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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fight Breakdown: Big Guy Sucker Punches Smaller Guy and Pays For It

1- Sometimes people get offended/ violent at things you would not expect. There are cultural components to it but heck, people are crazy. Alcohol or drugs compound this. 2- Note the pre punch facial grooming. 3- Note the feet moving prior to the punch. If a person goes from standing squared up to you how we normally talk to dropping a foot back get frickin ready. 4- The bigger guy was real dumb for not following up his first punch. 5- The smaller (but not small and also apparently pretty athletic)guy had some knowledge of wrestling the way he changed levels, clenched, took the guys back then dropped him on the ground. 6- Staying standing and striking was smart. In a non recreational fight you do not want to be on the ground. Don't get me wrong I train BJJ and stuff but a black belt won't help if Cletus has a friend who puts a size 11 work boot through your face. 7- Fight hard until the other guy is no longer a threat. Even ugly punches count.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Double Your Door Security

A power drill, a few minutes and $5 worth of screws.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

REPOST Sort of Repost- Southern Prepper 1 Scenario Video and Ammo Discussion

I have posted this video before, twice if I recall. Anyway it brings up a very good point. Ammo matters a lot and it is prudent to consider A) stocking it deep and B) the opportunity for resupply in your chosen caliber during some sort of event.This is a point I like to occasionally revisit.

After watching this video I opened the safe and pulled  out my ammo and mag records. I am very pleased to say we are finally above my desired ratio of 5.56 ammo. 3,000 rounds per military pattern rifle is not a bad place to be. You can always use more ammo but I am happy with my 5.56 situation. I have spent a lot of money to get here but the blissful calm that came over me when I saw that the stash exceeded my desired ratio was worth it.

This video is, for me, a sort of gut check that I occasionally revisit. Buying the FAL sort of complicated my situation but then again I sold a 30-30 so it is a wash on logistics and a capability upgrade. This gut check sits well with my goals for the rest of the year which are (roughly in order):
An AR stripped lower receiver (more of a gun ban insurance thing than a SHTF thing)
10-20 more FN-FAL mags
Some more FAL spare parts. Specifically springs.
Another case of 5.56
A case of 7.62x51

maybe some Glock mags if I get to it.


Monday, August 31, 2015

Uncertain Tomorrow: Pilot

Hat tip to WSRA and Weapons Man for the find. I wouldn't say every technique was perfect and Weapons Mans criticisms are valid. As to the guy backing up into the alley with his family behind him I agree that is less than ideal but in fairness there was a clear threat in that direction. Maybe the ideal answer would be the primary shooter faces that threat and the alternate (Mrs or whatever) faces the other way ready to engage in that direction. Of course that implies there is a second armed, somewhat trained shooter.

I will give the guy credit for the homeless guy look with the beat up hoodie, field jacket and blanket. Homeless folks rarely merit a second glance in the urban jungle. Also it covered up a rifle and chest rig which was significant. That is something I will keep in mind.

I am eager for episode 2.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Knowledge Bombs with John Mosby and FerFal

John Mosby was on some pod cast called the Spearhead Transmission last Wednesday. I noticed on his blog and listened to it tonight after the kids went to bed. So much great stuff.

FerFAL talks 'An Economic Collapse: What it means and what it is really like.' FerFAL drops some very depressing knowledge bombs on an economic collapse. In the type of scenario he lays out which is quite plausible typical survivalist thought is in many ways flawed....

 You are still going to be working at some sort of job, or trying to find one, you are still going to be paying bills, you will not be able to shoot the neighborhood troubleshooters with an AK and put their heads on fence posts. You will have to pay taxes on that doomstead and hiding in a bunker for a decade or two is a hard plan to work out. Like will be like it is now but crappier in pretty much every way.

Derek Weida AKA the jacked dude with one leg who does videos with Matt Best AKA MBest11X does an excellent video on losing weight. Warning rated R for language. It is not IMO offensive but there are quite a few F bombs and some mildly sexual comedic tangents. Still one of the better basic diet/ nutrition things I have seen.

Monday, July 27, 2015

End of Empire

I stumbled into this series while aimlessly looking for the end of the internet. It is about the end of the British Empire. How they left all, well most, of their various overseas holdings and all that came afterwords. For historic and survivalist (great powers decline, we are arguably doing that now) purposes the end of the British colonial period interests me. This series, albeit incomplete on youtube, goes a long way to fill in my lack of knowledge about this very interesting period of time. Each episode talks about how events unfolded in a specific area.

Anyway if you have the time this series is pretty darn interesting. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Be The Hero of Your Own Movie

PT this morning- Sprints. Not sure how many as I did not count. It's been awhile since I did sprints so it shook things up.
Dry fire-
Gear- Glock 19 withBlade Tech AIWB holster.
Drill- 1 shot from concealment.
Par time- 1.5 seconds.
Extreme low- 1.3
Extreme high- 2 seconds
Average 1.4-1.6.

Overall this session sucked. I really didn't feel good about it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better but at least I did it so that is something.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Range 15 The Movie Indie Go Go

I've pretty much sworn off promoting these for people. Some how or another every time they fail to live up to the deal. However these guys didn't ask me to do this. Honestly they don't know I exist. Matt Best makes hilarious youtube videos that I enjoy. He and some other guys are trying to get the cash together to make a war movie. A was movie where the uniforms are right and tactics are good would be great. Granted Acts of Valor nailed that but it was pretty one dimensional otherwise.

Honestly a movie that shows us having the full range of human emotions, goofing around and then getting serious to do bad things to bad people would be great. Give if you can and share as widely as possible.

Letting Matt and Nick speak
Hollywood wants our movie. They want to take it, castrate the script, cast a boy band to play us, and then spend two miserable hours hashing out how war is hell. Fuck that. Let’s do this our way, blow some shit up, and make the best military movie ever. We’ve personally pushed all in on this. We aren’t wealthy people, but we’ve sunk every dime we can sink into this movie, and this is by far the biggest project any of us have ever taken on. We can’t finish this, and give Hollywood the middle finger, without you.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Fitness Push

I am on day 2. Not quite as low carb as Pastor Joe recommends but we haven't really done a dedicated shopping trip with this new found health push in mind so it's been catch as catch can. Anyway I am working to get fit and establish healthy long term habits. Are you physically where you want to be? If not, what are you doing about it?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thoughts on Groups and Leadership

Leading people and being involved in groups are an interesting things. In no particular order I have some thoughts on the matter.

-Never order someone to do something you will not do yourself. Once my commander, a Major, cleaned up human feces with an e tool because he wouldn't order anyone else to do it.

-Following on the first point never give an order you do not think there is a good chance your people will follow. Either you seem out of touch or like a complete a hole for no reason, neither of which is good. Also when they inevitably fail to follow the order you knew they probably wouldn't follow the options are to punish them, which is stupid, or ignore, which makes you look weak are both bad.

-Delegation is an interesting thing. As a leader at almost any level you simply cannot personally do everything that must be done. That being said you can delegate authority but not responsibility. In plain language that means someone can act on your behalf to get something done but if they mess up it's still on you.

-My general belief on delegation is that people should focus on doing stuff they can do which others cannot. People should pass the things others can do onto those folks.

-Of course you need to figure out what people are capable of when handing out tasks. Even if they want to do the right thing (which they generally do) asking folks to do something they can't just doesn't work. If I was given the task to write a code for a computer or rebuild the engine on a vehicle I would almost surely fail, because those tasks are outside of my skill set. Furthermore leaders should, whenever possible, have people do things they are interested in. Even if it causes some shuffling of other things if you have folks do stuff they are interested in they will do better and everything goes well.

-The preparedness/ survivalism scene is full of people who want to be the leader but absent people who want to be led. Every yahoo wants to be the Chief but nobody wants to be an Indian.

-Leading people without a readily apparent extrinsic (money, etc all) motivator is a hassle. Honestly I don't envy 'leaders' in preparedness/ survivalism. Aside from the fact that they are herding cats, they have to figure out how to create intrinsic motivation in people to get them to do stuff. Leading a bunch of cats by consensus in an environment where you have no stock and an iffy carrot would suck.

-In a decent sized group peer pressure is a hell of a thing.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quote of the Day and Video

"I never planned on getting in a gun fight. I'm the first one to tell you that anyone who does involve them self in a gun fight usually made a mistake somewhere along the line."
-Bob Stash,
Lieutenant Chicago PD

The lessons of this interview are worthwhile. In his first shooting Mr Stasch's partner dumped a cylinder of .45 long colt in the goblins chest then a couple rounds of .38 special. Mr Stasch put 2 rounds of .44 mag in his chest then went for the pelvis and hit low putting one in the thigh and another in the knee which dropped him. It was a total of 13 rounds most of which were big bore revolver rounds and the man didn't die for days. Mindset was key there. This is something I learned in another place but mentality is key. Have the mindset that if someone shoots you, you will shoot them, or cram that gun down their throat. This mentality and the unwillingness to quit is very important.

Training to shoot at close distances with one hand was my other big take away.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Something Lighter- Dynamic Pie Concepts

Too much heavy stuff floating around right now. I had a good little talk with a buddy last night and there is a post in my head from that but today I want to lighten things up a little bit. So I introduce you to Dynamic Pie Concepts.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miley Cyrus singing Jolene

Whatever you might think of Miley Cyrus the girl can sing. She does this at least as well as Dolly Parton.

Festive Holiday Handgun Tips

American Black Out

This has been out for awhile. I finally got around to watching it. Maybe some lessons are in there; or there is at least a good reminder of the importance of preparing. If nothing else it's not a terrible show to watch though it does bother me how the one survivalist is a complete goober.

Have you watched American Blackout? What did you think of it? Any lessons or points of importance?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Larry Vickers on The Myth of Over Lubrication

Larry Vickers on 'over lubrication' of weapons. Before saying he is stupid I recommend a quick google search. It's fair to say Larry Vickers has forgotten more about all things guns and fighting with them than most people reading this know. His thoughts mirrors my personal experience, doubly so with the AR-15 platform which runs best wetter than other weapons. As far as I am concerned this is the last word on the matter.
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