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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Open Lines Friday 2 JAN PT 2- Fiction Writing

tpals said...
Are you going to try writing fiction again? (I know I'm nagging but I want the rest of the story!)

Ryan here: No worries honestly I probably need a kick in the butt to get back to it. I have been working on this off and on albeit a lot of off and not much on. Haven't given up though I do seem to keep getting distracted and losing focus for awhile. Would like to get something together for a kindle self publishing type deal. It would be nice to get it done sooner instead of later. Admittedly right now since I do not have a timeline completion of a book is more of a wish than a goal.

So anyway that is what is up with that.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

NANOWRIMO Goes Nothing!!!

Patrice got the idea into my head. Given that I have been working on a book for awhile now (halfway through Chapter 8 of I'm not sure how many now) off and on so it seems like a good thing to try. NANOWRIMO might just be the ticket to get it done.

My rational side says I'm pretty busy so I do have some concerns about when I will find time to AVERAGE a bit over 1,600 words a day. While a marathon evening or two is doable I am not honestly willing to make a ton of sacrifices from my busy and generally productive life (work, gym, family, sleep, etc) to make it happen. My challenge will be identifying useable gaps of time in my current schedule then taking advantage of them.

Honestly if I get The Crunch finished but do not make the word could that would still be a huge win. If I finish Book 1 of The Crunch (Planning to go Archer style with 2 or more parts to the larger work)

So anyway here it goes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fiction Update

It seems folks liked The Crunch-Prologue or if they hated it were at least nice enough to abstain from saying so. A few more chapters are roughed out (written but not edited) and depending on where breaking points make sense that put's it half to 1/3rd of the way done with my first book.

You will see another chapter not later than Monday. Probably another the week after that. To get more you'll have to pay the price of a light draft beer at a neighborhood bar, not more than $3.

As to where things are going. You are going to see how our hero, his family, friends and community deal with the beginning of the crunch. I did not intentionally design this as a survival manual wrapped in a fiction novel. In fact the characters will make some choices and do some things I am not sure are 100% the right answer. Some characters will be very well prepared, others caught flat footed and many someplace in the middle. This is based in the sort of community I know pretty well. Characters may resemble people I have known, or in some cases know well. Characters are going to inevitably make mistakes which may cost them. Sort of like The Walking Dead or Son's of Anarchy nobody is totally safe.

The topics of sex and violence have some up in discussion. People will get laid, kill each other and die in this book. There are important parts of life and cannot be ignored but I think they can be appropriately tapered to the books goals and audience.

As to violence well; there will be blood. I am familiar with the type of folks who live in this fictional scenario. Also I have spent time in a couple of failed states. There will be conflict and violence. My intent is to portray what I see as realistic scenarios as they fit into the story line. I do not feel the need to work in extra violence for the sake of itself. Also I do not feel the need to be excessively graphic describing the terrible things people do to each other unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

As to sex. First and foremost I strive to have as much realism as possible in my writing. That means people are going to have sex. Sometimes real people have sex outside of situations (like marriage among others) considered appropriate by certain groups. Also occasionally they have sex in random moments or occasionally in outright destructive situations. When it fits I will include this all in my writings. That being said I do not feel a need to be overly graphic about sex. I am writing a survivalist fiction/ adventure type book not literary erotica. Expect to read something like "Suzie whispered seductively into Bob's ear, he picked her up, she waved goodnight to the group over his shoulder and they went to her room"; not the the exact details of how 'Suzie blipped Bob's blop' or whatever.

I truly hope this is acceptable for the majority of my audience. I have no desire to write something dirty. If folks want that they are welcome to it elsewhere. Since we are on the internet I bet those folks can find more porn than they know what to do with. As to the other side who are very conservative about sex and stuff. People are not always perfect. Sometimes they have sex a bit early in  a relationship or with folks they probably shouldn't. While they may not be your realities what I am going to express are human behaviors that are well within the normal range. I truly hope to write in a way that gets my message across without making anyone uncomfortable.

My overall intent when it comes to the violence and sex is to produce a book I would be comfortable with a 13-15 year old kid reading. Sort of like the literary equivalent of made for TV western based on a Louis Lamour book with Tom Selleck and or Sam Elliot. Some folks will get together, others will die but it's not going to be excessively graphic about either. Of course a parent should read my book first then judge if it is appropriate and something they feel comfortable with their kid reading.

Anyway I am hesitant to give an exact date but my goal is to have this book done in some time in the fall. So that is what is up with that.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fictional Possibilities

There may be some fiction coming to the blog. I have a reasonably formed idea that just might lend itself well to the blog format of short, semi regular type posts. The concept will sort of straddle some concepts for where our future may be going as well as serve as a useful venue to share ideas and lessons on a variety of preparedness and  guerrilla/ insurgency related topics.

Really wanted to start writing today. However I realized the smarter approach is to 'measure twice and cut once' instead of just cutting away hoping it will all work out. So instead of writing I tried to flesh out some stuff that should help down the road. Odds are like most plans it will not survive first contact but hopefully the process of developing a plan should be useful over the long run.

The first post/ chapter in the series might be as early as the next couple days or as late as next week. I hesitate to say what sort of frequency these posts will come at until there is a better idea what sort of time they take and if I enjoy writing them. Heck, I could suck at writing fiction and just scrap the whole thing after a few chapters.

So that's something new coming down the pipeline. Hopefully it will be fun for everyone.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Content Tune Up

What features or topics would you like to read more of? Is there anything I haven't been writing about that roughly falls into my areas of knowledge that you would like to read? What is boring the heck out of you?

I try to be as responsive as I can. Now and then folks shoot me an email asking my thoughts on this or that and I drum up a post. The point of mentioning this is that if you want to know what I think about something let me know and you can probably find out. There are areas I am not comfortable talking about in a public/ electronic venue with total strangers and I can obviously only write with any authority about what I know so some topics would not work.

Anyway please let me know so I can make this blog better.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogger Fail

Sometimes I schedule a post and forget about it then write another post post. If I am running low on extra stuff I then shuffle things around which is a minor hassle. Other times I just don't bother. In any case you all get an extra article today.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I've been here in Afghanistan for several months now. Starting to get it pretty ironed out how I am going to operate for the duration and am on the best schedule I can be. I would say that I am doing ok, all things considered. Now I am trying to improve some little things to raise the bar of my functionality and happiness a bit. In this my attention is turning to blogging. Aside from work I eat, exercise, sleep, talk to Wifey, surf the net a little bit and blog, that is pretty much my life. As for the blog I feel like I am getting kind of stale. One part of it is that I am not preparing in the active, doing things sort of sense that lends itself to making great posts. Not a lot I can do about that one. The other thing is that I feel really disconnected from you guys. It is more like I am just talking than the fun, interactive barroom full of friends venue I enjoy. Right now I can think of two things that will help with this. First I am going to make time to reply to comments. It should only take 10-15 minutes a day and I have the time. I have not been good about that. Also I am going to try and start posting stuff sooner after I write it. A discussion about something I thought day or two ago is interesting but something written weeks ago is often out of my head entirely. Hopefully this will help liven things up.

Edited to include: Today I noticed I have been a very bad blogger and there has not been a post for a week. Oops!

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