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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Larry Vickers on The Myth of Over Lubrication

Larry Vickers on 'over lubrication' of weapons. Before saying he is stupid I recommend a quick google search. It's fair to say Larry Vickers has forgotten more about all things guns and fighting with them than most people reading this know. His thoughts mirrors my personal experience, doubly so with the AR-15 platform which runs best wetter than other weapons. As far as I am concerned this is the last word on the matter.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Headshots with Walking Dead Weapons: Featuring Jerry Miculek

Pretty cool little video. That being said I have two reservations. First you will note that while the shooter was moving the targets were stationary. When BOTH THE SHOOTER AND THE TARGET are moving the difficulty level is significantly compounded.

Second saying 'Well Jerry Miculek can make that shot" is kind of like saying "Well Alton Brown could salvage this meal" or "Kate Upton can pull off that outfit". The kind of things these top tier professionals do are not able to be consistently replicated by normal practicing enthusiasts, let alone laymen.

That being said we can certainly just enjoy the cool video.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Music-Meanwhile Back at Moma's

I am not especially a Tim McGraw fan but this is a pretty good song.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Last Dictator Standing: Hillarious Chicken Commercial

I do not know what made a chicken restaurant come up with this but it was hilarious.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tacticool Magazine

Max Velocity brought to my awareness 'Tacticool Magazine'. I am not quite sure what to think of that. However Matt of MBest11X who is simultaneously a real deal Ranger Regiment vet and a hilarious youtuber is on the front page.
Matt's video on pre workout is awesome though rated R for language

Their hilarious video on "How to be a Man" is arguably offensive to women, gays, people who do not like profanity or sexual references and probably some other groups. It is however really funny. You have been warned. Link here.

If I see a copy of this magazine at a store I'll buy this edition though I'm not willing to seek it out. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Matthew Bracken Interview

Interview starts at 23 min.

Without starting a flame war I personally do not consider Alex Jones/ Prison Planet to be a reliable source, nor do I frequent any of their various publications. People have to evaluate these things themselves and reasonable people can differ in opinions. YMMV, end of topic.

The above taken for what it is they did an interview with Matthew Bracken which is pretty cool. I enjoyed his books and they are turning out to be more accurate than I like as time goes by. When Matthew Bracken talks I listen. Though he should probably consider doing something with his hair or at least throwing on a hat for the next interview.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Stormy All Over

The weather here in Central Louisiana has been crazy. This morning it poured down rain, calmed down for a bit but was still a cool mid 70's and dark. This afternoon it dumped down rain again. I suspect we've had a few inches of rain today. When it rains like this everything floods down here. The general lack of meaningful terrain combined with the clay soil makes for water pooling up all over the place in fields, slightly low points in roads and the like.

As to the world it is all pretty much going to hell in a hand basket.

Pretty much the entire Arab world is a mess. Specifically Syria and Iraq have significant issues as of late. I have been meaning to talk about them in detail but that is for another day.

The Israelis invaded Gaza early this morning their time. This most current bout of that old fight seems to have started with 3 Israeli teenagers getting killed which lead to various retaliatory measures which were answered with rocket attacks. That led to the Israeli ground invasion.

Oh yeah and somebody, probably Russia backed paramilitary and or Spetznaz rebels, shot down a commercial airliner over Eastern Ukraine. It was a Malaysian flight (talk about bad luck after the Lost plane crash) that seems to have been predominantly full of Dutch people. For one this goes to show  the chaos of that situation. For two this sort of incident can draw the public eye and lead to other nations getting involved. Reference the Lusitania.

Our friend Harry talks about all this stuff as well as how our economy as well as our Southern Border are entirely screwed

Some days are certainly worse than others but this one does not seem good.

Here at TSLRF we recommend investing in canned food and shotguns. For those who already own a smooth bore or two put your money into shotgun shells.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Burris MTAC Review at Range Time and My Thoughts

This review interested me. The stats and facts are put forth honestly and while I do not agree with Cory about the overall utility of the store there are some subjective factors in play. 

Should note I have a Burris MTAC on Project AR.

The RT folks were not in love with the reticle on this scope. Personally I really like it. The big thick doughnut ring around the reticle is a bit different. I find that it greatly aids in in rapid target acquisition at close ranges yet does not detract from precise shooting. Presuming a reasonable application (a 2.5x scout scope on a 22-250 to shoot Coyotes at 500m fails the common sense test) there is a fair bit of personal taste in optics and reticule design/ layout.

I found the reticle to be useful at distance. Some folks are against BDC's on scopes. I think they are a good compromise between speed and precision. You get a lot better accuracy than just holding over without the time and thought to figure out how many MOA down you are.

The topic of back up red dot's came up in this video. To ME one of the reasons I like a low powered variable optic is that at 1x with the illum on it is, thought not quite as forgiving about eye placement, almost as fast as an Aimpoint or Eotech. I would keep it at 1x for general use then crank it up to 4 if needed.

Anyway the 3 gun crowd started using red dot's mounted at a 45 degree angle on the side of their guns. I have also seen iron sights that mount in the same way. The idea is that you use a scope for longer shots and for the short ones rapidly transition to the red dot.

I am entirely ambivalent about this concept. First I want to use the same 'ready up' to shoot at a target at any distance as it is simple. Simple is good. Second I can do CQB with a low powered variable or even an ACOG just fine. Third at distances where the negligible time difference might matter I'll probably shoot from the shoulder without even looking at the sites. There are so many points of contact in a long gun that you can 'point shoot' out a bit. Also this addition red dot is another thing to buy, zero and maintain. Honestly I will leave that for the 3 gun crowd.

[Just before hitting publish I realized this is a significant difference between me as a practical defensive shooter and the 3 gun crowd. They know exactly what they are facing and can 'game' the scenario. They can know that the first 2 shots will be with a red dot and have their scope cranked up for the longer shot that is coming. For them this makes sense. For me as a more practical (defensive, offensive/ .mil) shooter I need to solve every problem when it occurs. In this light the second sight makes sense.]
While I disagree with their final conclusion it is a well done review.

Should also note Burris makes a 1.5-6x MTAC. I do not necessarily regret my purchase of the 1-4x. For my concept of use at that time it made sense. However if I am in the market for a low powered variable scope again it'll probably be the 1.5-6 MTAC.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jerry Miculek Shooting Gangster Style and Sex Toy Fighting Children

I do have to ding them a bit on style. While Eric of Iraq Vet 8888 did have the presence of mind to grab his crotch neither of them threw the bullets or taunted the people they were shooting at. An excellent lesson on these modern urban skills can be found in a previous video,

Thanks to Commander Zero for finding this gem. If you have guns in the home and small children I believe it is essential to secure firearms unless they are directly under your personal control.We keep a Sentry Safe home defender in the bedroom and most of the remaining guns in a big safe. Another option is small locking cases that will hold a pistol. These can be had for $30ish and can easily be stashed in a nightstand, dresser or cabinet.

Anyway hope you all have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heat Shoot Out Recreated by NRA Media Labs

A pretty cool clip to watch on a coffee break or whatever. The fundamentals of individual and buddy movement do not change just because you are in an urban environment. Contact Drills like Max Velocity teaches are still the order of the day for surviving, let alone winning this sort of gun fight.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tom of Camping Survival Talks Water Filtration

Another excellent video from Camping Survival. The approach Tom lays out would be a fine way to go for really nasty (hurricane, Africa in general, etc) water. While one could argue it is a bit 'belt and suspenders' redundant it's important to note this is a multi layered approach that will let you develop an approach that works for different situations.

In my mind it would go something like this depending on your situation. Cloth pre filtering with a shemag or a t shirt is only really necessary if there are a bunch of floaties (pine needles, etc) or the water is muddy or otherwise filled with sediment. Next I would be inclined to go with some sort of water purification tablets for real quick/ light trips. Easy to have a small bottle of them in a daypack in case you happen to need them. They often have an after taste of varying degrees. You can try a few different kinds to see which are the least unpleasant for you. The simplest option is to just deal with the slight after taste. The next option in my mind is to mix your water with something. Those little pre measured gatoraid/ ice tea/ flavor drink packets would be good for the short term and could provide some arguable benefits.

In a more static home disaster type situation bleach would be easy to substitute here.  It is lower cost and at 16 drops of bleach to a gallon the half empty jug o bleach under the sink could purify a whole lot of water. The only downsides of bleach are that it has a shelf life and is (though more in larger quantities used for cleaning) relatively bulky. I think there are powdered chemicals that store better and can be used in it's stead but have not really looked into it. (Need to do that.)

If you just want to taste good old water a filter is an excellent approach.

Personally we have a few options at home for filtration and purificatiion. The smallest are a life straw and a mini sawyer, with a Katadyn Pocket Water Filter as our larger model for a longer term situation or a small base camp setup. We also have a Big Berkey for our home setup. The lifestraww and Sawyers (think we have 2) are designed to be replaced when the filter goes. We keep a spare set of elements for the Katadyn. Those things are super rugged and used by a lot of folks like the Red Cross in Africa. We need to get a spare set of elements for the Berkey. Additionally most of our systems include the ambiguous bottle o tablets.

Do you have a plan to make water safe for drinking and cooking?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bugging Out Of The US VS Patriotism

This video is worth discussing for a few reasons. First to attack if not completely crush some silly myths. Here and there are folks who talk about how the US is doomed and you should move to Central or South America. Some of the countries people talk about moving to, ironically including Argentina, would be terrible choices in terms of stability and personal freedom, while others like Costa Rica are have notable good points yet also significant downsides depending on a persons situation and goals.

In the 'move to X' crowd one of two things is almost always going on. First the people promoting these places have a vested financial interest in folks going there. They are selling real estate, invariably 'perfect prepper setups' some of which are also 'ready made turn key profit making businesses' or aiding in immigration or selling books or something else. I am not saying people who are selling a service or product may not sometimes genuinely believe in said product but that at a minimum they some conflict of interest. Second the folks who do not have a vested interest are rarely actually living in these places, they are (and I know this is a touch ironic) just some guy in the US sitting on his couch typing away.

For an individual really set on central/ south America I would take a look at the floating option.

I talked about this some time back but it is worth hitting some key points: 

Of course individual circumstances matter a lot. If a person has social/ language connections, let alone family and business opportunities a place that might not make perfect sense for another individual might work well for them.

A persons particular concerns weight in heavily as to what locations might be an improvement over the US. Some places offer amazing personal freedom but are economically problematic. Others like places in the Middle East and South Asia offer excellent economic freedom with negligible taxation but are absolutely socially repressive. Whether you can separate the two is a valid discussion but you get the point. Interestingly unless I am very poorly informed it is almost impossible to beat the availability, freedom and lack of government records keeping in the free parts of the US without being in a completely lawless dump. In any case the point I am trying to get to is that what is a better than the US location for Tim the Money Manager might not be right for Al who lives a socially unconventional lifestyle.

The point in this recent video that relocation can absolutely make sense is valid. If just sending ones family away so they could gather clarify and focus on the task at hand knowing their family is safe sometimes moving makes sense. It doesn't have to be forever. Moving for awhile to avoid a terrible situation then coming back in a year or 5 could be the smart call.

Interestingly since I wrote the original post a couple years back the outcomes of different states and regions in the US has increased significantly. Some states are doing better and others worst. Some states are rolling back old, bad gun laws while adding new protections while others are doubling down on restricting citizens rights. If anything I believe the difference between states coupled with our federal governments inability or unwillingness to meddle excessively in local affairs (well at least the liberal ones) gives more room for this trend to continue.

I think that after some consideration if a person compared X country to Texas/ Montana/ Idaho/ Wyoming they might end up getting a Uhaul instead of a passport.


Pastor Joe Fox Rants about the New Gas Cans

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

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