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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Three Important Homesteading Guns

I find nothing to argue with. Some might note the lack of a .22 but as Pastor Joe Fox has noted aside from shots of ammo you can fit in a coffee cup anything a .22 can do a shotgun can do as well or better.

Even at new prices you could easily buy new solidly brand name guns (Glock, Mossberg/ Rem 870 and Savage bolt gun) and come out at around $1,300. Figure reasonable (not once a year deals) used price would be closer to $1,100. Folks on tight budgets could compromise a bit (Say S&W SDVE, Maverick 88 and Savage Axis and easily come in under a grand, probably under 900.

Sure more cool guns are better but if you are on a budget 3-4 basic guns will do just fine.

Friday, October 24, 2014

From Around The Web

Aesop has been putting out some good stuff on ebola over at Raconteur Report. I have not personally talked about the Ebola because honestly, aside from knowing it is bad and a big problem, I am not too smart on the topic. In that regard it is better for me to keep my ignorant mouth shut.

John Mosby, who now writes more regularly at FO Magazine did an excellent piece titled: The Four Pillars of Individual Proficiency. Excellent stuff.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Worthwhile Youtube Videos

Pastor Joe Fox on BOB food.

Liberterians vs Conservatives on Social Issues

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Look Inward

To paraphrase Joe Fox "focus on what you can do". I have talked about the concept for some time but he expressed it in a clear and simple way that I am stealing. You can't control what the Federal Reserve is doing to the monetary supply or inflation or all kind of other things. You can control what type of debt you have (for goodness sake if you won't get out of debt (excluding your home) at least get out of anything adjustable rate) and how you choose to save for the future. You can't do anything tangible about illegal immigrant criminals (for the sake of this discussion I am talking about legal immigrants who are criminals beyond breaking our laws to come here), home invasions being on the rise and jails letting all sorts of crooks out (hint, just because they were arrested for drugs or petty robbery doesn't mean they are not a stone cold killer, they just didn't get caught for it.). You can take steps to limit your risk, harden your home and prepare for violent encounters.

After you have started framing problems in terms of what you can do start being real with yourself about what you can and can not control in the rest of your life. There are some things that you do not control. Medical conditions that are genetic or totally random are a great example of something you genuinely can not control.

Pretty much everything else is a choice. Where you live, who you are in relationships with, what you do for a living, the lifestyle you live, etc are all choices.

You can chose to move or do something else for a living and end toxic relationships. Of course there are consequences direct and indirect. Your job might not exist outside of a huge urban center. You probably kind of like the lifestyle you live and the spouse might also. I am not saying that you need to or should make all kinds of radical changes in your lifestyle. The point of this is twofold. First it makes you open your eyes to a whole wide world of options. You could move to Montana, live somewhere that you can shoot an AK from the front porch naked and sell pizza out of a van to construction workers and folks on the street. The wife might not like your naked AK shooting time and your business might or not pan out but that isn't the point.
The point is that if you want to do it you can at least give it a shot. Knowing that you have options is valuable even if you choose not to do anything with them. Next and most dear to my heart this realization cuts out the vast majority of bitching people do or at least takes it's validity away. If you really cared about being able to legally carry a pistol, owning an AK/AR/M1A, low taxes and nonintrusive government or any of the things that so often come up you would probably move someplace to someplace else. Sorry you don't make enough to support the lifestyle you want to live, figure out how to earn more or be happy with less. I'm not saying it is that simple. If you love your job, enjoy your community and are near family but your one complaint is that you legally can't own a blastomatic 2000 moving just so you can have one doesn't really make sense. However you should come to terms with the fact that you are chosing not to own a super sweet blastomatic 2000.

The only reason I can see that people often ignore this is that it is easier to blame others then admiting that THEY HAVE A ROLE IN THEIR PROBLEMS, which is still is far easier than actually doing something about them. They aren't armed to the teeth with the latest coolest weapons because they choose to live in an anti gun area. They have money problems because they make 30k and live a lifestyle that requires 30k to maintain if everything works out well, go figure how that could be an issue. That means they are less than perfect and share some blame for their situation. This is less pleasant than blaming all kinds of people and groups for your problems.
So in conclusion focus on the stuff you can do. Train, exercise, learn new skills, produce food and position yourself for a variety of scenarios. Also be sure to look at all manner of options available to you and then for goodness sake don't gripe and whine about the ones you choose.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Videos by Joe Fox of Viking Preparedness

I watched a bunch of these and learned some things. Also they were just plain entertaining. I particularly enjoy the "Survival Economics" video which is embeded below.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Quote of the Day

"You can spend a lot of money on a knife, you can spend rifle money on a knife if you want to which I think is silly."
-Joe Fox of Viking preparedness

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Very Interesting Info on Women and Minimalist Gear

Check out the recent post at Viking Preparadness. Balancing basic core needs with your physical ability and some measure of comfort makes a lot of sense to me. It makes a lot of sense to pattern things off of what the Infantry and SOF units carry because well they fight people and stuff. However we fail to realize that these are made up of healthy pretty fit men in their 20's and early to mid 30's. A guy in his 40's or 50's who spends more time in dress shoes then running shoes can't easily march around with 35 pounds of shit like a 22 year old PT freak can. Most women can't run carrying 8 spare rifle mags, a pistol and a rifle like the young and the bold can.

Heck sometimes the young and the bold overdo it. I know one guy I deployed with who went completely overboard. He was quite fit but was pretty little probably weighing 130 soaking wet with rocks in his pockets. This guy was a total tacticool geer queer. He probably dropped an entire paycheck at Tactical Tailor. I believe he had about 20 rifle mags and 10 pistol mags plus all sorts of other shit. If he could get them he would have had grenades also. Once he was getting out of the back of a vehicle and dropped like a tree strait down. People started yelling and looking for the sniper. A half a second later he was like "I am OK". The little bastard was so front heavy he just fell down. This happened several more times. He would be perfectly set up for the last stand at Isandhlwana but shit out of luck if he needed to move or be able to have any sense of balance.

It is too easy to add so much shit to your webbing/ vest/ whatever that you just can't carry the fucking thing. What would a good minimalist kit be? Carry your rifle with a few rifle mags say 4-6+ (the one area I disagreee with the above article) depending on the situation plus maybe a pistol with a spare or two, a good knife, some water, a granola bar, ear plugs, map/ compass and a trauma bandage. Someone in good shape might add a couple more mags and some comfort items like gloves and a fleece beanie but they should probably carry about the same thing.

To be blunt if you can't move around fairly easily with this minimalist setup the issue is physical conditioning or more accurately a lack thereof not what you are carrying.

Having more stuff in a ruck or whatever (second level of gear) is a good idea but for a gunfight your goal is to be as light and mobile as possible. When it is done you either go back to your rucks, your homes or you are fucking dead anyway. The whole 'the gunfight went bad so I ran into the woods and built a shopping mall with the gear in my pockets and lived happily ever after' idea is mall ninja jerkoff stuff.

From the Archives here is an old post of mine on what to carry around. It more or less mirrors what is said here.
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