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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Quote of the Day

"Not very often does law enforcement have to confront actual combat veterans. When they do, there are frequently heavy casualties.....

If I played golf against Tiger Woods, he could beat my a$$ with a set of rusty K-Mart clubs, just as easily as with his Pings. It's not the gear. It's what you can do with the gear."


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Southern Prepper 1 Video and Tab Clearing

Hat Tip to Modern Survival Online for highlighting this excellent video by Southern Prepper1.

The points about working on your fitness, confirming zero's and testing weapons are excellent. Also the reminder about web gear/ chest rigs/ something to carry ammo, spare parts and such is very valid. Personally it reminded me that we need a couple of good schematic books and do not really have a solid dedicated rig for the AK. Sure I could slap something together from the various pouches that are lying around and worst case could use one of those com bloc 5 mag(?) pouches that were tossed into mag deals forever but but that is not idea. More stuff to add to the list I guess.

French soldiers are joining the fight against Islamic rebels in Mali

Dangerous Old Men. I would humbly submit that the last decade of war has produced a whole lot of dangerous young men. Many of whom are right minded and bought an AR on leave or shortly after getting out.

Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns by Charlie Daniels. Yes, that Charlie Daniels.

Saw this picture of Rick Perry on the drudge today and could not help but share it. It went up awhile back in conjunction with Texas allowing law abiding concealed weapons permit holders to carry on campus. While he came off as the stammering idiot of the group during the Republican Primaries, which says a lot; he actually seems legitimately pro gun which is cool.

Anyway I hope you all have a great Sunday.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

We got a long weekend because well, as my Dad said it would be pretty messed up if we worked Veterans Day. Veterans Day is certainly a good one but I will take any excuse for a 4 day. Wifey and I did some various errands this morning and pretty much just hung out for the rest of the day. Didn't do anything big or special. No parades or celebrations or anything like that. I just didn't really feel like doing much of anything special. Wifey asked what I wanted for dinner (tacos) and suprised me with some Heineken which was cool.

Maybe I should say something cliche about sacrifice and honor and all that but I just really don't want to. I am a veteran in the most literal sense of having personally been in combat and just don't really feel the need.

I can say that everybody is mentally affected in some way by combat. How the mental stuff  comes together from your past experiences and personality and whatever experiences you may have in war is truly intangible. I am not going to use value based words like weak or strong but for whatever reason the way people react to the same stimulus and experiences is not at all consistent. It absolutely is not A+B=C. What will profoundly affect one person might not do anything to another.

One interesting thing about OIF and OEF is that our soldier survivability has improved dramatically. Body Armor, new advanced medical training implimented down to the soldier level (in particular needle chest decompression) and better/ quicker access to higher levels of medical care are responsable for this. However an unfortunate second order effect of this (particularly quality body armor) is that while fewer soldiers are dying we are seeing a lot more amputee's. Basically with an IBA or OTV and a helmet on unless the face/ neck gets injured or one is completely vaporised there is a pretty  high probability of survival. If you have ever spent any time near Landstuhl Regional Medical Center or Walter Reed you have almost surely have seen the real scars of war up close.

I think about these seriously wounded soldiers (and marines, airmen, etc all) a lot. I don't think you can see a young man missing multiple limbs and covered in 3rd degree burns and not consider it. I think about what their lives are going to be like. Hopefully they can find some kind of a meaningful career and a good relationship and build a life for themself. Unfortunately I believe the statistics aren't optomistic.

Despite my intentions otherwise this got all heavy and depressing, sorry folks. To be honest I just find veterans day really depressing. It is a testimant to my personal functionality that I do not spend it alone in a dark closet with a half gallon of whiskey.

Quote of the Day

"Some say freedom is free, well I tend to disagree. Some say freedom is won at the barrel of a gun."
-A line from an old cadence.

Corrected and edited to note. The d and the s are right next to each other on the key board.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking Over A Town: I Call Bull Spit

This recent article on survivalblog reminded me of something I have been meaning to write. There are always bunches of ideas floating around in my head and often it takes a post somewhere that touches on the topic to remind me that I had a strong opinion/ article idea.

I grew up on Westerns. When I was in my mid teens and we got non antenna TV Dad and I would often pass windy and rainy winter days by watching the Western Channel. With rare exceptions there were only a few different plots. One of those plots was taking over a town.

It basically goes like this a fairly large group of say 12-40 bad guys show up in a town and ride roughshod over the sheriff and push people around generally doing whatever they want, until the hero comes......The thing is that in real life a loner who has a questionable past but is pure of heart with a white hat who is lightning fast with a Colt .45 doesn't show up. Also more importantly towns wouldn't need one anyway. They can take care of themselves pretty well.

If you think of the bank robbers of that era they did not stick around in an isolated town with their speed of drawing and shooting a 6 gun securing their safety. They grabbed as much cash as they could quickly and rode out of town (hopefully for them) before getting shot to ribbons by farmers and store keepers with rifles and shotguns. Most of the reason people did this is that in the pre FDIC days, if a bank got robbed the money people kept in it was gone. Nowadays average people have little to no incentive to get involved in this sort of crime but if the money in the bank/ grain in the silo/ whatever was essential to the towns very survival people would not just stand by.

I remember in one book Louis Lamour gave his opinion on that plot. Basically he talked about how it would never work and was totally rediculous. There were just too many veterans of the Civil War and the Indian Wars and too many guns in the hands of the townspeople. Some things have not changed. It is often difficult to wrap ones head around how many guns are privately owned by every day, law abiding average Americans. Not everyone is a gun enthusiast with a Glock/Sig sticker on their car but Americans own a ridiculously awesome amount of guns.

This reminds me of my late Grandfather. He was a normal professional guy, pillar of the community, member of the Kiowas and all that stuff.  In their nice normal home in a mid sized town he had a snubby .38, a full sized .357mag, a couple shotguns, a couple .22's and a bolt action rifle. Also one of my old Scout Masters comes to mind. Somehow when I was a bit older we got to talking about worst case scenarios. This Vietnam vet and normal retired guy casually mentioned that he had 4 AK-47's and 10 cases of ammo for them stashed away, as well as enough rimfire for a lifetime of small game. Few veterans I know are without a firearm and most have some sort of a defensive pistol as well as a defensive rifle (mostly AR's in this generation), not to mention whatever sporting arms they own.

Once you start looking at how many people are veterans, cops, hunters or just plain angry rednecks there are a lot. Thanks to the almost 10 year long GWOT we have a lot of young veterans and those Nam era guys are still around, heck a few Korea and WWII vets are still alive and kicking.  There were simply way too many armed, trained and experienced individuals in even the smallest town of say 750 people a lethal proposition.

I can only speak with some measure of experience about the Pacific Northwest and the Deep South as I have lived there. In either of those places there is probably more firepower in 3 or 4 city blocks than any group of bikers/ raiders would want to deal with.  A couple of smart local cops or city officials who are either veterans themselves, which is pretty common or have the basic sense to listen to those with applicable military experience could easily make the juice not worth the squeeze.

People talk about how the gloves would be off when it comes to dangerous, violent criminals (alone or in groups) doing whatever they want. That is true but those folks pretty much do what they want now, if they followed the rules they would not be dangerous violent criminals. The real game changer in the criminal to citizen relationship would be that the gloves would be off for the citizens. The idea of a group of bikers storming into town on screaming Harleys and taking over is the stuff of bad 60's era movies. Citizens and cops have a pretty good idea who the scumbags are, they are just currently bound by rule of law. I can see law and order societies, sheriffs posses, healthy reserve police forces and maybe just strait up vigilantes becoming the norm if things get bad. If you add up the police force, the local gun club, the Elks lodge, angry rednecks and all the veterans in a town of 750-2,000 there are ample numbers to make some thugs seek a weaker target.

If things were bad enough that nationwide law and order were gone and biker gangs could act without any fear of legal consequences they would likely meet a volley of rifle fire about a quarter mile from town. A biker on the move with a rifle or submachine gun (being a crook means you can ignore firearms laws which is a plus) would be no match for a deer hunter in a fighting position with a scoped flat shooting rifle, especially at a couple hundred yards.

Personally I see this sort of roving biker gang being a real issue for travelers, isolated farms, ranches and retreats. Without a serious plan to get outside reinforcements a group of 6-15 adults would have a very hard time dealing with a group of 1-2 dozen armed hard core criminals, especially if a couple of them had even minimal military training. I would be a lot more worried about relatively small groups doing what amounted to home invasions on steroids than some mobile mega gang a la Mad Max.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Can't Wait

Some time ago I observed that if you are a veteran and over the age of 50 it is socially acceptable for you to say literally whatever you want loudly and in any company. You are allowed to hold grudges against the countries you fought in, the countries who supported them and a few other groups and nations for reasons nobody but you is clear on. Best of all what you are able to angrily talk about doesn't need to have anything to do with any war, let alone the ones you fought in. If someone complains you start talking louder about the war and how you fought for this country and can say anything you darn well please.

I am already a veteran so now I just have to make it to 50. This is going to be awesome.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Days Off During The Week Rock!

I don't work tomorrow which is sort of cool. Being as we are who we are it isn't a big surprise that we take a 3 day for Veterans Day and then take the actual day off too. No big plans for tomorrow. Got to do some errands and if I am super motivated I will go to the gym. Wifey is making me breakfast which is cool and there is a decent looking movie marathon on AFN which is promising.

Apparently I am in a class to learn about mortars. I say apparently because it started yesterday and I definitely found out about it today at 9am. The math and such doesn't seem that bad, just some stuff to memorize I suppose. Sometimes in my line of work you drink from a fire hose. This morning the fire hose just sort of sprayed me in the face while I  looked at it all confused. Hopefully we will get some good concrete stuff later on.

This might set me up for some cool things down the road.

I had planned to write about this week long exercise training class I went to and the thoughts which came from it but the evening got away from me. Will try to get to it tomorrow.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Maturing as a Blogger or is it just Perspective

I have had a few interesting (for lack of a better phrase)events over the blogs history. We have had some downright tense moments here. Once a weak stupid old hypocritical piece of shit threatened me with vague harm. [I thought he was my friend but he was in fact a pathetic piece of shit. I figured it is mean kill useless elderly people even if they really ask for it.] TOM also offered to meet him in a mutually convenient location for fisticuffs, but he preferred to be a big tough man through the internet. Another time an asshat said something which really bothered me and I offered (may or may not have had a few beers) to drive halfway to whoop his ass. He did not send me an email about specifics....

Mentioning the less pleasant moments here on the blog does have a point. Somewhere in the last year or so I have apparently matured some or at least had a change in perspective.

Not too long ago a fellow said something which questioned the length and quality of my service to our country. As a Vet and an MMA guy my initial thought was to go with a ground and pound. On a tangent if you ever want a Vet to kick the living shit out of you just question the length and quality of his service. I did not go for the Jab, Power Double, Mount and Punchisize plan or its comment equivalent. I sort of waited overnight and decided that it would be more better to go with a sharp rebuttal instead of an all out assault.

About a week ago I had a message on my facebook. Some lady did not like a comment I wrote very much. I wrote her back explaining most of my position and rebutting a point or two of hers then figured the matter was settled. She then sent me a message which was direct and not really nice. I did what I naturally do (ask someone who knows me) and went strait for the attack to crush her. Had a good right hand ready to punch her strait in the baby maker and then I took a minute to just think. Believe I wrote her back an hour or two later and instead of crushing her ovaries with a devistating right cross I calmly but firmly rebutted the points of her message which where rediculous and went into a bit of length explaining my point. She wrote me back a very nice message saying she misread what I said and appologizing for the whole thing. I think that at the end of the day I can consider a woman I didn't know something of a friend (at least in this limited venue) which is a good thing.

It isn't that I am not willing to disagree with folks or make a harsh reply should one be needed. More that like the professional fighter I have become there is some thinking before unleashing death and destruction. It isn't that I am not willing to do it. I have recently called out a lot of hypocritical bullshit in a couple of good rants and given the anarchists my .76 cents. It is more that I am doing it in an intentional manner rather than "this person said something which makes me mad" sort of imprompu thing.

Who knows where my perspective, inclinations and temperament will go in the future. This could be interesting.
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