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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gun Time Warp: Skills and Strategy Matter Not Hardware

Lets just say that tomorrow I woke up and my firearms battery was very different. Instead of the more modern guns in our current battery I had a Remington 870 Wingmaster with an 18.5inch cylinder bore barrel and a 28" modified choke, a Marlin model 60, a J frame .38, a 1911 or maybe a K frame .357 and a 30-30 Winchester. All of these guns were available a half century ago in the 1960's.

I could hunt anything in the Continental US, have a solid CCW pistol as well as a house gun a shotgun that will do anything plus a good rifle and a .22. I would be down a lot in capacity but honestly that is rarely the issue which decides the day for Joe Six Pack civilian. Realistically this setup could handle all manner of sporting, home defense and a pretty nasty Katrina like SHTF scenario. I won't lie and say it is equal to a Glock 19 and AR or AK but assuming the operator does their job in anything short of a full on war the difference in capacity is rarely needed.

What I am getting at is that skills and strategy matter a lot more than hardware. If you are on a basic guns type budget it might be worth putting money into training before looking at upgrading your guns.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Question: Winchester 1894 Basic Spare Parts Setup

What would you consider a basic spare parts setup for a Winchester 94 30-30?

 My initial thoughts are extractor, ejector, firing pin, tube spring (whatever it's called the spring for the tubular magazine), hammer spring and the 6 or so the screws/ pins that hold the gun together. If you have an opinion on this please let me know in the comments section. I'm looking to stash some spare parts for my Cowboy Assault Rifle. Thanks

Edited to include: Somebody asked about Marlin spare parts. If anyone can help on that front please do so in the comments section.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Range Report- 25 September

Got some range time today which was pretty awesome. I have forgotten what a great stress reliever shooting is. The revolvers were fun as always. Decided to hold onto the one that I was looking at selling. It is a sweet shooter and would not bring a ton of money on resale. Forgot to bring the Browning Buckmark which was a bit of a bummer.

I have been working on being more intentional than I have in the past when it comes to shooting. Either starting from the low ready or holster and shooting controlled pairs at multiple targets. Reloads were often used. If I wasn't sold before the modern isosceles is definitely the ticket. The Glock 19 shot like a champ. There is a reason lots of really smart folks use them.

Practicing with the gear I carry with has been interesting. Like the gun, belt and leather. However my spare mag storage needs to be addressed. I have been tossing a spare mag in my off hand cargo pocket which sucks a lot for the reload. Might as well stop to get a drink of water, use the bathroom and wash my hands during a speed reload. The back pocket is better (at least it won't get turned around) but not by much. Granted carrying a 15 shot pistol a reload is unlikely but I like having one around. I've been meaning to get a spare mag pouch and start using it for CC but this really beats that point in.

All in all I was pretty happy with things especially considering pistol range time has been pretty light for a pretty long time. A pair of good ear muffs would make things a bit more pleasant and a shot timer would help me get serious about training.

The old 30-30 needed some love. It is one of those models that came with the infernal cross bolt safety. Hating said safety I promptly removed it. That left the rifle functioning how it should but with noticeable and unpleasant holes in the sides of the receiver.  Did not want the safety back but didn't want the holes either. the whole thing bothered me so it got stashed away in the safe. Recently I used some google fu to see if other people have had this same problem.

Stumbled into this article by a fellow who had the same problem. For less than a buck at the hardware store I got 2 1/4 in nylon hole inserts and gave it a shot. The gun looks like it should, well at least to a quick glance which is good enough for me. I had considered selling the gun and getting an older one (a 16" 30-30 trapper would be great but it is pretty low on the list) without the safety which is an infernal nod to our overly legalistic society but this solved the problem.

Look it is probably a bad idea to do any at home gunsmithing, let alone messing with safety features. As such I cannot recommend it to anybody and in fact suggest not doing it. As an adult with a decent understanding of firearm safety and the safe handling of this weapon I made a choice that may not be right for others.

Any day shooting is a good day. Most things went really well and there is some stuff to work on.  Planning to do some research and start incorporating dry fire practice into the mix. Hopefully there will be a lot more shooting happening (shooting for monthly as a goal) so this will be a more frequent feature.

Get out there and train!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 5 Pistol Rounds Winchester Sells

I would not have guessed the exact order (which could be a bit skewed by military and police contracts ) but the top 4 doesn't surprise me at all. We "gun people" tend to think that non gun people have the same tastes and inclinations that we do. I think this is grossly inaccurate because for every guy with three 1911's (or whatever) and a 1911 hat and a 1911 shirt and a 1911 bumper sticker there are a whole bunch of folks with a 9mm or a .38/ .357 in the night stand/ closet. In my informal observation is that average "non gun" people under 40ish almost always buy either a 9 or a .40 S&W. Average "non gun" people over 40ish generally have a .38/ .357 revolver.

As for .45acp owners they span the whole age range but lean toward being "gunnies" and own/ shoot/ talk loudly about the .45acp's great virtues. This makes them appear like a larger group than they actually are. If they prefer the 1911 they yell about its history and virtues through a megaphone. Not saying they're not great folk, they are just vocal.

Thank our friends at The Firearm Blog for this interesting report.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Steves Thoughts On Shotguns

The best all around shot gun is the Winchester 1300 defender. Which has the best cyclical rate of any pump shot gun except the FN Tactical shot gun which is an improvement on the Winchester 12 gauge but twice as expensive. The Winchester has 7 2/34" rounds in the pump chamber with one round in the breech for a total of 8 rounds or if you prefer 3" shells it will hold a total of 7 rounds. These are no longer manufactured but you can get good used on gun, Guns of America and other on line sales sites in the 300.00 range. I keep mine in a leather scabbard and keep with me at all times in the house or vehicle. There are many different ammo choices which I like the double ought in any manufacture but there are exotic rounds such as: the double slug ,pit bull, armor piercing, flash grenade, pepper blast, flechette shot shells, terminator, macho gaucho, confetti , flame thrower and last but not least the triple decker. Keep it loaded at all times and learn to use it effectively!. Good Luck! Steve

TOR adds: Thanks a lot for your thoughts! Chad has a Winchester 1300 and absolutely swears by it. Having shot Chads more then a few times I think the Winchester has a very smooth action and that they are aesthetically pleasing. To be completely honest I consider the Mossberg 500 (and 590) series, Remington 870 and Winchester 1300 functionally equal. Purchase whichever one of these three you think handles the best, learn to use it and keep it loaded at all times. Eventually when you can save up some more cash purchase another of the same model to keep at another location on the homestead or as a backup.
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