing your expenses and simplifying your life. However talk is cheap. This week I ask you to do that if just in a small way. To make it easy for you folks to be successful I will give you an option.

A) Buy something used. Of course I want you to buy something you already planned on getting. However instead of buying it new I want you to find and purchase it used.

B) Sell something you don't need anymore. Sell it to a friend or at a Flee Market or in the paper or on craigslist or ebay.

Unlike most of our homework assignments the due date for this one is a bit more flexible. It can take time to buy or sell stuff. However I think figuring out what you plan to buy or sell and moving towards doing so this week is probably reasonable.

Personally I am looking for a coffee maker for my office at work. My initial plan was to just go to the store and buy one. However I got to thinking that if I had a bit of patience I could save some money.
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