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Monday, March 4, 2013

What Did You Do To Prepare This Week?

A few things happened here. Recently I have put some time and energy into stocking a few extra household items. Stuff like laundry soap, light bulbs, etc. Also picked up a few OTC meds and a half gallon of 'emergency whiskey'. While obviously not a good choice for some emergencies but for plenty of more likely ones 2 drinks at the end of a long day would be nice. It isn't a bad idea to stash some of whatever you like.

Didn't really do a long run but overall last weeks fitness efforts went decent. 

Ended up selling off the crimson trace laser grips that came with my new revolver. They are cumbersome for concealed carry being fairly large for a small gun like a J frame. They are just subtly too big to really let the gun do what I want. Also I shoot it better using the sights anyway. It's true they may be useful someday but that potential day is a long way off and during that time many new developments will likely come into play. Long before then I will probably be running red dots on my defensive pistols anyway. Also it dropped the price point for the little wheel gun which was nice. More importantly along with another sale freed up some cash for some things I will keep to myself at least for now.

Well that is what I did to prepare this week. What did you do?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally Friday!

It is Friday and thank goodness for that. Work was quiet today so I got a bunch of various stuff which has been waiting forever done. The kind of things that you need to do but always linger slightly below more pressing matter. That was nice.

Getting off work at a decent time set things off to a good start. Wifey made enchiladas and spanish rice which was great. There is beer in the fridge, scotch in the cabinet and ice in the freezer so that front is covered.

We do not have any big plans for this weekend. We will probably take Walker for a ride in his wagon both days. He really likes it, a comfortable seat but freedom to move around a bit, a place to put his milk and Dad doing all the work, what is not to like. It is also a pretty good activity to get out of the house when we don't have anything we need to do. Maybe we will go out to lunch or something. The last few things for my Get Home Bag came in this week so I am going to try and get it all put together. You will see a post on that sooner or later.  There are some various blog admin things I would like to do.

Anyway my weekend is off to a pretty darn good start. I hope yours is also.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Randomness

Well it seems President Obama's view has evolved to where he now supports Gay marriage. My thoughts on that issue are on the record and I am pretty much ambivalent about this new development. I suspect it is about firming up his base and making Romney look like an evil hate monger.

If you have been waiting to buy PM's at a dip it might be time to pull the trigger.

In case you were wondering 2 year old girl scout cookies taste just fine.

If you are short on doom and gloom there is an outbreak of whooping cough in Washington State. In case you needed any more reason to vaccinate yourself and your children.

JP Morgan lost a couple billion dollars in the last few weeks.

Greek leftists want to stay in the Euro but avoid any sort of austerity.

France's economy isn't doing so well.

I have been enjoying the show Person of Interest lately. It is a bit big brothery and will make you want to delete all social networking stuff then smash your laptop and cell phone but those may not be thoughts worth fighting anyway. There is always action and the good guys win which makes for an enjoyable show.

Dewars Scotch whisky has found a place in our liquor cabinet.  It is smooth and affordable enough to drink whenever the mood strikes me.  It isn't going to be mistaken for a nice single malt but at half the price that would not be a reasonable expectation. One of the downsides of scotch is that a decent blend is the price of a bottle of Crown Royal or a good burbon.

Have a good weekend,


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Erin Go Braugh!!

Celebrate your heritage or just plain celebrate. Eat, drink and be merry!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Thoughts: Inflation, Scotch and my Field Survival Load

Today I realized that commenting has been a bit light which lead me to look at the main page and realizing I haven't written in a couple days, whoopsy. I have been working through the errands and logistical needs required for us to settle back in here and spending a lot of time with Walker. Really just trying to get settled here so I haven't tried particularly ambitious stuff on any front. Here is some random stuff that has been going on or I have observed.

I filled up our fairly large Earth hating SUV today. It cost about $10 more than I remember. Not a huge deal as we do not drive much but it was interesting.

A bottle of J and B Scotch Whiskey has gone up two bucks in price. This is my house scotch. It is solidly enjoyable but reasonably priced so I don't hesitate to pour a glass on Tuesday if the mood strikes me. I love me some single malts but they start out expensive and go up in a hurry.

Along those lines I picked up a Glenmorangie 10 year and it is quite enjoyable. It is goes down mildly and has a pleasant, slightly spicy aftertaste. I may have to finish the glass and have another to confirm this.

I started putting together my level one survival load. My plan is a small pouch that I can slip into my cargo pocket. Depending on my level of motivation to dig around our stuff to find the right pieces it should be finished in the next few days or so. More to follow on this later. The only piece I am kind of up in the air about is the fire starter. I will go with a Zippo in the short term because I have one lying around (somewhere). However I would like to purchase a Butane lighter, like the kind you can use to weld thin metal or smoke crack underwater. Thoughts or input are appreciated on a specific windproof and or waterproof lighter you have had positive experiences with.

So that is what's going on right now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking Some Time

Currently on vacation at a great place. Having a nice glass of Oregon Single Malt Whisky. Have a nice day. I have lots of thoughts but will write them later.

Enjoy your week

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quantitative Easing Explained

I have seen this video floating around and Saddle Tramp sent me a link to it. Finally got time to sit down and watch it this evening. I suggest a stiff drink. In fact you might want to have a drink before watching this and another for during it.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

We got a long weekend because well, as my Dad said it would be pretty messed up if we worked Veterans Day. Veterans Day is certainly a good one but I will take any excuse for a 4 day. Wifey and I did some various errands this morning and pretty much just hung out for the rest of the day. Didn't do anything big or special. No parades or celebrations or anything like that. I just didn't really feel like doing much of anything special. Wifey asked what I wanted for dinner (tacos) and suprised me with some Heineken which was cool.

Maybe I should say something cliche about sacrifice and honor and all that but I just really don't want to. I am a veteran in the most literal sense of having personally been in combat and just don't really feel the need.

I can say that everybody is mentally affected in some way by combat. How the mental stuff  comes together from your past experiences and personality and whatever experiences you may have in war is truly intangible. I am not going to use value based words like weak or strong but for whatever reason the way people react to the same stimulus and experiences is not at all consistent. It absolutely is not A+B=C. What will profoundly affect one person might not do anything to another.

One interesting thing about OIF and OEF is that our soldier survivability has improved dramatically. Body Armor, new advanced medical training implimented down to the soldier level (in particular needle chest decompression) and better/ quicker access to higher levels of medical care are responsable for this. However an unfortunate second order effect of this (particularly quality body armor) is that while fewer soldiers are dying we are seeing a lot more amputee's. Basically with an IBA or OTV and a helmet on unless the face/ neck gets injured or one is completely vaporised there is a pretty  high probability of survival. If you have ever spent any time near Landstuhl Regional Medical Center or Walter Reed you have almost surely have seen the real scars of war up close.

I think about these seriously wounded soldiers (and marines, airmen, etc all) a lot. I don't think you can see a young man missing multiple limbs and covered in 3rd degree burns and not consider it. I think about what their lives are going to be like. Hopefully they can find some kind of a meaningful career and a good relationship and build a life for themself. Unfortunately I believe the statistics aren't optomistic.

Despite my intentions otherwise this got all heavy and depressing, sorry folks. To be honest I just find veterans day really depressing. It is a testimant to my personal functionality that I do not spend it alone in a dark closet with a half gallon of whiskey.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Reading And Life

The day kinda got away from me. I guess over a couple weeks I got out of the habit of writing and am just getting back to it. I had my first workout since the whole pneumonia thing today. It was pretty low key but I didn't cough up a lung so that was good. Had a buddy help me fix the clunker today. Learned a way to deal with at least one old car problem which was good.

Spent some time today catching up on the news. We are still spending more than we bring in. Unemployment is still high and confidence is low. Those evil banks and businesses are still greedily holding lots of cash.  There are some elections going on but until they are over I'm not going to get emotionally involved or think about the implications.

We were going to go to a thing tonight but it didn't work out. After that I had some quiet time with a glass of Glenfiddich and The Witch of Hebron. I am about halfway done with it and while not revolutionary it is certainly enjoyable. I am pretty tired today. The girls are on swing shift waking up well after noon and staying up till 2 or 3. I got close to their schedule over the weekend which made for a really unpleasant 5:40 Monday morning wake up. Think I am going to bed pretty soon.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Review: The Modern Survival Retreat by Ragnar Benson

First of all I would like to thank the VP of Awesomeness for giving me the opportunity to read and review The Modern Survival Retreat by Ragnar Benson now, instead of at some future date when I got around to buying it.

I am going to start with the bottom line up front. I would not suggest paying full price for this book. Not that I think it is a waste of time to read it. Just that for the money you could get a more useful book or some gear or scrape around your couch cushions until you find about three more bucks in change and get a pint of Crown Royal. If you can borrow a friends or swap for one or something then it could be worthwhile but you could do better for the $12 or so it costs to get this book delivered. It had some interesting ideas but also some redundant fluff and utterly ludicrous advice. It is worth pointing out that this book was written in 1998. It is almost entirely focused on preparing to be attacked by some sort of an alphabet agency. I suppose given its time frame and audience that was good marketing.

Might as well use the good, bad and ugly format for the rest.

The Good: I really like that this book emphasized planning for whatever situation you are concerned about in your retreat plans. An ideal location for someone who is concerned about a nuclear strike is different from that of one who really wants a low tax profile which is probably different from someone who wants to home school their kids in peace. Also I like that it doesn't entirely ignore the possibilities of living in a city. A lot of goals that people 'retreat' to can be accomplished by moving to a city in the right part of the right state.

Also I liked that it was (for a Paladin Press book focused on retreating and defending yourself from the government) relatively non tin foil hat oriented. Ragnar Benson astutely points out that you probably need to worry far more about (my example not his) what is going on at say, the county planning commission than about some obscure UN resolutions. Worry about people and agencies that can really effect your life, not obscure stuff that can't. Figuring out what agencies or groups you feel impede on something important to you then take steps to create the best situation possible is mentioned as a big point of the book.

It was somewhat unique and cool that this book went through the fairly standard advice (have multiple sources of food, water, fuel, etc) in a way that wasn't just, buy all this stuff (from companies the author works with) and you will be prepared for anything. If anything it was surprisingly light in this subject and I didn't really feel like I got Ragnar's take on it. No worries though.

The Bad:

I am coming to see that in addition to the rule that you can't publish a Paladin Press book that is more than about 150 pages long; their books must at some point mention the author doing obscure, vaguely covert/ paramilitary work on at least two continents other than North America. Not sure what is up with that but it seems sort of Soldier of Fortune style ploy to armchair commandos.

Also (and maybe this is just me writing 12 years later) the book talks a lot about how to hide your retreat from various groups including the government. My limited observation is that it is basically impossible to own and develop real property anonymously without insane resources. However since Mel Gibson could not pull off having a secret island  I question if it is possible at all. One guy living like a hybrid mountain man/ hobo in a cave deep inside a remote inaccessible region could likely be unnoticed for a long time. However the idea that you could build anything approaching a modern home that is accessible by vehicle with a well, propane heating, etc and keep it totally secret is almost laughable to me.

I would furthermore wager that a lot of the standard and illegal (so this is for academic study only blah, blah, blah) stuff about getting a new identity to be totally hidden and thus live secretly in plain sight stuff is probably dated and dangerously inaccurate. There are too many computers and too much inner connectivity these days for that to work. If modern computers didn't do it then 9/11 probably did. Maybe getting ones hands on a a drivers license that would pass the most basic scrutiny (traffic stops, buying a bus ticket, etc) could be possible but I have doubts about banking, buying real property, paying taxes, etc. Anyway.....

Also the book had a bit too much fluff for my tastes. Maybe the intent was for it to be reinforcing key points but they just didn't quite pull it off.Then again maybe they were stuck at 112 pages and wanted to get to 120.

The Ugly:

It is suggested that a person could use a bulldozer to take out a tank by flipping it over. It may be possible that some bulldozers could move something of the size of a modern main battle tank. That however misses the incredibly obvious point that tanks have lots of guns. Even using the very convenient train of thought that said guy in bulldozer could get so close the main gun is useless (a dangerous assumption as research says that the M1 Abrams can engage targets with the main gun at under 50 meters, close to point blank range) the M2 .50cal and pair of M240 7.62x51 machine guns would cut a bulldozer to shreds. Even a guy on top with a rifle would be able to stop that by shooting dozer guy in the head. 

Guess in conclusion this is the sort of book I would suggest reading if you can get your hands on a copy for little to no cost and have some free time. I am curious about what others who read this book thought.

The End

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Good Things In Life

I have been thinking about the good things in life recently. Not talking about friends and family and meaningful relationships but dirty evil stuff. For example I recently got a Berkey Water Filter. It was not cheap and at least one person mentioned that two 5 gallon buckets and some handy work plus Berkey Filter Elements can make essentially the same thing. I like my Berkey. It is nice and shiny and looks pretty decent in the kitchen.

I like Crown Royal Whiskey. In fact I am sipping on some as I write this. It is smooth and delightful. Very hard to beat an ounce or two of it in a rocks glass with 2-3 ice cubes. Of course it is not cheap, about $25 or so a bottle. Recently I decided to stop buying cheaper stuff, to just buy and drink Crown Royal. One of my better recent decisions.

I do not drink much Crown Royal. If I slugged back a big bottle a week it would get expensive;  though the economic cost would pale in comparison to the life problems it would likely cause.  A pint of the wonderful stuff usually lasts around 3 weeks  and a quart lasts a month and a half or so. $15ish a month is a pretty minor expense for us. Also we are generally frugal and earn modest though not horrible wages so cost on any single item isn't a major concern.

Splurging a little bit on something you really like is just fine. In fact I honestly encourage you to. Often the enjoyment and quality of life you will get is far out of proportion to the economic cost. It is just that you can not choose everything. Figuring out how to enjoy some nice things you care a lot about within an overall reasonable financial lifestyle is certainly a balance but far from impossible.

It is nice to live a frugal lifestyle. However I do not thing we need to entirely deprive ourselves of everything we like. Just pick the ones that are really important to you and make overall reasonable choices and things will be fine. Heck, you might even get to drink some Crown Royal now and then.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Amused Me

This is how I want to be. Only I'm not that good. Damn, I'm envious!
-Lord Humongus

Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Interesting Perspective On Remote Rural Living

Hermit has been living way out in the sticks for a shade over two decades. He wrote down some interesting observations about it. Be careful what you wish for. You just may get it. This also reminded me of an article by a couple who are getting older in the woods that Backwoods Home Magazine published awhile back.

My paternal Great Grandmother lived alone in her rural home until 90. Part of what made that possible was a helpful long time neighbor couple who were 30 years younger. The last 4-5 years he chopped and stacked the firewood for her and handled a few other heavier chores. I think the helpful relationships you can make over decades in an area are priceless. Being able to call the Johnsons and have their boy (who is probably at 25-40 not really a boy anymore:) to come move a couple heavy things or whatever from time to time is really helpful. Or course for major tasks such as re roofing multiple buildings or whatever you will probably need to hire a more formalized contractor or company but far more common than that are the times you need to move a heavy thing or replace a couple shingles. A bottle of good whiskey a couple $20's or a couple boxes of rifle ammo is a cheap price compared to a strained back or a hernia as these sort of things tend to spiral in older folks.

I think living at your ideal rural home for a long time is realistic for most people who are generally healthy. Technology and some investments can go a long way toward minimizing maintenance and the physical component of some labor. Of course keeping your hand tools as a standby is a good idea but until SHTF why not take advantage of technology like weed whackers with skill saw blades for trimming brush, hydraulic log splitters, an ATV with a small trailer instead of a wheel barrow and the like are helpful. Also as the BHM article noted minimizing non essential tasks is wise. The pretty flower gardens out by the barn were a great idea and easy enough to do when 40 might not be a good idea at 65. An hour spent weeding the flower garden is an hour you are not fixing the chicken coup or weeding the vegetable garden.

Guess those are my thoughts on that.

Friday, July 10, 2009

quote of the day

"The moral of the story is clear, instead of bourbon stick to beer."
-Life from an old cadence

I love a glass of bourbon on the rocks from time to time but sticking to beer is generally good advice.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Things Get Sketchy Out In The Sticks

I don't go out in the woods/ desert/ whatever without a gun, period. Haven't done so for a long time. I have had a few sketchy experiences which have shaped my beliefs on this matter.

Simply put when you get more than a few miles out of town into the wilderness there are 3 basic types of people:

1. Those who make a living out there. Loggers, foresters or whatever.
2. Recreational sorts. Campers, backpackers, fishermen, hunters, etc.
3. Scumbags. In the region I am from it is usually Meth Maggots.

In my younger days (pre teen to the end of high school) I did a lot of camping, skiing and backpacking. Between an active boy scout troop, a venture group of a few years and family stuff I probably averaged 2 weekends a month in the sticks over a few years. Most of these experiences happened with more or less the same cast of characters.

My very close friends father is an interesting guy. For two people with completely opposite beliefs of many things we have a lot in common. We both love the outdoors, 60's and 70's rock and bourbon whiskey. This man is a doctor and a very avid outdoors men who skis, hikes and backpacks all the time. Aside from being completely useless in a fight as he is a Quaker he is an awesome guy to have around. Unfortunately he is way too trusting. We will call him Jim. Jim's son will be called Tommy. Also a great guy but I would rather have Wifey on my side in a fight any day.

Once when I was 14 or so a group of us went out towards the coast to camp for a couple days and do this ropes course. Jim stopped and picked up this skeezy assed dude whose car was broken down or something. The aforementioned skeezy assed dude was sort of weird in the back of the van and definitely had his hand on a knife. I discretely got my 4" folding knife open (behind my back) and discretely unbelted my lap belt. We had a fairly awkward conversation waiting for the other person to do something fucked up before we tried to kill each other. He got dropped off somewhere and aside from the woman in the van yelling at Jim for picking up a weirdo the whole thing ended fairly OK.

Another time with Jim we were headed on a family skiing trip of sorts. This time we were up in the mountains to do some XC skiing. Three meth maggots (two male and one female) were out where they obviously had no business being on the side of the road with their thumbs up. Tommy and I were in the back of the van with these characters who were giving us vague directions to their car which is "around the next corner". I was more than a little worried about being with these fuckups in the back of the van. Pa and I are both fairly healthy and reasonably touch characters so in a standup fight this would be easy. Eventually several miles later we saw some fucked up late model sedan stuck in a huge puddle that would probably be considered a pond in other regions. Though awkward both of these incidents ended without real trouble.

I had one pretty sketchy experience that totally reinforced my desire to have a loaded firearm out in the sticks. This time it was just Tommy and I.

We had nothing to do one summer evening and decided to go out to the woods to have a fire, a couple beers and some hot dogs or whatever we raided out of our parents fridges. The food was eaten and the beers were drank then it was time to go to bed. Tommy racked out on the bench seat of his truck and I was in a sleeping bag on the ground. A couple hours later a shitty old late 80's toyota or honda car pulled up. [Tommy woke up also but wisely left me to deal with the situation] All sorts of smoke and steam were coming from the engine and it was pretty obvious their car was very close to FUBAR.

Five skeezy assed kids around my age piled out of this thing like it was a clown car. They were asking for a tow or some sort of help. While vague about exactly what they wanted they were also quite insistent about me needing to provide it for them. The more we talked the more insistent and generally unpleasant they became. They didn't directly threaten me but there being 4 guys looming over sleeping me demanding stuff it was heavily implied. I was trying to deal with this without taking the trouble to get out of my sleeping bag as I was tired and a bit groggy. Said something to the effect of me having no way to help them which only made them more upset. The situation was definitely escalating.

I got up to talk to them and while doing so took the revolver which was resting by my right thigh and slipped it into the back pocket of my jeans. I did not threaten them or point the revolver at them, nothing like that. [Up to this point I figured it was 50/50 if I was going to have to kill someone that night. It was going to be one kick to me then that guy would get a 210gr 41magnum JHP to the torso and things would probably get really crazy.] Suddenly these 4 scumbags realized that it would really not be a good idea to push this issue any further and sputtered off into the night.The glint of headlights off the polished finish of a stainless steel revolver sure seems to be a good attitude adjuster. I am absolutely convinced that if I had not been armed my friend and I would have been beaten and robbed that night.

Matter of factly I don't go out into the woods without a loaded gun and think it would be wise if you followed suit. Without getting into the weeds of firearm selection I like having a rifle or shotgun in my vehicle and a pistol on my person. If backpacking a rifle is probably out unless hunting and a good flat shooting pistol with some spare ammo is how I would go.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Hangover: A Movie Review

Yesterday afternoon we went and saw The Hangover. We really enjoyed it a lot. It was very random and completely hilarious. There is just something about a good rated R comedy which can not be done in PG-13. The real comedy which comes up in adult life is very often R rated so respite numerous attempts many very funny things just can not be translated into the PG-13 format.

Like any good movie The Hangover starts with a realistic situation albeit magnified to make things interesting. Throwing in some of the most random stuff I have ever seen in a movie helped this one out. I think anyone who was sat around in the morning (or mid afternoon) with friends trying to piece together a wild night of partying can see shades of their self in this movie. While most of us have probably not had a night quite as wild as this one we can enjoy the similarities. Best of all no pounding headache, dry mouth, angry stomach, dysfunctional financial fallout or strained relationships!

I like that this movies characters were unapologetic. There was no great moral at the end where everyone became a better person. That this whole wild weekend started out with 3 normal guys and 1 weirdo going to Vegas for a bachelor party was a nice touch.

It does not surprise me a bit that the director of Old School was involved in this movie. The Hangover does however manage to avoid the cliche of relying solely on dick and fart jokes, a big name or two and some random boobs to make it worth watching. Not that it doesn't have some of those elements but they are not what makes the movie.

We enjoyed this movie and if you are a fan of the R rated movie genre I suspect you will enjoy it also.

Plus how can a movie that has a tiger and Mike Tyson singing In The Air Tonight not be frickin awesome.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fuck You I'm Drunk

Stoled this from Mayberry. I'm actually exercising right now not drinking but in any case it is a great song.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Like This Plan

If you haven't noticed these days I stay away from political stuff as a rule. Unlike almost everything I hear in the news this made me a bit happy so it will be an exception to the rule.

President Obama calls for return to PAYGO rule to reduce federal deficits. I like this idea a whole lot. Unfortunately it doesn't include the current stimulus bills and deficit spending; some might say that is just a bit like a fellow chugging a whole bottle of whiskey then talking about plans for moderation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today in Review

It was a pretty decent day. I got a reasonable nights sleep. PT this morning was actually pretty nice, we ran almost 6 miles but it was sorta slow with a semi interval thing in the middle for awhile. I got home and had coffee with leftover birthday cake for breakfast. It is the rainbow chip kind which Wifey likes. Cake makes a pretty good breakfast if high on sugar and not particularly filling for the calories.

After that not much happened today. I tried to take a nap in the morning but woke up after 20 minutes and couldn't get back down. The remainder of the day was spend at useless formations at work and trying to do simple stuff and having it become complicated. I am working on getting my stuff together for a CMP purchase and it turns out I need a copy of my birth certificate which somehow I do not have. Mom (crossing my fingers) has the original so I just sent her an email asking her to make a copy and send it to me in the snail mail. If the prices weren't good I would not bother with this but having a few 192 round spam cans of 30.06 ammo already in Garand clips would sure give me piece of mind.

I had a post planned for today but ended up doing some other stuff. Sometimes things come up that are too good to not run with. As for the other post like a good whiskey they are often better after sitting around for awhile. My head is sort of like an Oak barrel anyway.

The sky didn't fall today which is a good thing. Here is hoping that it stays up for tomorrow and hopefully through the weekend. Time for me to go to bed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

quote of the day

"Alcohol is legal because I duno how to make whiskey, do you know how to make whiskey?"
-Joe Rogan
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